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Friday, September 14, 2007

Who ME?

Savannah J. started pre-school a couple of weeks ago. She has had a slight attitude problem ever since (can't you tell by the picture!). She loved pre-school last year but I think she feels like she is missing out when she is at school and Lucy & I are doing things. She is getting better...

She let me take these pics this week (the previous week she cried, happy day!). She loves Ms. Amy and tells me her favorite things are "the babies, but they don't have cell phones".

Last night before bed she told me 'A' was for Apple and Angels. It's nice to be in more of a routine with her and I get so much done with just Lucy at home.


Steph said...

Love it --- I am surprised she has attitude, I mean -- she must get it from her dad then huh? (jk) 2 things though -- my last name is Brown (Chip is my husband's name) and how do you get the background to be wallpaper like --- i have tried to change it around and develop my own type of backgroun, but am really struggling. Anyways, i love reading what is going on with you --- the kids are so cute!!! I am definitely behind in that area, as almost all my friends have 2 kids or are having their second...oh well.!!!

Jonathan & Rachel said...

What a cute little girl. She is growing up so fast-just like they all do. She is so beautiful!!

Megs said...

Steph totally stole my comment. I am so surprised by your little girl having an attitude :) She is so cute and I am sure it is so nice to have just one at home for a little while!

Fuller Family said...

No Way! Is this Cami (FREEZE)! I saw your blog through Steph's. What in the world are you up to? Your girls are adorable and you have such a cute family. I am laughing at the attitude she pulls.(Brings me back to the good old days on the B-ball court!! Too funny!) We need to keep in touch.

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

can i just say ditto to all the comments before this!

hEiDi said...

That first picture of Vannah, oh my gosh she is looking older! It is so weird how fast they grow. Miss you guys! Sounds like you're doing good.