"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Saturday, September 29, 2007

12 months = ONE YEAR!

Lucy LaRae turned ONE September 28th...
alot can happen in 12 months!

Lucy is named after her Great-Grandma LaRae.

HI! My name is Lucy...Mommy calls me Lu-Lu or Bird Girl...Vanny calls me Luc...and Daddy calls me his FAVORITE!

"GIVE ME THE CAKE...quit messing around people!!!"

Like Mother, Like Daughter

On my way to walking...

12 things we love about Lucy:
1-She loves to laugh and smile.
2-She loves to listen to music during naps & bedtime
3-She is obsessed with her binki
4-She plays toys with her sissy all day long
5-She is sweet and likes to snuggle
6-She has pretty blue eyes
7-She crawls away from you like a mad woman after tubtime
8-She jibber jabbers from sun up to sun down
9-She will eat anything (mouth open...like a bird)
10-She points her finger up in the air when you say, "Where's the sky?"
11-She is your little buddy...always wants to be by your side
12-She is ours forever

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Does anyone know where I can get cute 3 ring binders? I'm working on a project and I need a pretty basic binder but I was wondering if anyone knows if there are some unique ones out...all you crafty people give me a shout out!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

7 Days Without...

1. Not sure if I have the whole MILK (dairy) situation solved but I did conclude a couple of things: I didn't realize how much you really have to think about what dairy can be in. Also I didn't feel nearly as bloated (can you say that on a blog) this week without dairy. Yeah so I did pretty good in this area (if you exclude the sour cream chicken enchiladas on Tuesday...and cookies and cream ice cream...Friday & Saturday nite - hey, nobody is perfect.)

2. Totally self-mastered the week without DIET COKE. And don't think I wasn't tempted...especially at work when I had a patient who was giving me a freakin migraine. Or on some afternoons when I just wanted a little rush of life. Or when I was driving in the car and wish I could stop at the nearest gas stop and get a nice cold one with that yummy crunchy ice we all love. Okay but the real kicker was last night when we ate at Chipolte and Cameron tried to tempt me with one - he knows I love one with my burro. But ladies, I stayed strong...I'll keep you updated.

3. Soooooooo it's true...didn't check the BLOGGER all week and to be quite honest, it hurt me, hurt me down deep. The real eye opener for me was when I was walking with my sister on Wednesday and I was telling her how I had made a promise with myself (and the "world") not to check the site all week...mind you this is the sister who has been telling me I have too much time on my hands if I am blogging. Her reply..."Oh you really shouldn't feel that bad about it, I check TMZ at least twice a day." Freakin what!?!?! So she has been making me feel guilty about my totally legit blog and she is checkin TMZ? I was about to tell her to take a hike and sprint home and check the site but I had already made it through half the week so I thought I better follow through with the deal I had made. Bottomline, I am back in full effect and if you have read this and are now bored - go check out TMZ.

1. Took Vanny to gymnastics class, school, worked on riding her bike.
2. Worked two days...lots of pregos with twins out there lately.
3. Went to my women's education class (Old Test./Pearl of Great Price)
4. Meet some girls at the park for play group.
5. Watched the B.B. finale (until next summer) & the Prison Break premiere.
6. Chased Lucy around the house...cupboard to cupboard.
7. Got our family pictures taken up in Boulder by the Flat Iron Mtns.

~~Loved checking out everyone's post & pics from the week...as always, keep it real~~
P.S. Do you love how I didn't mention that I actually got up at 6:30a.m. (Cameron left for work at 6:15) so I could check the blog...maybe I do need to get a life.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Opinion anyone...

Okay so I am kinda buggin myself on a couple things...
1. What is the deal with MILK? Is organic milk really better for you? Should I be giving my kids soy milk, soy products? I have read some of the literature and stuff but...should I be convinced?
2. I was doing really good...hadn't had Diet COKE in awhile and then we made our move this summer and one thing led to another and now I am addicted to Diet Cherry COKE again. I mean should I really have to sacrifice and give this up? Cam says no but I think it is pretty crappy for you but I really like it...does one a day hurt?
3. Blog, Blog, Blog...I think I have become obesessed. Not sure why...my sisters say I need to get out more but for some weird reason it is like a secret little world full of pictures and even juicy details once in awhile. I love it.

B-O-T-T-O-M line...Okay so I think I am going to try and give up all three for the week. No seriously, I'm totally boycotting all dairy products (I'll take a calcium supplement...man I'm going to miss yoplait yogurt), my lips will not touch the coolness of a Diet Cherry Coke can, and unfortunatly I will have to wait til next Sunday to enter back into this secret world.

P.S. Just to prove I need to get out more...I'm really excited for the BB finale this week!
P.S.S. Have to end with a pic...I seriously love FALL...this is the tree outside our little patio deck from our kitchen - you can see the running trails in the back, that is another current obsession (one I will not be giving up!).

Friday, September 14, 2007

Who ME?

Savannah J. started pre-school a couple of weeks ago. She has had a slight attitude problem ever since (can't you tell by the picture!). She loved pre-school last year but I think she feels like she is missing out when she is at school and Lucy & I are doing things. She is getting better...

She let me take these pics this week (the previous week she cried, happy day!). She loves Ms. Amy and tells me her favorite things are "the babies, but they don't have cell phones".

Last night before bed she told me 'A' was for Apple and Angels. It's nice to be in more of a routine with her and I get so much done with just Lucy at home.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Feeling Frisco...

Lucy & Poppie Shopping

Vanny & Mommy

No comment...

Cabin Fever


Bar-B-Que & Corn! Corndogs anyone....yummy!

~Lake Dillion~ ~Shopping Spree with Nanny~

We had a fun Labor Day weekend up in Frisco. Mom, Dad, Em, Matt and kids meet Jess & Dave and our crew up at our Great Uncle Tom's cabin. He was so nice to let us use it for the weekend! We had a nice, pretty relaxing weekend (excpet for Dad's breif trip to the ER - take your BP meds dad!). Did some fun shopping at the Silverthorne outlets and the highlight for the kids & adults :) were the Alpine Slides in Breckinridge. Cam had to work but he kept making the trip back and forth (like an hour and fiftenn minutes) all weekend because he didn't want to miss out on the fun. We made some great bar-b-que...and I now have my sisters addicted to a few new jell-o recipes, which is somewhat of a running joke in our family. We played a comical game of 'Rate Your Mate' which thankfully didn't cause any major spousal disputes. Of course the weekend wasn't quite complete without Amy & Lindsey. I'm starting to get excited for Fall and the upcoming changes in the season...let the fun begin!

Saturday, September 1, 2007


Okay so I have read "the books"...do I need to mention thier names. But I just wanted to say that Jacob Black is just buggin.