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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Feeling Frisco...

Lucy & Poppie Shopping

Vanny & Mommy

No comment...

Cabin Fever


Bar-B-Que & Corn! Corndogs anyone....yummy!

~Lake Dillion~ ~Shopping Spree with Nanny~

We had a fun Labor Day weekend up in Frisco. Mom, Dad, Em, Matt and kids meet Jess & Dave and our crew up at our Great Uncle Tom's cabin. He was so nice to let us use it for the weekend! We had a nice, pretty relaxing weekend (excpet for Dad's breif trip to the ER - take your BP meds dad!). Did some fun shopping at the Silverthorne outlets and the highlight for the kids & adults :) were the Alpine Slides in Breckinridge. Cam had to work but he kept making the trip back and forth (like an hour and fiftenn minutes) all weekend because he didn't want to miss out on the fun. We made some great bar-b-que...and I now have my sisters addicted to a few new jell-o recipes, which is somewhat of a running joke in our family. We played a comical game of 'Rate Your Mate' which thankfully didn't cause any major spousal disputes. Of course the weekend wasn't quite complete without Amy & Lindsey. I'm starting to get excited for Fall and the upcoming changes in the season...let the fun begin!


jd and janae said...

Wow! You guys rocked it up! I cracked up at that pic of Cameron with the elk/deer heads. So FUNNY!!!...Is your dad okay? Vanny is getting incredibly big. I think back when when you were prego and at that "awesome" hospital she was born in. Maryville, what!?! No, really it wasn't that bad... Anyway it's just crazy how it just seems like yesterday. Time flies!

banks said...

It looks like you had a great Labor Day weekend. I am jealous of the mountains you have. Every time Brynn pretend she is going on a trip she pretends she is going to CO to see Savannah. It is cute. Hopefully, they can see each other sometime. It looks like thing are going good for you. I am so happy about that. Talk to you soon. Kami

The Headmaster said...

Hey Cami!

Ran across your blog in an e-amil form my mom, Totally cute growing Family! It looks like you had a great Labor Day, beautiful pictures!
I totally agree with you on the Jacob Black thing...Buggin'
We are due Jan 6th with a baby boy! Come check out my blog!

Love ya Tatum from Arizona!!

Steph said...

Looks like a great weekend!!!! Looks like your family has grown quite a bit --- definitely agreed with you on the books -- I am stuck halfway through book 2 and am not thinking it was as good as the first ---- a little disappointing. Oh well --- have a great day!!!

Stacy & Greg said...

Yo Krew...are we still on for Sunday dinner? We'll have to talk about it this week, let us know! We'll bring the dessert treats.

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

looks like a great trip. i love family vacations!

Summer said...

Looks like a blast!