"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Monday, April 27, 2009


35 weeks...most people call it "nesting", i call it LISTING. i'm all about lists and this pregnancy has really cranked it up a notch. i luv them & i think they luv me. ive been getting so much done...or maybe i shouldn't say "i" completely. my sister emily flew in this past weekend and conquered most of my "before the baby arrives list". from cleaning out the girls closets to hanging drapes to cleaning under my sink & through all my kitchen cabinets to getting the babies room ready to cooking the weekend meals...i couldn't be more grateful. she truly spoiled me. i talked to emailed her this morning and said "now all i have nothing to do but sit here and gain weight" :)

i first learned how to quilt before savannah was born by a sweet, amazing lady at my church...carolyn. it has become an obsession ever since. here is little baby girl's quilt i made..."Grandmother's Diamonds"

finished my Sun Bonnet Sue quilt for vannah & lucy

my friend jocelyn threw me a little breakfast bash this past friday for the babe! it was really sweet and my friends stocked me up on diapers, baby wash, and all those essentials. luved having jess & em there. really sweet.

DENVER in the SPRING...snowing & chilly...seriously two days later...

sunshine & barbie sunbathing

byu girlies...these are me & my sister's shirt from when we were young. they are geting excited for the baby...lucy has defiantly kicked it up a notch and knows "something is up". she keeps telling me how big my belly is and her attitude continues to amaze..."your breathe stinks, pee-uuuu"

cam has been m.i.a. this month working all night shifts. he made up for it, jam packing this past saturday with...monsters vs. aliens, swimming at the rec center, lunch at McD's.

ps...a note from my last post...i must not be that "cranky" of a nurse, a patient sent me flowers a week ago at work, ha ha!...8 shifts left until my due date.

Friday, April 10, 2009

fans...and doughnuts

when i was home last, my friend lindsay took some super cute pics of the girls when i was up visiting at her house...thanks lin, i luv em.

savannah & ellie...they were born about 6 weeks apart and are best of friends. when they are together they are so silly...going on "trips to mexico", running book stores, and discussing if what poppy said about the crying police is really true.

*little laughs...
~ lucy's latest: to politely inform everyone when she is going to the bathroom "i going potty now, don't worry i turn on the fan."
~ savannah's latest: the other day i had made dinner & got to the end and realized i was missing a couple ingredients. so i had to run to the grocery and savannah came with me. i was on a mission to get in and get out, plus im a little (okay maybe alot) pregnant and it was the end of the day, so i was done...you feel me right? so we booked it over to the bread section to get some french bread and savannah goes, "look mom, they have doughnuts here...can we get a doughnut...i want a doughnut...do you want a doughnut...look at those doughnuts!" and of course me the ever patient and wise mother, i respond "do you want your butt to be big?" and she, the ever endearing & luving daughter replies...with much thought and concern "oh....like yours?" teary eyed, i booked it out of the bread section.
~ everyone in our house has been singing along to the new hannah montana movie soundtrack (don't try to deny it cam.)
~ i am 33 weeks and obsessed lately with cinnamon toast.
~ i worked yesterday and my nursing friend told me..."you wanna hear a funny story" sure i thought. she said i took over on a patient of yours a couple days ago and she was talking about her nurse (me) and my friend asked her "what was her name?" and the patient replied, "i can't remember...but she was pregnant, blonde, and really cranky." lol!