"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

WAKING up...

...on the wrong side of the bed.
You know what I am talking about. So this morning has been one of those mornings. I was suppose to work this morning...got up and showered and then got the phone call that they weren't going to need me this morning (kinda buggin at 5:45 a.m.). Continue the morning...blah, blah heading home from the gym Vanny gets a little lippy with me = talking back and so I say, "Look kiddo, I love you but I'm in charge. You don't talk to me that way. That really hurts mommy's feelings. I do alot of things for you...get your breakfast, let you watch cartoons, you have fun toys, I take you to play with your friends (yadda, yadda) please don't treat mommy that way. OKAY????" Continue home...Lucy drops her second bomb of the day, finally her naptime (praise!). The house is a diaster...I must have been mumbling (or yelling) about how the house was dirty, I'm freezing cold, ya know all the "waking up on the wrong side of the bed things". I stomp to the shower and get in / get out, grab my hot cocca and sit on my bed watching CNN and wondering how I am going to get rid of my attitude problem for the rest of the day. Savannah walks in the room...over to the bed and grabs my hand..."Look mom, I love you. I give you hugs, I take care of Lucy, I'd be patient for you, I buyed you things at Target, and come look I cleaned up the downstairs for you." Takes my hand, we walk downstairs. I hug her, kiss her, grab a Diet Coke and we play a game of Memory.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


*Cam has every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off in Januray...seriously.

*My little niece Morgan can skate like the wind...she is such a cute /awesome hockey girl (seriously)!

*I luv it when my family comes to town to visit (seriously).

*Lucy is lately the comedy / terror around our house...she tries to do everything Vanny does and her latest obsession is forward rolls & shaking her bootie (seriously check out her bootie in the video)!

*I came home this morning from church basketball and Cameron had greased Lucy's hair back into a one inch ponytail - seriously.

*Speaking of church basketball, check this out...so I am the young women's coach in our ward. We had a game this morning...we have 13 girls on our team. It's kinda crazy trying to sub all the girls in and still have a girl or two on the floor who can actually dribble the ball, etc. So my team basically rocked today and was winning the game by like 15 - you know I am a competitive person but I really just try to be super chill & cheer the girls on & almost not make it competitive. To get to the point...we are up by 15 points (against a pretty good ward) and with 4 minutes left in the game I tried to put a majority of the younger girls in to give them more playing time & experience......sooooo guess what the other team does??? Puts on a full court press, won't even let my girls get the ball in, stealing the ball, all up in their face. What did I do, you ask? Remain calm, don't go ballistic...let them have a moment of glory and score five baskets in a row on us and then I put in all my 16 year old girls back in to seal the victory. A full court press in church basketball, seriously.

*Savannah & Beau can rip up our basement in no less than 5 minutes...when I say "rip" I mean "destroy" (seriously).

*I really need to get caught up on my scrapbooking, seriously buggin.

*I lost my babysitter for when I work and haven't been able to find a replacement for a few weeks now. Finally found a cute LDS girl today that is going to help me out, seriously an answer to my prayers.

*Right now I seriously can not stand cooking dinner...why can't I have personal chef?

*Why do I luv cute purses and wish I could seriously afford them? But I luv them.

*Why don't I really get the whole "going green" thing...I mean I know that it is a problem but when you look at all the "going green" products, etc...it seriously just takes the "green" out of my pocket book...but I'm trying.

*Okay but seriously why is it that every year four years when we have a Presidential election, I get obsessed with watching CNN & MSNBC...so who's it gonna be in 2008?

*P.S. Target seriously has the cutest...the cutest Valentine dishes & cups & decorations - I've yet to buy but I will partake!

*Seriously...just shake it!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


*Finally! Cam hasn't had vacation since July...he took a week off this past week and we had a blast! We started by going up to Uncle Tom's cabin in Frisco. We had an awesome day on the slopes at Loveland...we put the girls in the little kiddy camp and they had a blast. It was a beautiful day up on the slopes and since it was a Wednesday - there was hardly anyone there. We never had to wait in line for the ski lift...blue skies with some snow flurries. Cameron basically beat me down...we skied the whole day, only stopping for 45 minutes for lunch. I could barely move the rest of the night - but it was really awesome!

*From snow to sunshine! We hopped on the plane and went to Arizona to meet up with Matt & Emily for the Rock-n-Roll half marathon. It was so much fun staying with our friends Janae & J.D. They are so cute and such good friends of ours. We lived in AZ while they were building their house....so it was so fun to see how she had it decorated so cute - she is amazing! It was also fun to see her as mommy in full effect...Crew is 10 months and he is such a sweet, sweet little boy! They had the Hotel Hartsfield all decked out for us. It was great to see Johnny & Linda too...we always feel like we are at home when we go back to visit...what more can we say, we luv the Arnold's!

Golfing, pedicures, lots of girl talk, the Wii, Pappadeaux food (thanx Johnny!!!), shopping!
Here's to the 2008 Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon...70 degree weather, 30 thousand runners, running with your best friends, finished in 1:57 - not bad and Emily only had a baby 6 months ago (way to go Em - seriously you are the best running coach...I thought I was suppose to be draggin you along!!!), lots of venues, luved the popsicles afterwards (hence my orange lips), cutting in line for the buses (seriously an accident), poor Matty cramping up on mile 9 (luv ya buddy), fantastic bands - that was pretty cool, thanx mommy of 4 Janae for watching all the kidos!, matching outfits (of course!)!!!

*Luved seeing my nursing mentor and friend Pam...she trained me out of nursing school at Maryvale hospital! We have so many crazy, fun, unbelievable stories together...she is the best and I luv her!!! She helped deliver Savannah, so Vanny calls her "my nurse Pam". We had a fun lunch together at PJ's, looked at some of her Maui pics, chatted about our family happenings...it is always great to see you Pami!

*Only wish we could have had a little more time to see all our friends in AZ!

Now it is back to reality...