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Saturday, September 29, 2007

12 months = ONE YEAR!

Lucy LaRae turned ONE September 28th...
alot can happen in 12 months!

Lucy is named after her Great-Grandma LaRae.

HI! My name is Lucy...Mommy calls me Lu-Lu or Bird Girl...Vanny calls me Luc...and Daddy calls me his FAVORITE!

"GIVE ME THE CAKE...quit messing around people!!!"

Like Mother, Like Daughter

On my way to walking...

12 things we love about Lucy:
1-She loves to laugh and smile.
2-She loves to listen to music during naps & bedtime
3-She is obsessed with her binki
4-She plays toys with her sissy all day long
5-She is sweet and likes to snuggle
6-She has pretty blue eyes
7-She crawls away from you like a mad woman after tubtime
8-She jibber jabbers from sun up to sun down
9-She will eat anything (mouth open...like a bird)
10-She points her finger up in the air when you say, "Where's the sky?"
11-She is your little buddy...always wants to be by your side
12-She is ours forever

Happy Birthday Lucy!


banks said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! That was cool to see the picture when she was born. It is true alot has changed for you guys in a year. It looks like Lucy had a fun party. I hope all is well. I'll talk to you soon. the other Kami

hEiDi said...

Happy Birthday little Luc!!! It looks like you had a really fun birthday!!! Sure do miss you cute little smile!

jd and janae said...

Gotta love Birthday's! WOW that went by fast. She is a year and cute as can be! Looks like the party was exceptional!!! Miss you guys!

Steph said...

Wow! Well first of all -- you look simply fabulous after having a baby - holy smokes!!! She is as cute as a button and super fun to see the pictures of what has happened. Look forward to those days in the future.....

Jonathan & Rachel said...

Wow times flies!! She is so sweet! What a fun age..Happy birthday. Oh yeah-I love the "I Love Lucy" barbie she got!

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

happy birthday to lucy. I think one is such a great age. I actually think that each age is better than the last but I do enjoy the one year old stage! Looks like it was a great day for her.

Tracie said...

Declan was born on the very same day!!! Should we arrange a marriage?

camille said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!
Cam she was born on my birthday wow.
We are soul sisters.
Love ya Bo-diggatee haa