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Sunday, September 23, 2007

7 Days Without...

1. Not sure if I have the whole MILK (dairy) situation solved but I did conclude a couple of things: I didn't realize how much you really have to think about what dairy can be in. Also I didn't feel nearly as bloated (can you say that on a blog) this week without dairy. Yeah so I did pretty good in this area (if you exclude the sour cream chicken enchiladas on Tuesday...and cookies and cream ice cream...Friday & Saturday nite - hey, nobody is perfect.)

2. Totally self-mastered the week without DIET COKE. And don't think I wasn't tempted...especially at work when I had a patient who was giving me a freakin migraine. Or on some afternoons when I just wanted a little rush of life. Or when I was driving in the car and wish I could stop at the nearest gas stop and get a nice cold one with that yummy crunchy ice we all love. Okay but the real kicker was last night when we ate at Chipolte and Cameron tried to tempt me with one - he knows I love one with my burro. But ladies, I stayed strong...I'll keep you updated.

3. Soooooooo it's true...didn't check the BLOGGER all week and to be quite honest, it hurt me, hurt me down deep. The real eye opener for me was when I was walking with my sister on Wednesday and I was telling her how I had made a promise with myself (and the "world") not to check the site all week...mind you this is the sister who has been telling me I have too much time on my hands if I am blogging. Her reply..."Oh you really shouldn't feel that bad about it, I check TMZ at least twice a day." Freakin what!?!?! So she has been making me feel guilty about my totally legit blog and she is checkin TMZ? I was about to tell her to take a hike and sprint home and check the site but I had already made it through half the week so I thought I better follow through with the deal I had made. Bottomline, I am back in full effect and if you have read this and are now bored - go check out TMZ.

1. Took Vanny to gymnastics class, school, worked on riding her bike.
2. Worked two days...lots of pregos with twins out there lately.
3. Went to my women's education class (Old Test./Pearl of Great Price)
4. Meet some girls at the park for play group.
5. Watched the B.B. finale (until next summer) & the Prison Break premiere.
6. Chased Lucy around the house...cupboard to cupboard.
7. Got our family pictures taken up in Boulder by the Flat Iron Mtns.

~~Loved checking out everyone's post & pics from the week...as always, keep it real~~
P.S. Do you love how I didn't mention that I actually got up at 6:30a.m. (Cameron left for work at 6:15) so I could check the blog...maybe I do need to get a life.


jd and janae said...

LOVE IT! I'm not a soda drinker but I do need to give up Chocolate for a year. I happy to know I'm not the only one to watch the B.B finale and Prison Break last week. It's addicting... for sure. Good to hear from you. I'll be cheching TMZ next!!! Love ya! Wish we were in CO!

banks said...

I can't believe you really made a whole week without checking your blog. I have been with my in-law for 5 days and I didn't have time to blog and I was soooo excited to get on tonight. I am also so proud of you that you went without your diet cokes. Keep blogging. Your blogs are so funny. Love the other Kami

clegg said...


You make me laugh so much. Good job on your days without! So I just met one of your good friends--Lindsay (?) shoot, was tht her name. And I can't remember her last name but I do remember her maiden name because it was Clegg. She was in colorado with you, played ball. you were a bridesmaid. She was cool. I met her at this wedding expo thing where she is tryhing to do her photo buisiness and I'm trying to do my wedding performer buisness. It was kind of a lamo show...hardly anyone came. It was sad but cool to meet her. She said "Cami is a hoot" and reading this blog I remember: she is right! :)

Jonathan & Rachel said...

So glad you are back, the blogging ring is not the same without you! Way to stick to your guns!!

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

you look like you had a productive week - however, having a diet coke and blogging would have made it incredible!!

Mortensen's said...

You are seriously so dang funny! I totally hear ya about the diet coke thing! I was so anti-coke for most of my life, then this last pregnancy pretty much threw me for a loop & I must amit I am an adict! I told Kiley today that I have got to give it up, but he just laughed & told me that until the baby is sleeping a lot more than she is, I need it to help me make it through the day! I know, terrible advice! The whole milk thing, I don't get it??? Didn't we all grow up drinking milk & eating cheese & yogurt? Are you trying to give that up as well???? My personal thought on that is Life is too short to make big deals out of things as simple as milk/dairy, but that is just me. I love reading your blog, you do such a good job & I find myself laughing out loud as I read it! I hope you guys are doing well!
Love Jen

Becky said...

Cami-- I'll admit it was a sad week in the Platt home with nothing going on in the Kesler home (at least that I could read about) HA HA! I'm glad you're back, just promise me you won't leave me like that again, alright?
talk to you later, skater!

Tracie said...

Ok...you continue to be on my list of top funny people of all time (and you should feel pretty honored...because you are among Kramer (before he turned into a biggot), Chris Farley (before he was deceased), and my brother Wes. You are too funny, Cam:)

Megs said...

I am so glad you are back from hiatus (I don't think I spelled that right)!! I am impressed with your will power. You post did however, make me really want a diet coke with lime from Sonic. Too bad for me they don't have sonic in Ann Arbor!