"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Saturday, September 13, 2008


i'd luv to give a holla out to all my soccer girls from back in the day! hey...i know i could barely kick the ball...spent most of my time stoppin the ball...but like mother like daughter, i have a poser! this is vanny's first year of soccer...i hesitated to start her because it is (yes i'm going to type it) a little boring, her friend from pre-school was doing it, so here we are. she is enjoying it, her comment at practice...she comes running over to me while the team is still practicing....babe what's the problem? "i'm all sweaty mom!"
savannah's second year of pre-school....Miss Linda's class!

blast from the past...my college roommate sandy! cam ran a clinic down in pueblo last weekend and we decided to make it a little trip. i hadn't seen sandy for about 6 years, so it was so fun to catch up with her in her home town! we lived together my sophomore year and played on the hoop team together.

sandy & her sweet little emily...blonde and blue eyed, can you believe it!

we went out to dinner at texas roadhouse and then everyone came over to the hotel for a little late night dip in the pool...lucy is crazy, she makes me laugh!

i spent the day with sandy over at her house on her land (some hundreds of acres!). her husband runs a chile farm...it was pretty cool to see. they built their house right on the Arkansas river. sandy made us homemade green chile, took us on a tour of the property on her ranger, & talked about the good ol' days at mesa! luved seeing you sandy, you are a great mom! (and awesome science teacher & coach...busy momma!)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

another one bites the dust...

*later august...it was great.

we went to utah for a week to escape cam's icu rotation hours and on the way home brought a speical treat with us...miss ellie...the bff's couldn't get enough of each other and were often mistaken as "twins"! which i gladly took credit for :) i luv these sweet girls...
come back soon el!

cookies (they lived in those outfits all week, comical), pool time!

upside down tired pretty much says it all...bar-b-que with friends!

while in utah i got to see some great friends! my college bff/hoop teammate, lins came down from tooele with her two little guys! it was great to visit, wish it could have been for longer! she does photography now and is amazing, she took some great photos of the kidos, click
here! i also got to go to lunch with kim & jamie (bummed i didn't take my camera)...luved catching up and seeing kim's cute kids and talking about fun times!

summer, phil, and vienn...still can't believe you guys are in provo and no less at byu-law! congrats, congrats (on a few things :)! luved seeing you and catching up...i luv the pic below where the girls are smiling "cheese" at each other!

family time...glad you are home from KY lins...meeting little roxy (lindsey's dog) the girls luved her, celebrating lindsey's b-day, park city...can't get enough of it, swimming at the hotel pool with nanny & poppy, miss you guys already. lol of the bottom right hand pic of ky boy...crazy kids!

i always feel bad because i think i don't have many photos of lucy...i chased her down on the chance encounter and got lucky...i luv you lu.

come see us soon nanny & poppy!

i ran the hobblecreek half marathon in springville with em while i was in town. things were looking good...beautiful day, nice course, looking good on our pace and then the "hobble" of the race hit me like a ton of bricks. i had been having some problems with numbness in my feet and about mile 10 they went completly numb and shot pains up my shins. i literally wanted to find a ride to the finish but ended up hobbling to the finish line (with actually a decent time, ha!). yeah i am all smiles in the pics but i couldn't walk for 2 hours after the race, no jokes peeps. looks like i will be taking a little time off to recoup. em dominated as usual!

...on an end note...don't you luv naptime...
"don't you dare come out of your room miss lucy!"

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1% of the time

...when i talk about my job i usually say i can't complain...ya i luv my job 99% of the time is what i tell most people. the labor and delivery floor of the hospital is usually the happiest, funnest place in the hospital...not alot of sickness going around here.
families. joy. excitement. peace. adventure. beginnings. intimacy. unity. innocence. love. trust.
today was a 1% day for me. i dont get them alot but when i do i want to crawl into a hole and kinda disappear. my sweet patient delivered her little boy at 23 weeks. it always happens so fast, with little warning, hardly a push and he is here. he has a heartbeat...he is a fighter. im always scared and on the verge of losing it but i fake it and hold her hand and we cry. ive seen it before but you can hardly believe how little he is...delicate, almost unreal. little legs flailing and arms loose. the adrenaline and instincts kick in and we are suppose to give him his best chance. afterwards i always become dazed and confused...my patient has a window in her room and i see all the cars driving here and there and i wonder if they know what matters in life. isn't this how it is for us alot of times...we take things for granted and we worry about little things that don't matter. how much can we get done, how fast, how fancy, how so not important. because when i have moments like this i realize this is what life is about. i wonder how she will cope with this for the rest of her life...will it make her stronger...i tell her i have never been where she has been...i don't understand her pain but Christ does and she agrees. i wonder this time how long i can keep this feeling of wanting to live every minute in the moment. i will always believe there is a purpose.