"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Snips & Snails & Puppy Dog Tail...ps: I've been M.I.A.

M.I.A. yes, I haven't posted forever...
I gotta get caught up not only on my blog but on checking on yours! I'm not gonna bore you with tons of pics but we had a great summer...here are a few highlights...
the BEST of all is at the end!

Savannah had a great summer and spent alot of time in the pool! She had an awesome time swimming with her HAST team and swam fast! She also skied behind the boat this year for her first time up in Island Park! Her daddy bought a boat, so she has been getting alot of practice time out on the Utah Lake and at Deer Creek!
First day of 2nd grade! I LOVE school! I am obsessed with making my own lunch. I get up before my alarm goes off - I will never miss the bus! I don't really dig homework because it is still so hot out that I love to play with my cousins and friends after school! 
My name is Lucy, also answer to Laquisha! I had an fantastic summer hanging with all my cousins at my family reunions! My summer goal was to learn how to swim without my floaties and also to learn to write my last name...I had too much fun in the water so now my fall goal is to learn how to write my last name! 
 My first day at pre-school. I miss the kindergarten cut-off by just a few days (what is that...you can hear my mother crying in the back round!). I like to get up everyday with my sister and be ready to go when she leaves the house at 7:30 for the bus...I cry because I can't go with her! I love gymnastics! I love playing barbies with Jilly! I luv riding 4-wheelers in my backyard!
 My name is Jilly and I freaking love cheetos! My nanny brought them to our Park City reunion and I lived on them for 3 days!!! I luv summer because I wear really pretty sun-dresses everyday and I get to boss my doggie Nancy around the backyard!
 I'm currently being potty-trained because my mother blacked out a couple weeks ago because my poops were so disgusting! (sorry!). I am rocking the potty world and currently luv gum and suckers for rewards! My panties are pretty! I luv my sister Lucy, I yell for her all the time!!! I luv to play My Little Pony's and I am very good at causing big scenes at church (not limited to...throwing my sippy cup across many isles, yelling poop during prayers, smacking my mom in the face and last week knocking the bread tray completely onto the floor!). I am a princess...my world is about to be turned upside down...why you ask...


I am 15 weeks pregnant and we are so excited to announce we are having a 
(oh my heavens I actually typed girl and had to erase it - HA!). 
We are in shock and "freaking out" like Savannah said when she saw the blue cupcakes! 
I am due at the end of February...I am starting to feel better, hence my M.I.A. 

"You are gonna feel so much better mom when that kids gets out of you! - Lucy

"I guess we aren't having any more chicks in this house!" - Lucy

"I'm just telling you Aunt Cami, having a boy is gonna be rough on you!" - My niece Ellie

"Why do you always have to copy me?!" - My sister Jessica (who is due with a BOY in November! And my sister Lindsey is also having a BOY in December!)

Here's to another great adventure...