"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Saturday, December 10, 2011

fun.crazy.hellish.and one more thing too.

 We had an awesome Thanksgiving! All of our Freeze Family was in town for a wedding from Indiana and it was great to spend time with them! We luved watching all the cousins play, eating some nice meals together and enjoying some convo! This year I am most grateful for time...I've been reminded lately, it seems again & again, how very precious it is and I feel blessed to be able to share my time with people I love...
 We took a surprise trip to Disneyland the day after Thanksgiving! It was a surprise to the girls...we took them to breakfast Friday morning at Kneaders...after we ate we went around and said what we were thankful for...the kids went first and then the parents went...we said things like "castles, princess shoes, light sabers, etc"...that is why Vannah has that grin on her face...
 Then we had them open up a little present, which was Disney t-shirts...and told them we were headed to the airport to go to Disneyland...I love Vannah is this picture, she's like "Say what!?!"
 Then everyone started screaming and ran into the bathroom to change into their shirts!
 We also brought along their piggybank, which they have been saving up for 2 years to go to Disneyland...they came out with $250! Not bad little savers!
 We went with the Walbruchs! What an adventure...just getting everyone on the plane! We went for 5 days, traveling day on both end, so 3 days at Disneyland & California Adventure. When we got back, someone asked me how our trip was and I think I summed it up nicely: Fun. Crazy. Hellish. 
Sometimes you just have to speak the truth and it's quite easy to do when you are pregnant! We really had so much fun...I think these next two pics sum up the trip pretty nicely:
Yup. That's pretty much it...but I will include a few more pics just for kicks!
The girls LUVED seeing all the characters and princesses! The lines weren't bad at all but it still felt like there were a million people there! We went from sun-up til sun-down and they rode every ride except the submarine one. I couldn't ride a few of the rides and I thought Cam was going to turn green after having to go on so many rides...over and over again! The girls were in heaven...Lucy at first would be a little scared on the bigger rides but then as soon as they ended, the famous phrase "Let's go again" spoke out over a huge smile!
 Alice even stopped by to say hi to Jilly...Jilly was so in awe she wouldn't even look at her, she was so happy when Alice showed her the proper way to "tie" her velcro shoes..."Criss-Cross them of course" any princess knows that!
 Jilly & Belle
 Breakfast at Ariel's Grado where we ate a delicious breakfast and met all the princesses!
 We luv our daddy!
 Oh, the hellish part...I was beatdown tired and it was hard to keep up with my every growing tummy! Plus, I probably gained 10lbs in water weight from all the walking...was it worth it...ABSOLUTELY! 
 My favorite ride...I hated to miss out on this one!
 The girls also luved exchanging Disney pins! What a fun tradition...they came away with some really sweet ones!
 Space Mountain & California Screamin' = THE FAVS!
 Merry Christmas 2011...we survived Disneyland!
Other quick updates:
 Vanny finished her basketball season...she luved playing and having her daddy coach! She was really into it, I don't know where she gets it :) But really it was kinda funny to see her intensity and be so determined...I loved watching her play! It was also super cute to see her playing with her cousin Ellie...somehow they learned about the "chest bump" (thanx cam) and they did it after every time they scored...hilarious.
 Lucy dominated the chocolate fountain at Thanksgiving dinner...she never ceases to make us laugh...we coudlnt' love her more. Recent quotes:
"Mom, is our house ever going to be warm again?" 
{poor child living with a pregnant lady!}
And an update on Freddy {the neighbor's cat}...she said the other morning, while in the garage holding Freddy: "Just so you know mom, when those people die (our neighbors) this cat is MINE!" 
ps. please don't tell our neighbors. 
pss...does this mean I am going to have to get her a cat?????? 
psss.... don't tell cam i even said that or he might kill ME!
 Jilly is milking her last few months of being the "baby". She demands to be rocked to bed each night, throws some legit tantrums, smothers you with kisses and big blue batty eyes, refuses to go to Nursery now for the past six weeks (heaven help me), demands to know "what you makin for dinner!"... BUT she is the baby for now, so I figure I will let her.At least until after christmas and then I'm gonna have to come down on her...right...
And as far as me, because you care:
- I'm getting more and more excited about a little BOY! But I'm trying to pick out bedding and make a quilt and I'm all over the place because I want it to be EVERYTHING BOY! So it's like super heros, sports, frogs, lions, green, blue, red, cars, snakes, swords...those all go together right?!?!
- Our end of the year, YOUNG WOMEN's JESUS THE CHRIST party is this week! I'll bee finishing my reading this weekend and it's a perfect time of year to do it! 
OH! And the One. More. Thing.