"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Monday, July 27, 2009

baby sister...

we blessed little jillian over the 4th of july when we were in utah...it was so amazing to have our families there and cam gave a beautiful blessing to jillian. we love our family's and it made the day perfect to have them there...we also had some of our friends come who were in town...it was great to see everyone!

our friends from san diego...Heidi & Brandon, we miss you guys!!!

*my friend lindsay took these pics of the girls while i was in town,
thanks linny luv ya girl!

Friday, July 24, 2009

a hiking we will go...

cam's dad took all the grandkids on a hike while we were up in idaho and the girls have been talking about it non-stop...so this past week we went and hiked up at roxborough state park...it was a beautiful evening...the red rocks are amazing! The girls did really well on the 1.5 mile loop.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"thoughts" by jillian...

my mommy is silly...i luv to smile at her because it makes her smile...
then she starts making funny noises and gets all excited...
but smiling is tiresome...i mean i can't do it 24/7 mom...
k mom, i'm not smiling anymore...you are freaking me out a little with those crazy sounds and begging for more smiling...

ok, ok here is one more...kinda.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

always rockin...

1. the act of coming together
2. a gathering of a group after separation
3. reuniting or rejoining
4. to bring together

*family times are the best of times*
we luved the freeze family reunion! it's always held during the 4th of july & usually in provo. it's always bumpin and lots of FUN.

*i put together a freeze family jeopardy game...i had so much fun putting it together & it was pretty cool to see everyone get into it!


*nothing beats the freeze family annual hoop game...this year it didn't even end in a brawl! cam sported us out with sweet jersey's (yes he is obsessed)...indiana vs. duke...duke pulled out the victory, man scotty that buzzer beater will go down in history!!!

*jillian's first fourth of july, she luved it!
*playing, playing with cousins!!! it was a perfect morning for a little 5k run on the 4th of July, the Provo Freedom Festival. Thanks for running with me Lins & props to Miss Morgan who did her first 5k, running with Grandpa!

*being with the family in the mt. timpanogos temple...so special.

*the new location for the pool party did not disappoint, lindon city pool rocked...luved the view of the mountains from the hot tub! lucy could not get enough of the slide...we luved it dad!

*vanny took her first rollercoaster ride at lagoon and i almost lost my breakfast doing the skycoaster with my sisters...who doesn't luv lagoon.

*other highlights: jillian's blessing (post pics soon), the family singing "for he's a golly good fellow" to cam for finishing residency...it was comical! thanks for the cake & we luv the gift, the bike ride to utah lake, bar-b-ques, cul-da-sac of fire...dad's annual run through the fireworks!, the slideshow cam put together!
thanks em for letting us chill at your place, can we move into the basement?

*after 10 years at island park (my first trip was when cam & i were dating) i have finally realized it is truly a part of the Kesler legacy. we have many memories of island park and this year it just continued...

*cam skiing with his bros (and bros in law, not pictured)...morning & night...rain or shine...of course only if there is glass though.

*like daddy like daughter...this was the first year the girls attempted "skiing"

Papa took the kids on their first hike down Coffee Pot Rapids...walking sticks in hand...they were mesmerized by this little adventure!

*every fam is responsible for a dinner & activity throughout the week...this year we combined ours and did a luau. cam served his mission in new zealand but worked with the Samoan wards. we centered the night around ALOFA (Jillian's middle name, which in Samoan means love)...loving our family, the HAKA preformed by the girls vs guys, a dolphin game for the kidos, great outfits, a cut-out picture op, and yummy food! *thanks for the genius idea jess!

*some of our favorite highlights of the week...savannah says "papa's hiking trip and making necklaces with annie! and swimming too!" lucy says "my cousins. swimming like vannah. the parties!" we say...the 2nd annual Tanner sponsored Island scavenger hunt (although i broke my hip, still recovering), cafe rio nite by misty, the haka dances by all the cousins, the musical group dances, uncle jordan's canoe ride, being together, and our dvd player in our car...it has been a long two weeks on the road!

*okay...i guess that's the "END" of this long post...but check out the vids, they are classic.

*who doesn't luv singing to ANNIE!

*this is my brother-in-law at lagoon, it was comical because michael jackson was actually playing over the loud speakers...hysterical.

*these chicks defiantly dominated the haka over the boys!

*b. freeze's annual run through the cul-da-sac of fireworks!!!