"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Monday, January 31, 2011

luv / hate relationships.

well since it is february and its all about LUV (and my birthday, which of course most people will forget because it is not a leap year this year, if you are wondering...this is a HINT, don't forget me!)...i thought i would share with you some of my luv / hate relationships...

- old navy. cute kids clothes, right??!! but why is it that either:

#1. everytime i buy something on sale, i go to the register and it doesn't ring up on sale and i have to tell the cash register girl and she changes it or she says nope, you must have been looking at the wrong sign (even though the outfit was literally sitting on top of the sign).

#2. so i go ahead and buy the kids clothes and then 24-48 hours later, everything is on-sale...a good 30-40% off (yes i know i can take my receipt back and get the difference, but another trip...). anyways, it leaves me confused and hatin.

- cooking.

man, i get in these phases where i am a rock-star...trying new recipes (mostly only those who have been successfully attempted & made by my fabulous sisters or sister-in-laws) and even making a few recipes ahead of the game and freezing them in the freezer. but then it just gets buggin sometimes and i get in a rut...you have to BUY it and PREPARE it and SERVE it and CLEAN it up and so on and so forth. it's literallytiring thinking about it and i mean if someone asked me what is the most annoying question you can think of, my answer just might be:
"what is for dinner?" AHHHHHHHHHHH. help me.

but then j. cam's skills are minimal and i can only survive on a few nights of eggs & cinnamon toast or frozen pizza, so back to the kitchen i go because i really do luv to cook, the way you feel after you serve a yummy meal, and to have fun convo at the dinner table.

- cell phones.

i luv my cell phone, um lUv. it saved me in san diego when i could talk endlessly to my sisters and mom when i was going through a hard time & not able to travel home much. it allows us to keep updated so easily and quickly with one another. it's fun. the apps, let's not even start right...they are ridiculously cool and creative and unbelievable.

but last week when i was coaching a young women's basketball game and when the girls subbed in and out of the game, they went right to their cell phones when they were on the sidelines, my eyes started opening a little. i thought, what are they doing?...but then, mostly, i started asking myself the same question...what am I doing? how much am i "into" my phone. how many days of the week do i check that phone first thing in the morning, before i do anything else. it can be consuming. then, a couple nights ago i watched extreme makeover: home addition and i took this pledge...im embarrassed to say that i have texted while driving, ive entered an address into a gps while driving. sometimes the things we luv can become the very things we hate if we let them consume us.

- people watching at the gym

...it's fun...it's sometimes funny...it's interesting...it's sometimes inspiring...i feel lucky to have one so close to my house, i got a super slick deal on my membership & it includes daycare (holla!), it's an adequate alternative to the great outdoors in the dreary winter months...BUT

im freaking out lately...it's like i go to the gym and i must be going at the wrong times because there are hardly any open treadmills, workout equipment in general (except for the lame stuff nobody wants, you know what i mean) and then i look at the peeps on the treadmills and they are on their cell phones (*see luv / hate comment above...), laughing and chit chatting to their neighbor at 2.5 speed, continuously putting their hair (and by hair, i mean extensions) up and down from a pony tail...i want to yell "hello people, either start kicking your trash or get off the machine so i can start kicking my own...its called a workout & time is precious." okay that was kinda harsh and slightly rude but don't worry because it bites me in the hiney everytime i think those things because i usually end up right next to the person with ripe b.o.

i'd LUV to hear about your luv / hate relationships...or can you relate to any of mine...

do you text when you drive?
i don't anymore. i even talked to my girls about it, so they will help by also not bothering me so much when i drive (with changing dvds, treats, yelling, etc).
? do you want to take the pledge, click here.

what's your favorite recipe right now?
lately i have been obsessed with soups (they are easy andi can throw them in the crock pot...my sister lindsey has a killer white chicken chili recipe, let me know if you are interested).

where do you like to shop for kids clothes?
i usually shop at target & old navy. i always hear people getting great deals at macy's (yes, you nachelle), where do you get the best deals?

do you usually end up next to the person with b.o.?
yes, 50% of the time.

I put this at the bottom, in hopes you would read that whole post :)

your books are ready for you!!! i will send them first thing in the morning!
If you are still interested in reading along with me, I will happily email you the reading chart...I think you guys would luv it!

Friday, January 28, 2011

ways to start out the new year...

ways to start out the new year...
or rather how i have started out my new year.

- by throwing your back-out at a weight lighting class at the gym, while the instructor kept yelling at you (but actually it's me) to "ride the pony" (could hardly sit down for about 10 days)

- have a secret addiction to valentine's candy and hope no one finds out, except obviously your dentist because you know you are gonna get a cativity

- get a job...YES! im so excited to be heading back to st. mark's hopsital, i start in february and although i will only be working 4 days a month, im happy to get back to helping momma's bring their new little babes into the world!

- bite your tongue (not literally)...but this has saved me over the past couple weeks, think before you talk...it actually works sometimes

- hit your hand hard against your door in your basement because you are so ticked that your house is dirty AGAIN! and possibly leave an indention of your fist...which is a great reminder that you need to chill out sometimes

- quit feeling bad about throwing your hair into a pony...but rather be grateful it is long enough to throw into a pony, invest in a few cute headbands and viola - you are ready to go for the day!

- get a new calling at church...i know it might be hard to believe, but you are actually reading the blog of the new young women's president in my church ward (shock & awe, autographs later or sympathy cards welcomed)...but the truth of the matter is after three weeks i feel really lucky and blessed and excited about it...i have 35 beautifully amazing, fun girls that i get to work with throughout the year and it's gonna be great

- pay down a student loan by 80%, that's sure tomake you feel good :)

- run outside between 2-4pm with the sun shining, just warm enough to let your lungs enjoy that nice, brisk january air, and luv every minute of those beautiful utah mountains

- set a goal, like maybe to read the book: JESUS THE CHRIST, we are doing it this year as a Young Women's...join us, it's going to be an amazing journey!

- go to the byu basketball game vs sdsu and get your own kinda "zumba workout" by jumping up and down, shaking what your momma gave you and being jazzed about some seriously fun basketball to watch (yes that is a life size cut out of jimmer that my dad not only took to the game but all around provo on game day...)

- continuously splash at your mommy when you take a bubble bath while laughing and laughing and laughing and also while causing a big mess(but nobody cares cause your laugh is so cute!)

- get a cold but then still smile for the camera because your mommy makes you fruit smoothies, cuddles you up in your blankie and turns on the dvd that you are currently obsessed with (SHE-RA) and lets you watch it ALL - DAY - LONG

- let this same child come in your bed in the weeee hours of the morning to snuggle and then as she pats your face and tells you she luvs you but then adds "momma, why are your teeth yellow?"...do not take it personal.

- get new glasses...because the school nurse actually was right, you needed them (those dang nurses, always right) but be excited about picking out a cute blue pair that match your beautiful eyes and be proud to tell everyone "just so you know, these make me smarter"

how is your new year starting out...i would luv to hear...do you set new year's resolutions, goals, or adjust schedules or get excited about organization...do you read this blog anymore...have i lost my touch...
i miss alot of you friends and think about you often!

PS! Leave a comment & if you are interested I am giving away 2 copies of JESUS THE CHRIST, along with a reading outline for the year! I will draw 2 names on Tuesday night (February 1st)!

PSS...if you have your own copy of Jesus the Christ and want to follow along, this was the first week of our reading and you should be at page 17! This coming week we are reading to page 34! We will finish our reading December 11th!