"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Friday, February 27, 2009

i don't know where you're from...


We had a crazy fun trip to NYC this past weekend. Me & my sister Emily surprised Cam & Matt with Duke basketball tickets to play St. John's at Madison Square Gardens (a good excuse to visit the Big Apple!). Thus began our adventures...we saw so much in 3 and half days, it's kinda weird!

Here's to...a Blue Devils Victory, seeing Bobby Knight, Madison Sq Gardens, ESPN Zone in Times Square, Gyros & Falafel at Pick a Pita, Starbucks Carmel Apple Cider, the Gray Line Hop on Hop Off bus, dinner at Gonzalez! Gonzalez!, Magnolia bakery, Empire State Building, our hotel the New Yorker, a horse drawn carraige ride around Rockefeller & Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, to Soho / "Noho" / & "House-tin"

...to Cam "I'm going to try something new at every meal" YEP those are Chinese Beef Crepes from Big Wong's...lesson learned, he was sick the entire next day. disgusting. to CHINATOWN (seriously my least favorite) : warm pee tea, questionable bathrooms, "I'll give you $5 bucks for it" "Aw shee....I buy for you!!!" and I've never seen people slurp Chinese food like that, I'm not sure I'll ever eat Chinese again.

...to shopping and Century 21 and finding some super cute purses "fashion worth fighting for!"

to...my red coat in every picture and I swear the reason people kept saying I was from out of town (sorry it wasn't black for you locals!!!), to the boys mastering subway travel & to those big subway rats, to our tour guide: "you don't even know if those hotdog vendors be washin their hands" or "after you hear the first knock, you got two minutes to get your money back...I know I been involved in 5 raides"...um, okay

to Matt asking a lady at a little pizza joint for a refill & to the lady who went seriously off on him: "boy, I don't know where you from, but we don't give refills in Manhattan"...and Matt "um, okay lady here's two bucks, can I just get another coke?"

to our AWESOME TV & Movie site tour! This was a highlight! A tour guide took us around to a bunch of different locations shot in show & movies such as: Seinfeld, the Cosby's, Friends, Sex in the City, Gossip Girls, & Law and Order....to I am Legend, Spiderman, Men in Black, Hitch to name a few. It was so fun and our tour guide (who was a "local actor" was comical)..."I hate to disappoint you all...but no Friends was not actually filmed in this building" "Oh if Katherine (Heigel) knew I was showing you this clip, she'd just kill me" "Hold your breath....they did use CGI (computer generated imagery) to create this scene people".

to the Ground Zero Museum & Workshop...it is run by Gary Suson who was the only photographer allowed to take pictures during the recovery effort. It was truly an amazing experience to see all the private images & artifacts...history.

to the Friends building...

to cold, bitter cold New York wind (I luved how people kept saying "oh, you're from Denver, it's gotta be freezeing there" um H-no compared to NYC peeps)...to Broadway and TKTS, we luved Momma Mia!, to watching a guy propose to his girlfriend while ice skating on the rink in Rockefeller, to leaving our hotel at 8:30am and not getting back til midnight, to getting told off, to travel & adventures with best friends, to my feet pulsing & probably gaining 10lbs in water weight (retention people), to my sweet sister Lindsey who came in from Salt Lake to watch Vannah & Lucy - you are the best!, to lots of black & minimal sun exposure, to New York accents & way of life...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

things i luv...

___being anywhere with you cam...even if it's just sitting on the couch watching 24 or our Blue Devils play...it's always better when you are around...i luv you

...being a mom...sometimes it is the hardest thing but it is the most rewarding when your little girl grabs your face & says "your face pretty mommy, i luv you"...or when one of them says "wow, your really getting big mommy" and then your husband comes sprinting into the room to tackle her and take her into the other room to have a "little talk"...or in the morning when she yells out "momma, i'm awake, i can hear you...come get me". when you look back & see how far those little babes have come...thier personalities, thier sweet eyes, times that you know someday you will wish you could have back.

*lucy, she makes me laugh...she makes me cry! +my family...my sisters!!! -denver. ^my house. keeping my house really cold (sorry friends!). ~photo books on shutterfly {quilting ~brighton jewerly ?the thought of a trip to NYC & my little sis Lins coming to watch the girls...super aunt

*every sunday morning we have a waffle breakfast...seeing cam in the morning. ^how my girls luv to help me in the kitchen !a clean house, even if i have to clean it :laughing "teaching relief society, i love the gospel of jesus christ %i luv my grandparents `sunshine -a good steak !Utah & 4th of July reunions

*my new tv in my bedroom...fallng asleep at 7pm with the girls snuggling around me $doing my littel girls hair & nails +friends, good friends, true friends are hard to come by #nursing, i luv helping babies come into the world >law & order, have i mentioned diet coke music, dancing, nordstrom, purses, my sweatpants...cause they fit !!!dvr -have i mentioned my sisters ///going to target for no reason...my home away from home..and yes i luv those pizza hut breadsticks.
*when cam gets cute valentine's presents for the girls and then lets them play with make-up unsupervised...

...old pictures because they remind us of how far we have come and the people we are becoming.

#how much my girls luv thier daddy ^getting pedicures >visiting family, talking to my family on my cell phone, email, internet in general !people that are true +working out, running with emily :::pedicures _getting my arms rubbed or back rubbed *history =water skiing ***the smell of lavendar :how vannah looks like cam but has a really sensitive side like me

25 weeks & rockin, i luv how my little chicka twirls & kicks...not so much the groin pain but i luv the thought of another little baby coming into our fam...thanks em for the sweet card, it meant alot ~i luv journaling, quotes, and poetry *costco frozen fruit in the winter time :::gummies, thanks for the addicition matt !not cooking ~i luv life

"A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture, and transform." ~Diane Mariechild