"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Friday, October 26, 2007


T - Today the weather is SunNy and have I mentioned I luv CO?

G - Got some fun things coming up...a trip to UT for HaLLowEen...playing on an Ex-College Players bAsKeTbAlL Team against USU, WSU, ISU, SUU...getting to see my parents new HOUSE...planning a trip for Cam to go see his brothers in Rexburg...working on starting up a labor consultant/doula BUSINESS...oh and did I mention, laundry and cleaning the house (this afternoon).

I - It's never too early to start working on Christmas presents...started quilting today.

F - For some reason I was having this really weird DREAM last night and then I woke-up and then I tried to go back to sleep to find out what happened...okay am I the only one?

P.S. If you buy this...you will eat this...and you will gain weight.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Say What?

ME: "Savannah, it snowed today."

SAVANNAH: "Mommy, oh my heavens!"

SAVANNAH: "Mom, the tree is naked."

ME: "Okay...that didn't last long."

LUCY: "I luv giving kisses!"

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Temple.

I really love our stake here in D-town...they do so many amazing activites that really spand a variety of interests. This Saturday the Stake Cultural Arts committee had a program called "What the Temple means to me". They asked anyone to participate by song, music, art, poetry, etc. I really wanted to participate and since I was sure no one wanted to hear me sing, I took a little snapshot at the temple of my girls. I added a "Circle Poem" to it and I think it turned out pretty cute. I actually read my poem at the program that night (which took me back to the movie "She's All That" where they go to that weird poetry club...anyways). It was a good experience for me...I have loved poetry since Mrs. Harris's english class in 11th grade. So if you're interested...

Joseph Tsujimoto introduced the Circle Poem, in 1988 as a model to help expand and inspire poetry students. The idea of a circle poem starts with your title, which "triggers" the next word or phrase of your first line, which, in turn, "triggers" the next line, and so forth. The poem will end when your last word "circles" back to the beginning, approximating your title.
Circle poems have no beginning, middle, or end. They start where you jump in, they end where you jump out. Their meaning often changes, depending on where you choose to start.

The Temple
by Camille Kesler 10/2007
An amazing thought
Peace for everyone
My friends
Close to my heart
A child

Friday, October 12, 2007

Do you ever?

Do YoU evEr?

1. Do you ever wish you could slam on your breaks when you are at a stoplight and someone honks at you and it has only been green for a milisecond?
2. Do you ever feel like you have a million things to do but then when you sit down and write a list you realize you really have nothing going on?
3. Do you ever laugh out loud at people who say they can give up Diet Coke? *I lasted 11 days.
4. Do you ever say things to people and then wish you hadn't said them at all?
5. Do you ever wish you knew what to say when someone says something that really bothered you...instead of letting it build inside like a majority of the femal race does?
6. Do you ever wish you could bottle up moments with your kids...look into thier eyes...and pray they remember how much you love them, how cool they think you are, and how your heart melts when they say you are thier best friend?
7. On the contrary...do you ever want to put your kids to sleep for the night at 2 in the afternoon?
8. Do you ever want to save the world...or think about humanitarian things you want to do?
9. Do you ever want to roll your eyes at your husband one minute and the next minute kiss him to death?
10. Do you ever feel down about your life or situation and then run into someone on an elevator and feel bad that you ever felt down about your life or your situation?
11. Do you ever want to get into a bathing suit and not care about jiggles here and there?
12. Do you ever wish your body (or more importantly your b**bs) would go back to normal after having a baby?
13. Do you ever wish you knew more about the stars and outter space?
14. Do you ever want to tell your friends and family how much they mean to you and truly know that they know?
15. Do you ever think that today could be your last day on earth?
16. Do you ever think to yourself, "Why, why would they cook fish in a hospital cafeteria?"
17. Do you ever get bugged by a situation and then literally minutes or hours later, realize it was a situation you were meant to be in?
18. Do you ever stop to think about the kind of person you are and the difference you are making?
19. Do you ever smell something weird in your car for days and after hours of searching find a nasty, milky sippy cup?
20. Do you ever want to smile and hug someone simply because they gave you the benefit of the doubt?

Do you ever look at a close-up picture your 3 year old took of you and think to yourself, "I really need to get my eyebrows waxed?"
WelL, dO Ya?
*Seriously, do ya cause if not the person who wrote this may
need to get back on her meds?*

Sunday, October 7, 2007

When we grow-up...

I have been working a little up at St. Joe's hospital, where Cameron works. The other day we had our lunch breaks together and he took me up to the helicopter pad that is on top of the whole hospital. It has an awesome view of downtown!
I really love my job as a Labor & Delivery Nurse.
It's not always easy trying to balance everything with the girls but I feel really fortunate that I work in the area I do. I love working with families and I still get teary eyed at every delivery!!! I have been working alot with some ladies who are in pre-term labor (most of them with twins) at the hospital and some of them have been there for 20+ days and will be there til they deliver I don't know how they keep their sanity! It is fun to get to know them...they are fun, amazing, strong women. SO...I can't really recall WHEN I knew I wanted to be a nurse (most definalty by my senior year in high school) but I do remember that through middle school I kept telling my family I wanted to be:
A marine biologist and work in the BioSphere.
(google it and you will laugh out loud at me)
SO my question for you all is: What funny things did you think you wanted to do when you "grew-up" or is there anything else you want to be when you "grow-up"???

P.S. Notice the nets surrounding the outside...freaked me out a bit.