"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

luv. luv. luv.

i had the girls pictures taken over valentine's weekend and just got them back...pretty cute. i had them taken here...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

i'll admit...it wasn't looking good...

so i pretty much wanted to punch march in the face for the first two weeks...let me explain...i just got off my birthday "high" (refer to picture below)...

and it was like bam...march is here to rock your world and bring you to tears :) okay so i am a little dramatic but seriously, it's been rough. i had two nursing exams i had to take at the beginning of the month...they are these new "speciality certifications" and it's like you are in college all over again. studying, anxiety, irritable bowel, sweating, etc. bottomline i failed one miserably and passed the next one. it hurt bad and ill have to re-take the other one in the fall but what can i do...i just found myself really overwhelmed and frustrated...does anyone out there feel me? it's like i am trying to be 20 different things to 20 different people all with a smile on my face and an A+ by my name. and sometimes i just feel like no one understands. i feel like "hello, anyone out there? anyone else want to scream to the top of thier lungs? anyone else want to eat this whole carton of ice cream in one sitting while watching biggest loser? anyone else out there want to be able to give their opinion and have people respect? hello, hello are you there?" it blew up on me. i am so lucky and blessed and extremely fortunate to have people close to me that give me great advice, listen to me, and remind me why i shouldn't be so hard on myself. i luv you guys and i know you know you who are. so i went back to the basics and march really did turn around for me...
...i just luved this picture of lucy...she always makes me smile...
...and my little jilly bean who let's just say...is perfect!
my sweet, sweet cousin bethie drove from iowa with her husband and little lily to visit us for spring break! i have so many fun memories of growing up with my cousin beth...playing school & pretend for hours in grandma's basement, terrific tuesdays, rice cakes :), riding bikes, 4th of july's, school projects, piano playing...the list goes on and on. we had so much fun while they were here...
one afternoon we took the kids to this big bounce house...i don't know who had more fun...the kids or cam & me! little lily was going down the big slide all by herself before the end of the afternoon!
we went to some great parks, this is my favorite one in greenwood village, it has a tree house, a slide that starts at the top of a hill and slides down into the playing area, among other things! the girls wore their matching st. patty's day tshirts! we had a great time together...made some yummy meals, introduced beth & noah to whole foods, enjoyed noah's yummy peanut butter popcorn, lots of talking & laughing, beth helped me plan savannah's birthday party!, and just luved being together!
*also had a quick weekend visit from janae and her fiance! sterling...don't you just luv, luvbirds! we are so happy for them...it was great getting to know sterling and we know they are a perfect match!
savannah turned 6...don't know how that happened but i luv her and luv watching her grow. im proud of the little girl she is...she is a great big sister, truly a helper to me, sensitive, energetic, thoughtful (last night we were reading a story on easter and as we talked about the crucifiction...i paused a little and she let out a sigh and said "i just can't believe they would do that to him."), she is loving, she is a good bike rider, luves her couins, makes her bed every morning, she luvs to "workout with me", a great reader, i luv her funny faces & beautiful eyes.
she had a pizza & swim party with some of her closest friends...she even jumped off the diving board for the first time!
she'd been eyeing this cake for awhile now and when i asked her what she wanted for her birthday...all she said was this barbie cake! lol. *bethie, it was worth it right!?!?!
i luv you vanny j.
things just kept getting better! i drove with the girls home to utah for savannah's spring break...although the drive was dreadful and exhausting for numerous reasons...i made it and it was worth it! i sure luv my mom...talking with her, spending time with her, watching her favorite shows with her! i luv her spirit and her laugh. i cant wait to live closer to her.
vanny had another birthday celebration when we got to utah...she got all the princess barbies from her aunts, nanny & poppy.
a birthday breakfast and the one & only birthday check from her "great"!
a build-a-bear trip with her nanny & cousins!
other spring break happs:
having poppy pull a loose tooth, #3!
jilly cuddling with uncle chris, doing patty-cake for everyone, and working on her crawling...
cousin time..."nothing can split us up" lol
being part of the walbruch neighborhood easter egg hunt...we hear about it every year and this year we made it! a family in their neighborhood puts in on every year and it's like halloween without having to go door to door, it's AMAZING!
kites, stuffed animals, stickers, cute purses...
aunt linny helping lu...
luv those mountains!
luv these girls!
a movie afternoon...
spending an afternoon with my friend summer...check it out we had a total of 7 girls with us at the park!
i also got to hike the "Y" in provo when i was home with summer. it is one of my favorite things to do in provo and brings back so many memories for me. i luv the view from the top...thanks march for bringing me back to the top!