"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Sunday, December 28, 2008

pink, pInK, PINK...

*dont think this daddy has a problem with another girly around this house,
yep that's right...it's a GIRL!
*i had to work christmas eve and it was really slow so cam & the girls came up and my friend did an ultrasound...she was so cute opening and closing her mouth,
we kept saying "ho! ho! ho!"!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

santa claus is coming...

*we sent our letters out to the big man...cam was in charge of the letter drafting...maybe never again. vannah "i think i'll ask for a dog" cam "great idea, let's put that down"...

*we made cookies and delivered them to friends and neighbors...the girls luved running them up to the houses. they have really been getting into the spirit. the other day i was putting gifts under the tree that family had sent us...savannah said "who are those for?" and before i could answer, lucy shouted out "jesus christ, sissy!" lol.

*yesterday morning i slept in til 8:30, record breaker. i walk into the girls room and both of their faces look like this chocolate mess. i knew immediately the quietness that allowed me to sleep in. me: "savannah what did you have for breakfast?" vannah: "just yogurt mommy."

me: "you know santa doesn't come visit little girls that don't tell the truth. you had some of the cinnamon monkey bread didn't you?" vannah: "really sorry mommy."
*cinnamon bundt cake anyone....have a very merry christmas!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

no one mourns for the...

the WICKED!!!
yeah, it was just as phenomenal as everyone says! i was lucky enough to get to go to chicago for a long weekend to spend time with my sisters, amy & emily. we went to see wicked downtown at the oriental theatre...i luved the music, amazing storyline, and the set was pretty crazy cool!
but this little guy was the main reason for the trip. luv you will, you are the best baby ever. we got some projects done for amy...scrapbooking/picture organization, "flip this dollhouse", jewelry organization, some cleaning and just little things all mothers with new babies are in need of.
emily and i at the fox news station...me attempting the weather forecast "chicago, well it is absolutely cold here" and emily "what was the top story for tonight again..."

*thanks cam for taking care of the girls (and j-bird for helping out). the girls had a great daddy weekend, mostly consisting of chicken nuggets and swimming at the rec center everyday.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

thankful for you...

November 29th, 1973 ~ November 29th, 2008
*35 Years*
"...a gentle love, a tender love, a passionate love with big plans, an everyday love with quiet moments, a love born of trust and faith -a together forever love."
Happiest Annviersary to the two people I love the most.
The two people that gave me life and then taught me all about it!
We celebrated over the Thanksgiving holiday in D-town with a fantastic tribute night...it was so fun to be all together, share our favorite memories, and have mom & dad answer all our fun questions cards (first times, memories, dates, births, etc).

*YES, I'm Prego...14 weeks and due at the end of May...
feeling great & I already have outgrown my regular jeans (YES!).
*P.S. I have been wondering lately why is it that one of the first questions that people ask you when you tell them you are pregnant is..."was it planned?"...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

*potty dance

*i luv this little independent, behind the arms sleeping, copying cating, flash night in bed loving, kiss giver & cuddler, potty dancing...
potty trained girl!!!
*we had a great week working lucy into the "big girl" life...she loves her little princess panties...the jelly beans & suckers have been great motivation!

*ya know what they say, it is always good to get one out of diapers, before the next arrives...

Monday, November 3, 2008

it's a hard knock life...

october was good to us, seems this time of year always flies bye!
hotel kesler shut-down this past saturday...
come back anytime katie & scotty dogg!

our annual trick-or-treat at the hospital!
we took the kids up to the helicopter pad...
they luved running through the hallways...
eating their candy along the way.

little girls, little girls...everywhere you look around...
Miss Hannigan & ANNIE
Annie, Miss Hannigan, Daddy Warbucks, Sandy the dog
Halloween: Cooking my mom's chili, carmel apples, carving pumpkins, lots of candy. *after cam took that picture of the girls outside, he turned off the outside light, it was silent & pitch black...lucy blurts out "that pumpkin scarying me!"

we had a super fun fall visit from mom and dad...we took them to Boo at the Zoo. they had trick-or-treating stations throughout the zoo along with different activity stations. we got there right as the crowd was leaving and the animals were out in full effect, which was nice. savannah's favorite the zebras and lucy the giraffes. nanny & poppy are always up for fun and we luv them so much!


*this morning we are having breakfast in the kitchen and savannah says, "lucy you know we don't say bad words!" Me, concerned of course say, "What did she say?" Savannah, "She said, OH SNAPS mom."

Monday, October 20, 2008

who knew time flew

*the fall rocks. things are good over here in d-town. we spent the day at anderson's farm getting pumped for halloween...the girls are obsessed with the movie ANNIE so Savannah is being Annie for Halloween and Lucy Sandy (her little doggy!). should be quite comical.

*we luv our daddy

*i luv ugly looking skeletons

*petting zoo, corn maze, kids maze, train ride, wagon ride, pumpkins!

*we have visitors from blackfoot staying with us for the month! cam's sister katie and her husband scott are in the hizzzouse. scott is in PA school at isu and cam hooked him up with a rotation at st. joe's with him. it is a full house with 2 extra cousins...we are having a fun time showing the kesler krew around denver. one of my favorite spots is redrocks - it is an outdoor amphithreater where alot of big name peeps do concerts...also a great place for working out...i work out with this groups called redrocks fitness, it is awesome, katie luved it and then the next day hated me.

*LUCY turned two at the end of sept. i just luv this kid. she has defiantly given me a run for my money but has come into her own with a comical little personality, independent nature, and the need to keep up with everyone around her...ex. when we bought bunkbeds for the girls, lucy was naturally put on the bottom bunk, which didn't last long because she climbed to the top bunk every night without the ladder...she now officialy owns the top bunk! lucism's as i call them..."mommy you funny" "go vannah go (when watching savannah at swim lessons)" "daddy you workin" "i want my milky" "who you talking to (when i'm on the phone)" "i going too" "where'd annie go (her favorite line from the movie annie)"...she also has a tendency to add "Y" to almost everything (churchy, beddy, milky, shoesy)...lucy is also known to walk around the house with a little pad of paper and a pen, writing with her left hand...like she is taking notes on all of us. we luv you lu.
ps her favorite book is "walter da farting dog"

*too busy to eat her birthday cake "i painting my toenails mommy"

*we also had an awesome visit from cam's parents at the beginning of sept. they came into town for 5 days to watch the kidos while we could make a little get-a-way...it was legit! we went up to frisco...biked around lake dillion, shopped at the outlets, went to the hot springs in Breckenridge, drove through rocky mtn national park, enjoyed dinner in downtown denver, and just talked alot...it was so fun to be together! we thought, hey we should do this more...when we got back marva lu and kelly said they had a great visit and told us, hey we should do this more...we gladly accept, come back soon! they also worked on a few house projects while we were gone, cleaned up some of our front landscaping and kelly whipped out this built-in bookshelf for us...it was so amazing! we got home right as he was finishing the final touches! the girls luved having them! thanks again grandma lu and grandpa!

*ive also made a quick trip to provo this past month. my sweet friend jamie's father passed away unexpectedly and i was fortunante enough to go home for the weekend to be there to support her (thanx katie for watching the girls!). jamie did an amazing job...she put so much effort into the planning and was a true hero as she was so strong for her brothers and sister. her talk at the service was so loving & complete. i know her dad was proud of her. im really grateful for her friendship.

*got to spend a fun afternoon with my friend Pam from AZ, she was in town visiting. pam, as vanny calls her, is "my nurse pam"...she helped deliver vanny and was my mentor out of nursing school when i started in L&D. she is such an amazing nurse, mother extraordinaire, and friend. i reall luv this lady!

*so anyway, that's my story and i'm sticking to it (luv that song, don't you?!?!)

Saturday, September 13, 2008


i'd luv to give a holla out to all my soccer girls from back in the day! hey...i know i could barely kick the ball...spent most of my time stoppin the ball...but like mother like daughter, i have a poser! this is vanny's first year of soccer...i hesitated to start her because it is (yes i'm going to type it) a little boring, her friend from pre-school was doing it, so here we are. she is enjoying it, her comment at practice...she comes running over to me while the team is still practicing....babe what's the problem? "i'm all sweaty mom!"
savannah's second year of pre-school....Miss Linda's class!

blast from the past...my college roommate sandy! cam ran a clinic down in pueblo last weekend and we decided to make it a little trip. i hadn't seen sandy for about 6 years, so it was so fun to catch up with her in her home town! we lived together my sophomore year and played on the hoop team together.

sandy & her sweet little emily...blonde and blue eyed, can you believe it!

we went out to dinner at texas roadhouse and then everyone came over to the hotel for a little late night dip in the pool...lucy is crazy, she makes me laugh!

i spent the day with sandy over at her house on her land (some hundreds of acres!). her husband runs a chile farm...it was pretty cool to see. they built their house right on the Arkansas river. sandy made us homemade green chile, took us on a tour of the property on her ranger, & talked about the good ol' days at mesa! luved seeing you sandy, you are a great mom! (and awesome science teacher & coach...busy momma!)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

another one bites the dust...

*later august...it was great.

we went to utah for a week to escape cam's icu rotation hours and on the way home brought a speical treat with us...miss ellie...the bff's couldn't get enough of each other and were often mistaken as "twins"! which i gladly took credit for :) i luv these sweet girls...
come back soon el!

cookies (they lived in those outfits all week, comical), pool time!

upside down tired pretty much says it all...bar-b-que with friends!

while in utah i got to see some great friends! my college bff/hoop teammate, lins came down from tooele with her two little guys! it was great to visit, wish it could have been for longer! she does photography now and is amazing, she took some great photos of the kidos, click
here! i also got to go to lunch with kim & jamie (bummed i didn't take my camera)...luved catching up and seeing kim's cute kids and talking about fun times!

summer, phil, and vienn...still can't believe you guys are in provo and no less at byu-law! congrats, congrats (on a few things :)! luved seeing you and catching up...i luv the pic below where the girls are smiling "cheese" at each other!

family time...glad you are home from KY lins...meeting little roxy (lindsey's dog) the girls luved her, celebrating lindsey's b-day, park city...can't get enough of it, swimming at the hotel pool with nanny & poppy, miss you guys already. lol of the bottom right hand pic of ky boy...crazy kids!

i always feel bad because i think i don't have many photos of lucy...i chased her down on the chance encounter and got lucky...i luv you lu.

come see us soon nanny & poppy!

i ran the hobblecreek half marathon in springville with em while i was in town. things were looking good...beautiful day, nice course, looking good on our pace and then the "hobble" of the race hit me like a ton of bricks. i had been having some problems with numbness in my feet and about mile 10 they went completly numb and shot pains up my shins. i literally wanted to find a ride to the finish but ended up hobbling to the finish line (with actually a decent time, ha!). yeah i am all smiles in the pics but i couldn't walk for 2 hours after the race, no jokes peeps. looks like i will be taking a little time off to recoup. em dominated as usual!

...on an end note...don't you luv naptime...
"don't you dare come out of your room miss lucy!"