"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

um, my name is...my name is

*you know the song, my name is...my name is...
*my name is lucy, also known as laquisha...i got a pretty haircut and i like to put on my own undies (see pic below).

*my name is E. Freeze and i dominated at my Denver hoops alumni game, luved having you in town em!

*my name is cousin...best of friends, we luved DU's basketball gym

*my name is J. Cam and i've been up for 35 hours straight, doesn't matter much cause me & beau are wearing matching gear...yes, he planned it. duke #1 baby.

*my name is vanny, ellie, beau, and lu...at the pool we dominated fools.

*my name is mallory and as you can see, i am a little obsessed with spaghetti.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

hate to admit it...

...i know it might seem harsh, but i have never been a fan of january...all the new years resolutions, people heading to the gym to lose weight (the weight they are losing i am gaining), the holiday's are over, it just kinda drags (optimistic aren't i?)...BUT we are having a good time kicking it here in D-town. the weather has been sensational...which means awesome workouts at REDROCKs, we are surviving Cam's long hours in the ICU, i'm getting some organizing done around the house, and the girls are keeping things fun...lately it has been lots of afternoon make-up sessions & "turn the music up louder" dancing evenings.
some other highlights for our krew...

*cam surprised me with a (used) piano...he knew i had been really wanting one and he found a killer deal on craigslist. it's perfect and i luv it...the girls luv it too!
(you can totally see my belly in this pic, 21 weeks baby...over half way there, you know what they say...over the hill, or you look like a hill, or don't even think about climbing a hill...)

*this past weekend we went up to colorado springs to see mesa state play basketball. i met up with sandy & tara (old college roomies). the game was a bust but the girls (mostly lucy) was a highlight...she was obsessed with the tiger mascot, seriously following him all over the gym giving him 5's & hugs...comical. luved seeing the girls!

*majority of our free evenings are spent at the Rec center were the girls swim til they drop. savannah luvs going down the big slide and cam luvs it too because now he has someone to go down with him (ha! ha!).

*savannah gave her first talk in primary, on eternal families. i remember when i was little, my mom would always make pictures to go along with my talks to help me remember. i decided to do the same and she practiced so hard all week. i was all choked up today at church when she actually got up and did it by herself...i was so proud of her and i knew it took alot of courage for her to do it by herself. when she sat back down in her chair she said, "yep, i did it all by myself". and of course everything vannah does, little lucy is right behind her.