"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

cel-e-brate good times, come on...

lots of pics = a good time!

our freeze family reunion is always during the 4th of july and usually in provo but this year we all flew to chicago to spend the holiday with my sister amy and her family. we all crashed at her beautiful home and let's just say it was slightly wild...thanx for being a great host am, we had a blast!

..the cubbies were out of town but that didnt stop this die hard from making the trek to wrigley to purchase some gear and take in the sites. the boys did make it to a sox's game for "boys night out" and my dad even caught a foul ball, booyah!

...a day at lincoln park zoo...it's pretty amazing, it is right down town and it is free to get into the zoo so there are all these different entry's around the park, just open gates. you can take paddle boats from the zoo out to a stretch towards the city buildings, cool.

4th activities: sparklers...but even better in the mid-west liGhtENing buGs! savannah was amazed and collected a few in a jar! a great water balloon toss game, celebrating ty's 10th birthday, pizza from mancinis!, awesome park with fountains & a game of baseball...

...the oak park parade, matching outfits for the cousins (thanx nanny!), an early morning run "4 on the 4th"...some of the little guys even came at 6:30am for the fun run...can't you tell they were happy! the race was legit, a perfect way to start the day!

...a day down at the navy pier...matching outfits (again, nanny you really are the best), hotdogs at parky's, a ride on the ferris wheel - beautiful scenery of downtown, kids going on the drop ride, the children's museum (totally awesome, a must do if in chicago!), odd pirate acts...seriously a pirate was hitting on my sister emily and it was scary.

...girls night out! dinner at the grand lux, shopping, and dessert at the signature room while we watched the nightly firework show from navy pier. the signature room is located on the 95th floor of the hancock tower in downtown. it has the most amazing view of the city, we all went out to eat there the night before we left...phenomenal as cam would say.

...park & pool obviously a fam favorite and perfect weather (go amy!). one of my favorite parts of the week is when cam put together a slide show at the end of the week with all our pictures...he set it up outside on the projector and we watched it after the fireworks...it was legit babe!

savannah & ellie thought they were so funny on the airplane, they kept beggin me to take pictures of them making silly faces...they were laughing so loud, it was cute. how sweet is miss mallory, she will be ONE this week!

...i did my danskin tri the weekend before we left for chicago. lindsey & emily came in for the weekend. emily had done it before but it was mine and lindsey's first tri. it was so awesome! we had a blast...it was a bit of a bummer because they ended up shortening the swim because race officials felt the water was too cold (which we didn't think it was bad at all and we are kinda wimps when it comes to cold water!)...but it really was a perfect race day. we all decided to stay together and finish together (click), so it was pretty cool to keep a look out for each other and keep each other going!it was so freakin comical when we headed off on our bikes, lindsey comes riding up next to me a few minutes into it and her helmet was on backwards...i'm like, check it...your helmets on backwards! she was all miffed and "i know! people keep telling me!" she was too focused to stop and change it so all throughout the bike people kept saying, "do you know your helmets on backwards?" i sure luved racing though and hope i can do it more* hope you all had a great 4th, sorry for the novel.