"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Friday, February 22, 2008

taggin it up

CSWC...calling someone who cares...
*Ten years ago I was...In the state basketball tournament for THS, getting ready to win the state title, still pumped about that one....GO T-BIRDS!...I mean so many funny memories from that time and the pictures from after the game are straight priceless, needless to say I went psycho...luv to all the girlys from my team that are reading this (Meg, Steph, Angie for sure :)!

*List of things to do today...laundry, read my book (Rain of Gold), relax (seriously), go to my YM hoops game tonight, try to keep it together because Cam is on a 30hour overnight shift...gonna be a long day.

*3 bad habits...Once I start on a project I can't stop until it is done, I go completely OCD. I luv to shop but I have a hard time buying things the first time...I always think "I'll come back and get it" and then when I do it is gone and I want to punch myself. I have never, ever been good at fasting but I re-dedicated myself this year and it is going really well actually.

*Places I have worked: Oh dear, I hate my life...Fuddruckers (thanks alot Tracie, I could kill you now!), Fred Meyer (for 8 days), Einstein Bagels, Telemarketing, delivered newspapers (ha ha Cam would laugh at this one because we vowed to do it together and I did it for ONE morning, why am I funny...luv ya babe...remember you only lasted a month!), After school program counselor, MA for Urgent Care, summer camp counselor in Maine, Labor & Delivery Nurse.

*Things you don't know about me...I have to sleep flat on my stomach with no pillow and have to have someone rub my arm before I go to bed (Ang, remember rubbing my arm when we sang at that Stake Conference...up at the old Tabernacle...that's weird, I totally just remembered that.). I luv ice cream, it is a "Freeze" thing...if you don't eat ice cream everyday then you aren't a Freeze. I don't like long fingernails or toenails they totally freak me out. I'm not very good at faking things. I have more than 15 journals and they have really weird/funny/interesting recordings that I am sure no one would every really care to read but you never know. I use to be really bad at confortation...I would just avoid it and hold it in but I'm getting better because recently this girl I use to know ticked me off so bad-I realized it was better to just say it how it is because in the end you are the one who gets burned. I luv my sisters & my mom and care alot about what they think. I can count on one hand how many times I have thrown up in my life...once it's down, it's down. No matter what you guys think, I'm not perfect :) *I was born on Leap Year (Feb 29th)...don't forget me this year or I might be pulling you off "my favs", jk luv ya!

my man...
What is his name? J. (stands for James & Jack, his grandpa's) Cameron
How long have you been married? 8 years
Who long did you date? 10 months, engaged for 2 more
How old is he? 32
Who eats more sweets? Me.
Who said I love you first? He.
Who is taller? 6'1, you guess.
Who can sing better? He - who doesn't sing better than me, unfortunately.
Who is smarter? He, barely.

Who does the laundry? He better keep his hands off because he has ruined one too many jeans, shirts, and "G's"...hello separate the darks and white. luv ya babe.
Who pays the bills? We.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me...away from the door, duh.
Who mows the lawn? The HOA :)
Who cooks dinner? Me...unless you want take-out, then He. But he does do dishes.
Who is more stubborn? Tie.
Who kissed who first? He...and it was good, ha ha!

Who proposed? He...when we were watching re-runs of 90120 during our lunch break in between classes...with PB&J sandwiches...yeah the story doesn't get much better:) Someone has a hard time holding on to gifts....like it is October and he wants to tell you what he got you for Christmas.
Who has more siblings? He, 6.

Who wears the pants? He wears pants...I don't own pants, but I have cute jeans.
My favorite thing about Cam is that he makes me laugh...and him and his brothers have made up words that they used in high school, like "smoke shecka" is a hot girl that smokes cigarettes...um, okay....

*I TAG anyone who hasn't got any photos or info to post and wants to take a few minutes and fill this out...go at it my friends and keep it real!

Friday, February 15, 2008


*what do you luv?

our krew luv's...mixing it up
saying ewwwww!, cousins, dancing, the gospel, Fancy Nancy, cupcakes, running after my sister, little things the girls say & do, waving ni-ni before beddy, when our family's come to visit us, scrapbooking/journaling, giving lots of kisses, tub-time, playing with babies, going on trips, cell phones/email, singin along with Giselle (Enchanted), keeping it real, talking gibberish, our family, golfing, things that make us laugh, i.p. bills island, going to sleep to music, making salsa (and eating it!), PB (prison break), snuggling with my mommy, going to school, running, my girls, ESPN, chocolate milk, doing forward rolls, treats, climbing onto things, my binki, going to late night basketball with daddy, coloring, having Jessica & the kids over for late night party's*, when there is no laundry to be done, friends, the seasons...


Saturday, February 9, 2008


jesus wants me for a *sunbeam.

*savannah has been practicing her scripture for primary all week - tomorrow is her big day. we made up actions to help her remember it and she also made up a "song" form of it because "mom, I luv to sing it."

"for my soul delighteth in the scriptures and my heart ponderth them, and writeth them for the learning and the profit of my children."

Monday, February 4, 2008

what the...

okay so everyone has a weird working out at the GYM story (you know guys smelling like a cologne bottle, odd workout attire, people continaully starring at themselves in the mirror, etc, etc). Okay well I think I may have had the weirdest EVER today. I ran on the treadmill (when is the sun going to come out?) and it has become the past few days routine to head down to the sauna room - get in a good 15 minutes and then get in the jacuzzi (not bad, right?). So at the Y the sauna room and jacuzzi are in the women's locker room (and the men have their own as well). From the sauna room you can see the jacuzzi, it is literally 5 steps away. So I am sitting in there...boiling, my cheeks & ears were on fire and I was counting the minutes until I could go into the jacuzzi. WHEN all the freakin sudden some lady gets in the jacuzzi with her birthday SUIT on (yep, that's right BN*). I'm sitting there going "What THE?" and realizing she is kinda looking around to see if anyone sees her in there. Frustrated, I realize now I could not possilbly get in there, I don't care how much chlorine is in that bubbling paradise. agree or disagree.

In addition...this is an honest question and I would like to hear a few responses...are you really working out if you can read a magazine while you are doing it?

*BN=buck naked.