"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Sunday, May 16, 2010

jilly bean turns ONE!

time flies when you are cute & chubby!

jillian's ONE year birthday bash!

happy day of birth miss jill!

nanny sent her this cute little book with their pictures placed in the cut-outs...hysterical! she also luved her outfits &
swim gear from her aunts!

three sisters "cheese!"
she luves her car daddy put together for her...
so now she can cruise in backyard while the
sisters are playing on the swing set.

"it's my party!"

can i fit my whole hand into my mouth...
oh yes i can!
heading to beddy..."sugar diabetes" (luv you gramps!) sure preps for a good night time sleep.
JILLIAN's Top 12:
1. She now offically has one tooth!
2. A crawling machine.
3. Super sweet snuggle bug.
4. Luvs to wave "hi" to everyone.
5. Easy going & now luvs her big girl car seat!
6. Luvs playing "barbies" with her sisters.
7. Beautiful blue eyes.
8. Strong heart even with a little pulmonic stenosis.
9. Thighs you want to eat like the ones at KFC.
10. Luvs bananas.
11. Giggly & smily!
12. Brings lots & lots of "alofa" to our family.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

family news...the latest addition...

meet nancy.
actually nancy d. kesler.
9 months old.
rescued from the denver dumb friends league.
really sweet & playful.
the girls are in heaven.
so excited to have her in our fam!
happy mothers day to all the women in my life,
who mean so much to me.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

super girl.

so ive been swimming alot lately. i was feeling kinda bored & lazy with my workouts so i signed myself up for a couple triathlons this summer. so ive been swimming. its interesting. and i kinda luv it
(except for the chlorine in the hair thing).
its like i might be having a day when i dont want to workout out but then i jump in that cool water and its just refreshing. im weightless, which is nice, but then there are so many factors that are involved...the other day as i was counting down my 35 laps (yes that is a mile, holla) i started thinking...what other sport is there where you:
1. can't listen to music while you are doing it
2. can't chat with your friend while you are doing it.
just me & my thoughts. and my mind totally wanders...
to a pretty wide range of topics...
- how i feel about my body.
- my family...alot about my girls.
- spirituality.
- what i look like while i am swimming.
- shoes at nordstroms.
- jaws.
- friendships.
- to who stole my minivan when i was in high school.
- the race im training for.
- my to do list.
- the dentist...name one person who likes going.
- south africa (im going in exactly one month)
- what am i going to cook for dinner
...okay you get the idea...
but the other day, i was thinking about why i luv swimming so much. and i pin pointed it down to the fact that simply, it reminds me of when i was little. i grew-up in a small town in southern indiana...and while my parents couldn't give us cell phones, handheld video games, ipads, or computers...they gave us something much more priceless...a summer pool pass...and countless childhood memories.
so i let myself remember...days upon days, hours upon hours of swimming at the local pool in sellersburg with my sisters. literally i can see it all...my blue & yellow swimsuit, the bright pool towels, my wet bob of hair plastered to my face, the concession stand, the swim meet flags, the green oak trees hovering around the pool from the outside...almost like it was yesterday.
so i share this picture that to me is so very priceless. every summer my parents would rent out the pool one night for our church ward summer pool party! it was a blast. well, sometime during the night...you never were quite sure when it would happen...my dad would sneak up onto the high dive with a swim cap, goggles & a towel wrapped around his neck...then he would hollar "super man!" catching everyone's attention and as kids, we would just laugh & laugh. well one summer, i kept bugging dad that this was my year to be his "super girl"...so he got me prepped...and sent me climbing up that ladder to the high dive. i still remember the thrill i felt as i yelled "super girl!" and made the big jump.