"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Friday, November 30, 2007

Hannah (cami) Montana

...be afraid, be very afraid

*Hannah Montana*

There isn't anything thing I wouldn't do for my nieces and nephews...for Morgan's birthday I showed up as 'Hannah Montana' (I guess she is the "in" thing for this age group). I "preformed" two of her most popular songs and then put on a little scavenger hunt for them. It was fun to see the girls reactions...they were pumped, confused, and then pumped again...pretty comical!
Happy 8th Birthday Morgan!!!

Hannah in action...

Some of the girls weren't quite sure if it was the "real" Hannah or not (I mean, we look SO much alike)! While the girls were eating their cupcakes, Cameron heard them say, "there is no way that is Hannah...she's in LA taping her show." This is me...after they de-wigged me.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I held Rosie...

The girls and I had a fun outting this week...we went to the Butterly Pavilion (an exhibit that has an amazing tropical conservatory of over 1200 free-flying butterflies). It was pretty sweet...one exhibit that was glass encased actually let you see the butterfly's coming out of their cocoons. Okay but the whole "I held Rosie thing" - I'm pretty proud of myself because I held this kinda fuzzy / creepy tarantula (ROSIE)...it crawled across my hands and Savannah sat on my lap and "pet" it (only because I promised her lip gloss :)!!! I am actually deathly afraid of spiders...so FEAR FACTOR here I come.

Butterflies eating rotten bananas...yummy!

Sweet *ROSIE*

My girl friends from church & the kido gang (yes, that is a baby doll in my right hand, Savannah's baby "Erin").
*On a side nOTe...
~I'm obsessed with the Biggest Loser...I'm sad Kae got booted but she looked so cute on the live end segment of the show...oh and I can't stand either of the girls with blonde hair, I kinda want Neil to win (I can't believe he is only 25).
~I did not watch the Bachelor season (I banned it from my life a few seasons back because it really jacks the female race) but okay I was flipping through the channels last night and saw the guy didn't pick either girl...why didn't either of them kick him where it counts!?!?! That show should seriously be against the law.
~I love DUKE basketball...really, really I really love it.
~Are people voting for Marie Osmond on Dancing with the Stars?
~I'm making two homemade pies for Thanksgiving and it is my first time making homemade pies and it should be interesting...
~Vanny had her Thanksgiving Feast at pre-school today and I signed up to bring mashed otatoes and they sent a note home with me last week that underlined the word: REAL mashed potatoes...okay.
~I haven't worked for 5 days, hence I've been catching up on my shows...back to the grind tomorrow.
~I've almost finished my first quilt for a Christmas gift...one of my favorite reasons for quiliting - watching Law & Order re-runs while the girls take thier afternoon naps and I quilt.
~Cam gets home from his trip (he went to ID for a couple days) tonight and I can't wait to get our Christmas tree up...my friend Jen has the cutest Christmas decorations (she is seriously the young, cute version of Martha Stewart) and inspired me to get some for this year (I bought them last year after Christmas...to get them on sale, man I am thrifty)...so I am excited!
~I also wonder who goes shopping the day after Thanksgiving, every year I think I should go but then I don't...
~As always, I'm keepin it real! Have a great T-DAY!

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Now that I am (27) I look back on my LIFE and wish that I would have...
*I always wished I would have gone on a humanitarian mission and learned to speak Spanish. But alot of times I look back and wish I would have told more people what I really thought...instead of being so nice (can I write that?). My dad always told me not to burn bridges.

Out of all the women in my life (besides blood related) this is who I most aDMirE...
*TIE: Pam Storto...she taught me how to be an L&D nurse and she is truly an amazing mother!
Carolyn McGee...she taught me how to quilt and deserves the Mrs. Humanitarian for Life Award!

Vacationing here would make a dream come true...
*A trip to New Zealand / Samoa to visit Cam's mission, hang-out on the beach, not a care in the world...

Everyday I say I'm going to do this and I dOn'T...
*Sometimes I say I'm not going to clean (ya know, because I get sick of cleaning) but I do it anyways. Sleep in (ha). "Get caught up on things"- what does that even mean?

My favorite SAYING...
*Super cute, Shut-up, No Seriously, Is the sky blue?, Buggin, How's your life?

Before I go to bEd at night, I must...
*Take Vannah to the potty and pray she doesn't pee the bed.

Everytime I T*h*I*N*k about the future...
*At times I get really excited because there is so much I want to do...but I also get nervous because I don't want time to go bye so quickly. But mostly when I think about the future, I think of Cam finally beging done with his Medical Residency training.

Real life situation that SCARed me to death...
*Seeing an Inverted Uterus (accreta). When our house got broken into in Phoenix. When our garage got broken into in San Diego (although a great story to tell!).

...So I am at work and it is kinda a slow day (someone please knock on wood...I have three hours left). Seeing I have a little time on my hands, I present you the "NOVEMBER TAG". I know you are suppose to specifically tag a certain number of people but anyone who reads this...TAG you are IT!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Trick or Treating it...

HALLOWEEN...wow, what a week! We had too much fun, too much candy, and too many pictures! It is always best to share fun times with family and that is what we did!

Trick or Treating at the hoSpiTal with dad...all the Nuns that live in the hospital passed out candy...it was cute! Morgan came with us and they were running through the halls!

Halloween Party at sChoOl...they had a costum parade! That's Savannah's best friend at school Ellie.

Trick or Treating in LoGaN with Ellie & Kyle...Vanny's very best friends! We had a great night...after our basketball game we went over to Chris & Lindsey's! It was fun to see thier little new home, eat bread bowls with soup, and just be together. Uncle Bob, Aunt Dani, Kris, and the "Greats" (Gourley's) came up for the game too!

Our neighborhood held a trunk or treat (which my sister Jessica put together). Savannah had fun trunking from car to car with her cousins...Morgan (Kelly Clarkson from American Idol) and Beau (Power Ranger).

Lucy Lu was a bird...I've always called her a BiRD because she sleeps with her little mouth open, perched like a bird...also because if you fed her something, she tilts her head up and opens like a little bird. She looked pretty cute...

bAd WitCh
(I said, what does a bad witch look like, this is the face she pulled off...)

gOOd wITch
Savannah had a blast dressing up like a witch...she has become obsessed with the Wizard of Oz! She luved her green face and green hair...people would ask "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" She would always say "BAD" with a smile on her face...see the clip below!!!

OLD Lady...

So this past week I played in some exhibition bAskeTBall games that my sister Emily put together...a group of ex- college players. We played Utah State, Weber, Idaho State, and Southern Utah. I was seriously like an old lady playing...I've never felt so old...and I've never popped Ibuprofen like it was my Halloween candy. I haven't played in about 2 years and unfortunately you could tell :). I also got the chance to see Cam's family up in Idaho when we played in Pocatello. I drove up with his brother Jordan and it was fun to catch up with him and spend time with the "Kesler Krew"! I had a great time playing in the games though...especially with my sisterS! It was fun playing against Lindsey who is currently playing on the Utah State team! Em did a great job putting it all together and I'm glad I could be apart of it. Basketball was (is) a huge part of my growing up and it brings back alot of great memories for me.

Savannah, Ellie, & Kyle went down at half time for the judging of the BEst Halloween costumes (this was Halloween nght). The crowd cheered for thier favorite...they all WON a Big Blue Aggie Bear!

Vanny (witch) ~ Ellie (snow white) ~ Kyle (zorro)

SISTERS...cami, lindsey, emily