"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Sunday, May 8, 2011

mascara and mothers...

I am a Mother. by Jane Clayson
"You didn't quite look like yourself today," a beautiful sister said. "I just want you to know that I love you. And I am so glad you are in our ward." Tears rolled down my face. I could not express at that moment what that act of kindness meant to me. This woman, busy with her children and her own demanding job, could have easily felt justified in labeling me "unfriendly" or "stuck-up". She could have said, "Who does she think she is?" or "Too good to talk to the rest of us?" But she did not. She did not gossip. She did not judge. What she did was show me that someone cared, someone thought of me as her sister in the gospel. What a difference a small act of charity can make in another woman's life! Charity has the power to pull us together, to make the labels we place on ourselves - and that others stick there for us - obsolete. And without labels, 
we are known only as daughters of God. "

i luv this story, this thought. when i read, words just stick to my soul sometimes. and i refer to them. i hear them echoing throughout different experiences in my life. i relate to them. and i learn from them. i luv my mother and i luv being a mother. and i am most grateful for all the women and mother's who have touched me and shown me by example..."that someone cared". 

 the perfect mother for me. 
 strong. self-less. loving. patient. fun. so FUN!
 and so beautiful. 
 being raised with 4 beautiful sisters, i always got asked the question or heard the phrase "Wasn't that hard?!" "I bet you fought all the time!" and references to all the competition between "us". now if you know the freeze girls, you know we luv a little competition...we are talking about a miss indiana beauty queen, byu cheerleader, student government / class clown extraordinaire / successful real estate agent by the age of 20!, the first ms. basketball in the state of utah, and the 4-sport lettering senior with perfect grades...yes, those are my sisters. but i can honestly say, i never felt compared or jealous or less or more than any of them. i know this is because of my mother. she had a way to make me feel special and exceptional. and the funny thing is, i believed her. she taught me to love and to be loyal. thanks to her, i will always have 4 very best friends throughout my life. 
*happy mothers day to you too amy, jess, em, and linny!
me & mom.
 i luv being a mom. a mommy...i don't know why but i luv when the girls call me mommy, it reminds me of europe and how they say "mummy"...i really need to travel to europe :)
anyways, oh yeah, i luv being a "mummy" but it's hard sometimes, ya know. *see picture below. but exhaustion, tears, stained insides of expensive purses, overflowing laundry baskets, so many marks on my kitchen table i don't know which ones to mention, and saggy body parts aside...it's the best gift that i have ever been given. each day is a blessing of sorts. to learn more about myself. heaven knows i am not perfect, but i am trying and luving (almost) every minute of it :)
i didn't think i ate that much, but hey two breakfast trays, i am not going to complain!
 mascara anyone????
 happy mother's day all you sweet, sweet mummy's!!!

What is the most important thing your mother has taught you? 

Do your kids ever write on your kitchen table and you want to cry but you have to laugh? 
and do your body parts sag as well?

Have you traveled to Europe? Do you like being called Mom? Mother? or Mommy?


Cath said...

Cami - so much I love about this post. The idea of lifting each other in our roles as mother. You having breakfast in bed with your girls. The unique family you have and all that your mother taught you. And of course, the mascara... You are blessed girl. xo

KESLER KREW...Cami said...

Thanks for your sweet comment Cath! Excited for our girls get together! Ps...I should have mentioned the girls woke me up at 7am sharp for breakfast :)

Nachelle said...

Love the post, love the beginning, moms are the best! The pics with your girls are adorable, love Vanny's glasses, saggy body parts, haha gotta love it, you NEED to go to EUROPE the flight can't be as bad as your last long flight experience :)