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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

check IT out!!!

 I started reading the SEGULLAH blog over a year ago because it was introduced to me through Cath. She is an amazing mother and gifted writer. I luv this blog because it is inspiring. It is truth. It is women coming together to share, discuss, support, and believe in the important role of women and mothers in today's society. Not only has it affected me, but I have been able to forward certain articles and thoughts to women I know....and it has touched them.
TODAY they posted a submission that I wrote about a year ago...I would LUV to hear what your thoughts are! Check out their website, no doubt you will love and relate to it too!
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Tami said...

Cami-You have always been the girl I look up to, who can do it all......you are incredible. That is so awesome that you went Skydiving. You continue to inspire me. I hope we get to see you guys this summer....maybe on our drive from WA to CO. You guys going to be around at the end of July? Probably not....you'll probably be in Africa or Hawaii.....or some other exotic place!!!! We sure miss you guys!!!

Angie Ora said...

I loved your post Cam! I commented on it but maybe you didn't know it was me - and that was on purpose! (I didn't always like it when it looked like only my friends were posting and telling me what a great post it was!) I loved it though. Lately I've been feeling like I want to keep myself but still be immersed as I dive into the whole mothering thing. I don't want to find myself only thinking/talking about my children. Anyway, I loved your post! It made me think that can still be done!

Also, there is a picture of your mom in that last post that looks just like Lindsey, or Lindsey looks like her. Love you Cam!

Ming said...

Great article Cam. Very true and very inspiring. Well, you know you inspired me because hello I went skydiving for my 30th! Best decision ever! Love you.

Krista Cook said...

Thanks for sharing. I want to be more like you someday. Thanks for your willingness and ability to touch many. I hope you and your family are well and happy.


Shelli said...

Okay...I am the one who has been AWOL with everyone's blogs. I loved this post! You are every bit as gifted of a writer as Cath! You two are so awesome, and I love catching up with your posts. Can't wait to see your family! Love ya!