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Thursday, April 14, 2011

road tRiPPin...

we headed out for our spring break this week...this is the "toiletry bag" you get with 3 girls!
jilly enjoying her gas station treat...nothing like a little twinkie on the road!
 i thought i pretty much ate my way across new mexico but i guess i slept a little bit of it too...cameron is a machine at the wheel, he just keeps going & going...funny how all our heads are turned to the same side. 
 cameron's favorite random stop so far for obvious reasons...
things we are luving...arizona sunshine, the pool!, friends: janae, sterling, johnny & linda, jamie, sarah, scotty & andrea, wish we could have seen more of our old AZ gang & ward, the girls luv sleeping on the hide-away beds in the hotel rooms, i am sick of trail mix, have i mentioned the sun?, what did we do before dvd players in cars (and ipods too), a great mani / pedi, being together!
ps...forgot to mention we totally missed our chance to sleep in a WIG-WAM...
it's like a pit in my stomach, how did i not plan better.
*what are you guys doing this year for spring break? what did you do growing up?
we are on a road trip...utah to arizona to new mexico to colorado...to home! this is really our "first" spring break trip, seeing that savannah' is only in first grade and cam has a more flexible schedule now. i don't remember taking official spring break trips growing up. our BIG trip was our summer trip when we drove to utah - we lived in indiana. we drove it in our station wagon...me, my 4 sisters and mom & dad. it rocked. 

*do hotel bed comforters freak / gross you out?
yes. no question.

*do you always have to get a treat at the gas station when you stop for gas?
i don't think so...i even packed great treats this time and also pb & j with bread. but then it's like you run in to go potty and those darn isles are calling your name...and the crushed ice is too much sometimes. but we have been pretty good...so far: twinkies, skittles, and a pack of gum are all the treats the girls have gotten on the "pit stops". and pretty much hit up every sonic along the way as well...did i mention i luv crushed ice.

*does your conversation ever go blank / dull with your driver and how to survive it?
we always start out strong...we are rocking the convo, laughing, singing michael jackson...we could write a book we start coming up with such good insights, memories, current events, future plans / goals and then it hits like a fly against our windshield. flat. dead. we know it is there (not the fly, the silence) but we just keep driving. i wanted to get one of those "300 questions" to being a better couples book but then i just decided i would instead tell cam, "hey i am just gonna rest my eyes" and then discretely catch up on my sleep. cheerio.


Ming said...

Love it! I didn't realize your CO stop was one along the way of a massive road trip. So fun!

We always went to St. George for Spring Break. Our spring breaks were always only 2 or 3 days long so we couldn't go far. It was always fun to visit some sun though and my grandparents and cousins. Well and of course cruisn' the vard. haha. That's a lie I never did that. But SO many randy teens sure did. :)

Moving on...I feel you on the conversation flowing and then all the sudden you're out. That's usually around the turn off for Aspen if we're traveling to Utah. So then we pop in our book on tape and it generally gets us the rest of the way.

See you tonight!

Ming said...

PS When you ask questions on your blog do you actually want answers or are they meant to be rhetorical? Because I totally just answered! :)

Ulrich Family said...

Love the snoozin' pic! Comical! That is so great that you guys get to do a road trip as a fam. Love Jillies twinkie smile. Does Cameron love Cameron things or what? It's so fun though - I mean I have a KU sticker on the back window of my car - not for Kansas University - for Katie Ulrich duh!!! Glad you guys are having a great time! Can't wait to see you guys sooner than later! Cheerio!!!

KESLER KREW...Cami said...

@mind! Yes I want you to answer! (remember te conversation is dead, I need some scoop and stories!) St. George sounds like the perfect Utah getaway, I'm gonna start pushing for that on weekends! I've had a few racy experiences with books on tape...I need some suggestions!!!

@Katie...hilarious! KU all the way baby!!!

Rosanne said...

Sounds like a blast! And I'm totally with you on the hotel comforters! UGH! Our spring break coming up this week - we are going to be pretty boring. Lance has been on the road off and on for about two weeks. And we did sneak a little family trip to Fairmont Hot Springs with the Dahle's one weekend in between all of Lance's trips. So we're looking forward to a little "Stay-cation!" :) Your family is so cute!

Cath said...

Oh my gosh! What a fun trip!! So glad you got away for a bit. I am loving all your candid shots. We haven't done much "getting out" - St. George is as far as we've ventured. Thanks for your Segullah comment Cam. I so love your heart. Looking forward to seeing you on the 21st!! xoxo

KESLER KREW...Cami said...

Roseanne...I just think it's so fun/cool you do those
get-a-ways! I think I saw some pics on FB and it looked like you guys had so much FUN!

Cath...excited for the girls night! I luv All your post, I so do! Hoping to get some hikes in with you when the weather gets warmer, this is me inviting myself on your outings!

Whitney said...

yay you are back!!!! woohoo!! love reading your blog. you are hilarious and for reals!

Shelli said...

I'm jealous of your road-tripping! We had a boring stay at home over the break. No fun here, but oh, well. Hopefully this summer! Your questions and answers made me laugh. We fall into the silence as well, but I just figured that that's what married people do....it has at times stressed me out over the years, but I have come to realize that we don't always have to chat. We can be comfortable with the silence. Kent is such a nut that he usually can't be quiet for long---he generally finds some random comment for a variety of things! And I hear ya on the bad experiences with books on tape. We had such a bad one once that we just threw it away in the middle of the trip. I'm thinking Harry Potter, Work and Glory, Undaunted, might be okay choices. When are we ever going to get together???? Love ya! (Cute pics and adorable family, btw!)