"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Monday, December 31, 2007

These are a few...

...of my fAvoRIte things

The fam...the favs

...the Wii...Lucy's first baby doll...the binki
Future Blue Devil or
the Devil wears Prada - it's a toss up!
*My girls Sunday morning
Pre-Christmas Eve dinner with dad at the hospital*

Poppy Freeze: The annual Night Before Christmas Story...
My Quilts...Jess - Mom - Jordan...luv you guys!

Classic cousin pj picture!

Christmas salsa for our friends & neighbors


Booyah Daddy...you are the best.

My favorite sisters.

*A couple weeks ago at church someone was talking about their favorite Christmas memory...and so I started to think of my own. I admit I don't really have a great memory but as I was trying hard to think about a favorite toy...outting...treat...etc...although I do remember a great Barbie pool side set I got one year, the Christmas memory that stuck out most in my mind was sleeping in a queen bed with all of my sisters back in our house on Kilmer Way. I remember us all staying up late into the night...talking about what Santa might bring...laughing...singing funny songs...me always crying at some point...saying we couldn't fall asleep and then magically waking up around 5 or 6 and begging for mom and dad to let us open up presents. Now that I am "grown-up" I laid in bed on Christmas Eve and thought about that memory...a part of me always wishing things didn't have to change and that somehow I could go back for a few minutes...about my sisters and how much I love them...and also hoping that one day Vanny & Lucy will share that same memory. It reminds me what is most important to me and that is my family...craziness & all. Christmas is Christ and He gave us the chance to experience forever families.


Melissa said...

Cami - I have been stalking your blog, but I just have to say I LOVE your flower quilt - wow!!! Great job! I agree with you on the sisters - I have the same memories :)

Tracie said...

Cami, I have some brothers I would like to trade you for your sisters, if at all possible. And from a die hard Cougar Fan, I am REALLY digging the BYU quilt.

jd.janae. crew said...

How sweet! Love all the fun pics. I especially love the video of Vanni going down the hill in the snow...sooooo sweet! I can't wait to see you guys!!! LOVES~

pam said...

What a great sisters picture! You are all so stinkin cute!!!

Jonathan & Rachel said...

What a GREAT life you guys have! Did you make those quilts! Wish we were a close neighbor to get some yummy salsa-my favorite!! So fun to read!

Fuller Family said...

You have such a great family. I forgot about all of your sisters. It must be so fun to be so close to each other. Those quilts are amazing, by the way. You are very talented.

hEiDi & bRaNdOn said...

Ok the quilts Cam? You made all of those for Christmas this year? Are ya kidding me????? Uhh why on earth are you so talented? I cant believe how great the team quilts turned out and I luuhve the flower quilt. I am practically done with the one I've been working on for months but I am a little intimidated because now I am on last part and not quite sure of what to do. I am just going to have to dig in and go for it! Love that the girls get to grow up in the snow. You guys are probably lovin it for them! Glad you guys had a great Christmas! Call me!

Scott & Tami said...

Our hubbies play hoops together and Cameron told Scott you play hoops and were interested in playing on a team. We have enough right now for a team, but if you would be interested in subbing, that would be helpful. I love meeting other ballers....I don't know many. I will definitely keep you in mind when we're looking for more players.

Your blog is awesome. I don't even know you and already know that you are an amazing person!!! Come check out our blog. stnelsoncrew.blogspot.com

Scott & Tami said...

ps...I tried calling you a few times this week, but couldn't get a hold of you...I know I should have just left a message...sorry!

banks said...

I love the favorite about Christmas. I love the favorite Christmas memory. Although were all grown up now there is still something magical about Christmas. It is still hard for me to sleep on Christmas eve because now I am so excited to see how happy my children are on Christmas. Love ya the other Kami

Tia J said...

What a fun Christmas! Your quilts look amazing! I miss seein gyou guys when you visit Blackfoot my mom needs to move back I guess so we can see you when you come!

jd.janae. crew said...

Miss y'all already!!! Were not gonna have our late night talks tonight...danget. Hope you had a safe trip...I miss Vanny!
P.S. I promise I'll make you proud!!!

jd.janae. crew said...
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