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Thursday, December 20, 2007


7 RaNDoM "things" about me
(luckily this is limited to 7...)

1. Pet peeves: Dirty fingernails, Dirty shoes, cigarette smoke (and people who don't realize they smell like it...um, hello!).

2. I drove my mom's minivan ("the mini") around when I was in high school...one night I took it to a high school basketball game and when I came out it was gone, "stolen". I say "stolen" because I always left the keys in the dash tray praying one day it would get stolen and then it finally did (the power of prayer)...I rejoiced, happily called my parents and informed them it had been stolen (dad was ticked, mom not so much). Got to drive around a rental for 12 days until some over achieving policeman found it in a church parking lot. Long story short, I know someone I knew had to have taken the mini that night...anyone want to fess up?

3. I like to clean (fav. cleaning supply: Fabuloso). Dislike grocery shopping.

4. To explain a previous post...I often give myself a headache/migraine because I try to do 15 things at once...I mean I seriously can go from making dinner to remembering I left some really cute jeans at work to did we pay the cell phone bill to signing up for an extra shift at work to visiting teaching to making Christmas gifts to I think we are out of diapers to freakin idiot I missed the finale of the Biggest Loser (but I will be going online to watch it - so PUMPED Bill won). Why do I do this, I don't know but I think for 2008 I am going to try and cut back, ya know simplify...or get on medication :)

5. I'm secretly indecisive.

6. I've had a journal for almost 20 years now and it is like my little obsession. I luv recording things, organizing things, making things memorable. I'm thinking about creating a journal for people that is purposeful and easy.

7. I can't stand public restrooms and most of the time refuse to use (my motto).
*tag to the most random people I know...just kidding but tag anyways*
Rachel, Trista, Janae, Tia, Steph, Sarah, Jen, Erin.

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Tracie said...

OKAY, Cam... You need to write a self-help book...you know, the funny kind. You have this self-deprecating humor going on that makes me want to literally wet my pants when I read your blog.