"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Yesterday Cam & I celebrated our 8th Anniversary...

Cam, HERE'S TO...
*Being Married December 21st, 1999 in the Mount Timpanogos Temple. To all the fun that goes with getting use to married life - you learning how to put down the toilet seat (lost tooth brushes), me learning not to be so anal about cleaning, to you playing Nintendo games with your baseball buddies when I am not around, to me learning about your Seinfeld obsession.
*To Mesa State College: Our small branch & institute, to our first little "apartment" in the turquoise building in downtown GJ (andthe $200 a month rent, those were the days), to your scooter, lots of MSC basketball & baseball games, Body for Life, to Docs on Call & St. Mary's hospital, to lots of hikes & running out in the country, to our black jeep & camping trips.
*To our summer at Camp Laurel in Readfield, Maine...you teaching me how to salom, lots of sunsets, trips on the east coast (Red Soxs baby), really the summer to remember.
*To becoming running partners..."Cami, I hate to run" - now who out runs who? Our half marathons: Buena Vista (CO), Moab, Lake Tahoe, Phoenix Rock-n-Roll
*To Midwestern Universtiy...to getting the acceptance letter in the mail and driving like a maniac over to your work and opening it and celebrating in the parking lot! To a great four years, awesome friends, learning alot together, my first nursing job, our first little home, your S10, our AC going out in the middle of the hot AZ summer, spring training baseball, lots of visitors, our first little baby "Daphne Bell" (then Vanny!), intramural sports at MWU.
*To our honeymoon 4 years later (better late than never) in Maui..let's go back!
*To our temple sessions: Timpanogos (UT), Salt Lake City (UT), Provo (UT), West Jordan (UT), Idaho Falls (ID), Logan (UT), Denver (CO), San Diego (CA), Monticello (UT), Bostin (MA), Washington D.C., Lousiville (KY).
*Our girls...Savannah & Lucy. To you giving Savannah her first bath, taking her with you everywhere you went (runs, hoops, a few times to class), your little twin. To you working on the floor while I was in labor with Lucy and making it for the last hour (still trying to forgive you for that one) but not letting the 100 hour work weeks let you miss out on rocking Lucy to sleep, getting up with her at night, and always calling home to check on her. The sweet blessings you gave them. You are a great daddy...you are a kid at heart and I luv to watch you play with the girls...how your eyebrows get all high on your forehead when you get excited & pumped.
*To always being there for our family and your own. You always go out of the way for us (helping with dishes, changing diapers, laundry (even though I forbid that!), and giving me a break when you can). For being a great uncle (Darth Vader for Kyle, baseball gloves, things off EBay for the ones you luv dear), a good brother, son, and friend.
*To your 30th birthday and the surprise trip to Bloomington, IN for the Duke vs. IU basektball game.
*Luv of sports...
* To bed and breakfast Inns.
*Medical Residency...to surviving, working together to accomplish a dream, wanting to kill each other and then not, supporting each other, crying/laughing, telling gruesome hospital stories - and trying to out do each other, realizing it has gone by quickly and has been an awesome adventure.
*To summer because it always rocks: Island Park, 4th of July in Provo, beach in San Deigo, swimming, biking trips, laying on the grass and looking at the stars.
*To another 8...20...35...let's go for 60 (at least!)


hEiDi & bRaNdOn said...

Congrats you guys! You really are the sweetest couple! Hope you did something fun! Let us know if you want us to watch the girls and no we are not hinting for you to come back to Diego...:) Love ya!

Jonathan & Rachel said...

Happy Anniversary!! What a happy life you have together! So fun to read about-way to live life to the fullest! Don't stop at 60-you have ETERNITY!! Hope you were able to do something fun!!

sillyhaywardfamily said...

Cami that is great 8 years!!!! I am so excited to finally be in touch with you again!!! Yes I live in good ole' Utah!! What about you?
Hope you and your family have a Very Merry Christmas!!!

pam said...

Congrats!!! Hope your hoildays are awesome!

Kemp Kuties said...

Cami & Cameron - what a wonderful legacy you've started: 8 years of married life, 2 beautiful daughters, and you're STILL smiling! Before you know it you'll be celebrating your 60th anniversary just like Grandma & Grandpa Gourley just did.

Love the recap of 8-years through your picture collogue. Collogues are my favorite!

banks said...

What a fun 8 years! It sounds like it has been very eventful. Merry Christmas! Kami

*J*E*N* said...

Very, very sweet, congratulations!

Tia J said...

I can't believe it has all ready been 8 years! That has gone by so fast I still remember when Cam was telling us about you and we must have asked how old you were and you were the same age as me and he told not to say that cause that was too weird! We have loved getting to know you and a part of our lives! And I loved it when you were in AZ fun times at your house for dinner! Congras to the both of you. You have a beautiful family and very fun! Love Ya!

Tracie said...

Cami, you must be the best wife on the planet:)