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Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Temple.

I really love our stake here in D-town...they do so many amazing activites that really spand a variety of interests. This Saturday the Stake Cultural Arts committee had a program called "What the Temple means to me". They asked anyone to participate by song, music, art, poetry, etc. I really wanted to participate and since I was sure no one wanted to hear me sing, I took a little snapshot at the temple of my girls. I added a "Circle Poem" to it and I think it turned out pretty cute. I actually read my poem at the program that night (which took me back to the movie "She's All That" where they go to that weird poetry club...anyways). It was a good experience for me...I have loved poetry since Mrs. Harris's english class in 11th grade. So if you're interested...

Joseph Tsujimoto introduced the Circle Poem, in 1988 as a model to help expand and inspire poetry students. The idea of a circle poem starts with your title, which "triggers" the next word or phrase of your first line, which, in turn, "triggers" the next line, and so forth. The poem will end when your last word "circles" back to the beginning, approximating your title.
Circle poems have no beginning, middle, or end. They start where you jump in, they end where you jump out. Their meaning often changes, depending on where you choose to start.

The Temple
by Camille Kesler 10/2007
An amazing thought
Peace for everyone
My friends
Close to my heart
A child


Stacy & Greg said...

Nice job on the picture! It looks like it turned out great. I assume you found someplace to blow it up for you. When do you wanna have our little tourney?

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

the picture looks so cute. your girls are just so darling. don't you just love the denver temple? so pretty.

Tracie said...

Ohhhh, I thought you were in Texas....doh! You are one hot mama!

hEiDi said...

I love it!!! Girl you are so creative!!! That circle poem works perfect, just like a circle never ends same with the temple and how a Family will never end (I am sure you already thought of it, but I love how it all ties together)! Umm love it!!!!

you're looking good there chica!

Jonathan & Rachel said...

Very nice! What a keepsake for your girls. You have so many talents-I would love to be able to write poetry! How sweet!

Steph said...

I very much liked this blog- and per your comment, i did update ours, and it is a churchy one too --- guess we are on the same wavelength huh? Well, i will be better at it -- the poem was nice, and the picture of your little girls - pricesless!!!! Looks like you are living a great life out there. Wish there was a temple closer out here to us -- actually, we are going to a wedding in Atlanta this weekend and that should be fun - my first time there!

banks said...

I love the artwork. I didn't know you wrote poems. It is funny you signed up for the half marathon in AZ because I signed up for a triathlon in AZ in December. I love hearing from you. Love the other Kami

camille said...

Cami you are amazing.
I want to see that closer up so I can copy it. Love ya

Victoria said...

Hey Cami-it is so good to see you and your family. I am sad we never ran into you guys in Cali. Hope you are doing great!!

jd and janae said...

I knew you had it in you...way cool! I love the funny pic of you...so funny...good job Vanny!!! No really, the pic of the girls in front of the temple... so sweet and pure!!! I really miss you guys. We think of you and the fam all the time. I really miss our aerobics days...so fun!!! Love you!