"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Say What?

ME: "Savannah, it snowed today."

SAVANNAH: "Mommy, oh my heavens!"

SAVANNAH: "Mom, the tree is naked."

ME: "Okay...that didn't last long."

LUCY: "I luv giving kisses!"


Steph said...

Lucky you for the snow -- it is finally raining and getting colder out here in NC and i miss the cold fall, so am hoping it continues on that path!!! Anyhow, glad you posted today cuz i was just about to leave a message that you were definitely due for an update - cuz i have done 2 since your last one, and we know i am not the best, so very happy to see you back again!!!

jd and janae said...

Snow? What's snow? We have never heard of that!!! J/K
How fun! Can you bring some with you when you come?

banks said...

How fun to have snow. Your girls look so cute. It was fun talking to you yesterday. Thanks for the call. Love the other Kami

hEiDi said...

Ahh I love Vannie! How fun that she gets to be in the snow! What fun expiriences! I love that picture of her. And little Luc she looks so cuddlie and kissie I am sure she is getting so big! We need to get out there.