"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Friday, October 12, 2007

Do you ever?

Do YoU evEr?

1. Do you ever wish you could slam on your breaks when you are at a stoplight and someone honks at you and it has only been green for a milisecond?
2. Do you ever feel like you have a million things to do but then when you sit down and write a list you realize you really have nothing going on?
3. Do you ever laugh out loud at people who say they can give up Diet Coke? *I lasted 11 days.
4. Do you ever say things to people and then wish you hadn't said them at all?
5. Do you ever wish you knew what to say when someone says something that really bothered you...instead of letting it build inside like a majority of the femal race does?
6. Do you ever wish you could bottle up moments with your kids...look into thier eyes...and pray they remember how much you love them, how cool they think you are, and how your heart melts when they say you are thier best friend?
7. On the contrary...do you ever want to put your kids to sleep for the night at 2 in the afternoon?
8. Do you ever want to save the world...or think about humanitarian things you want to do?
9. Do you ever want to roll your eyes at your husband one minute and the next minute kiss him to death?
10. Do you ever feel down about your life or situation and then run into someone on an elevator and feel bad that you ever felt down about your life or your situation?
11. Do you ever want to get into a bathing suit and not care about jiggles here and there?
12. Do you ever wish your body (or more importantly your b**bs) would go back to normal after having a baby?
13. Do you ever wish you knew more about the stars and outter space?
14. Do you ever want to tell your friends and family how much they mean to you and truly know that they know?
15. Do you ever think that today could be your last day on earth?
16. Do you ever think to yourself, "Why, why would they cook fish in a hospital cafeteria?"
17. Do you ever get bugged by a situation and then literally minutes or hours later, realize it was a situation you were meant to be in?
18. Do you ever stop to think about the kind of person you are and the difference you are making?
19. Do you ever smell something weird in your car for days and after hours of searching find a nasty, milky sippy cup?
20. Do you ever want to smile and hug someone simply because they gave you the benefit of the doubt?

Do you ever look at a close-up picture your 3 year old took of you and think to yourself, "I really need to get my eyebrows waxed?"
WelL, dO Ya?
*Seriously, do ya cause if not the person who wrote this may
need to get back on her meds?*


Kemp Kuties said...

Holy cow Cami! I was checking out other blogs and came across yours - love it!! I've added your blog to my friends and fam list (hope that's OK).

It's good to see you and your family happy. Hope to see more of you and read more entries.
Take Care,
Amanda Kemp

banks said...

You always make me laugh. I love your do you ever's. I hope all is well. I'll have to try calling you soon. the other Kami

Tracie said...

Cami, you are an artist (pronounced ar-teest like the French do.) Seriously, your blog makes me long to live by you. I think we could be bosom buddies...even better than in high school. Get the heck out of Texas and come back to Utah.

Steph said...

Love it, and found myself laughing as i can relate to almost all...except the kids of course...but soon maybe? Anyhow, after receiving your message and numerous phone calls i am working on my updates -- which i have lots....so many will come soon!!!

Fuller Family said...

You honestly crack me up Cami. i love your list, because I can relate to many of them. Where are you living in Texas?

CAMI said...

If I were in Texas I would be getting the "heck out" (Tracie :)! We are in CO and lovin every minute of it!

Sarah said...

YOu are so funny.

I just got your post about the whole "private" thing. I just think it's annoying ;) but if you feel like you want to monitor who is on your blog, then it is a good idea.

I have Sunny's email somewhere, I will see if I can find it.

Jonathan & Rachel said...

The answer is YES!! You are hilarious. The picture your 3 yr old took of you is much cuter than the ones I ever see them take of me. Usually it's of my backside without my knowlege. Needless to say-they won't be posted on my blog!

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

i never say something and then wish to take it back - oh wait, that's pretty much what i wish everytime i open my mouth - especially at my high school reunion a few months ago when i asked a girl if she was pregnant and she said no and that she had her baby 6 months before. that wasn't awkward at all!!

hEiDi said...

Yah girl you better check yourself! Those eyebrows need a lot of work! Totally kidding!!!! What I'm not allowed to tease??? Can I just answer YES, YES and YES to all of your questions!!!!!!!

Fuller Family said...

I didn't think you were. That is why I was a little confused!! We just need to catch up on life. Seriously!

Megs said...

I was feeling a little lazy today and not motivated to do anything and this post was the perfect thing to fill some of my time. Great questions. You are so funny.