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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Nanny & Poppie

Blessings...Sweet Mallory Camille (my namesake!) was blessed this past Sunday....it was such a great weekend! Cam flew in from San Diego which made it perfect! Matt gave a beautiful blessing and Emily is really an awesome mom (of 3!). Going home to Nanny & Poppie's is what we like to call the "bomb diggs". The girls love them and in turn they spoil the girls with kisses, chocolate milk, long bubble baths, and Vannah is known to kick her Poppie out of bed so she can sleep with her Nanny! This was the last time we will be staying in our old house...wow, I can't beleive mom and dad are actually moving! Their new house is beautiful...it will be perfect for them...we are very excited for them!

Playing, Park, Perfect....

Meg came down from Draper and we spent an afternoon at the park with her boys (Caleb & Seth). It is always fun to go home and meet up with friends! Her boys are adorable...the picture of Savannah & Caleb is actually hilarious because they were both whining and crying and I said, "Say Cheese" and they both pulled off that pose (comical :) !!)

COUSINS!!! Okay so Vannah seriously adores her cousins...copys them, calls them on her "cell phone", does whatever they say, fights with them one minute - kissin kousins the next, talks about them all the time! They are great friends and I know they will grow-up to be forever friends. I love to go home and be with my family and my sisters - they are my forever friends!


Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

I'm so glad you found my blog. I'm adding you to my list. Your girls are beautiful and you look amazing still! Megs just started a blog today actually but hasn't sent me the site. I'll let you know when I get it! I'm excited to check up on you and your family now. I LOVE BLOGGING!!


Sarah said...

yes, you just copy and paste it in, delete my answers and put yours. Pretty lame, but it's going around. I love your new pics. Your fam looks so great. Where are your parents moving? that's fun.

talk to you.
hell's kitchen, hear I come.

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

here meg's blog.


hEiDi said...

Hey there girl, I was just kidding about the Einstien Bagel thing...so I hope we are still friends. Anyways, Vannie is crackn' me up with the picture where she was just crying and then deceided to be a instant supermodel. Love you guys and tell Cam if he ever needs some food or something to come on over. I think Brando tried callin' him but we werent sure if he was still in town or not. Hopefully you'll have him home soon. Be strong girl! Love ya!

hEiDi said...

oH yah, and call me when you get your phone back. Sorry to hear about the water incident...