"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Island Park IDAHO

We just got back from a week vaca to Island Park (close to Yellowstone) in Idaho. Vannah loved swimming in the lake and playing with all her cousins. Cam loved skiing, skiing, and did I mention skiing. It was nice to be away from everything...no t.v., phones, or internet. It was so fun to see all of Cam's family - we hadn't see the "Krew" for almost a year!
Here's to I.P Bills Island summer 2007: Brett's boat taking the boys "surfing", beautiful weather, Mafia, Playmill: Footloose, skiing on glass, Grandpa Kelly buying the kids fishing poles (plus the awesome castle & huge water tube to play in), dancing on the dock (and our audience!!!), don't even make me bring up the game of Amazing Race (alliances forver!), tubing - of course, yummy food (SJ's oreo's), and I think I will stop at the bats.


hEiDi said...

Oh such the father/daughter! They are such the cute little twinzies! Cam said he had a blast, he's already talkn' Brando into getting a Malibu Boat! Yah, thanks Cam!

Jonathan & Rachel said...

Cami, it's so much fun to see your family!! I can't believe how big your girls are-they are absolutely DARLING!!! I'm so glad that now we can keep in more contact than just Christmas cards!!! So fun!