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Saturday, August 11, 2007


Girl Cousins...
Matt, Emily, Mom & Dad, Jessica, Cam2


We went home to Utah this past weekend for my Grandma LaRae's 80th birthday party! My grandma is like no other grandma (don't fight me on this one!). She is amazing in so many aspects...she is talented, beautiful, fun, thoughtful, and an awesome shopper! She is in a bowling league, plays more rounds of golf than most people I know, a competitive bridge player, talented in crocheting/sewing, an avid collector of porcelain dolls, and the list goes on and on. Thing I love most about grandma is her love for her family - she never misses a special occasion in your life...she is selfless...she is forgiving...she really cares about your life...she is one of a kind!

~side note...
Okay so this is pretty random and it seems like I have been getting on my blog way too much lately...do I need to get out more? But yesterday I was at work and it is only like my third day there, so I am still getting to know the docs and nurses, etc. So I had this great delivery experience with this family - just a super sweet, loving family. Everything went perfectly...cute little baby boy. So she delivered the baby, we got everything cleaned up and the doctor was talking to her and then he ran out of the room and came back with a big glass of cranberry juice and sprite...put the straw in it and then just sat there at her bedside and talked about how great she did, their beautiful family, etc. I have only been a nurse for 5 years but I have never once seen a doctor do this. It was so simple, yet it was enduring for me. He wasn't even really her doctor, he was just covering for someone in his practice. I don't even really know this doctor well but in that small instance, I admired him.
So it got me to thinking (all night and this morning) whom do I admire? What is admirable? Their qualities? Their choices? I think in most ways it is someone I respect, think highly of, value.
- My parents...for so many reasons...for moving our family across the country after 20 years in Indiana and starting all over. For always, always putting us ("the girls") first. For always being loyal, for wanting the most for us (not giving us the most but teaching us what the "most" really is...family, education, setting goals, doing your best, being faithful, being kind, being respectful), for the sacrifices they have made to give me better opportunities...for so many things.
- My sisters...Amy: Her endurance, always wanting to try new things, she doesn't care what people think, she is always herself, she is fun. Jessica: Her independence, her humor, her beauty (and beauty secrets), she always wants to be a friend. Emily: How she overcomes obstacles, she is a very loyal person (very), she is a great financial planner, she is a really caring-true person, she is always there for me. Lindsey: She is young - she has so many choices, she is thoughtful, she loves her family, her ability to shop :), the way she wants to learn and do more things.
- Grandma LaRae & Grandpa Red, Grandma Freeze, Grandma Wray.- Joseph Smith, Emma Smith, President Hinckley, Russell M. Nelson, Marvin J. Ashton, Thomas S. Monson, Pioneers (early days & today) , missionaries, converts, re-activated members.
- People (strangers) who are nice for no reason...just nice people who don't flip me off or honk at me when I am driving and accidentally swerve into the wrong lane while handing Savannah something in the back seat, people who open the door for me, say good morning to me every day when I run on the trails behind my house, people who give me the benefit of the doubt, people like that.
- My Uncle Bob. My Aunt Julie. My Uncle John.
- Our military and their families...wow, we really can't even comprehend their sacrifice.
- President Bush...like him or not, who wants to be in his position?- Mothers. Fathers.- School Teachers. Social Workers.
- Friends...many of which have taught me different things in my life (whether they know it or not) and as I get a little bit older I understand more of what you can't understand while you are growing up and living in it...Renee, Melissa, Kim M., Bri, Tara, Beth, Hilary, Krista, Anne, Sarah C., Hannah, Ang, Caprice, Erin, Meg, Sarah R., Kim F., Camille, Shari, Jamie, Lindsay, Sandy, Makalia, Jodi, my nursing class, Janae, Kelly, Brooke, Summer, Heidi, Kami.
- My brother-in-law Matt who joined the church and then waited to marry my sister so he could take her to the temple. How he took my sister through the temple without his own family being able to be inside...I will never forget that day.
- Those with disabilities and their families...their attitudes, their stories...they are strong people...Dick Hoyt (google his story).
- Mrs. Erickson, Mrs. Harris, Sue G., Judy G., Coach K, Carolyn M., Pam S., Linda & Johnny....people who have made impacts in my life at different stages.
- Mothers who give their babies up for adoption to give them a better chance in this life.
- People who make sacrifices for their beliefs, their families, their dreams.-
People who talk the talk and walk the walk.- J. Cam: For always being true to who you are (for never claiming to be perfect but for always trying to progress), for really living in the moment and enjoying every second of it, for your determination and work ethic (baseball, stocking shelves, cleaning carpets, DOCS secretary, taking the MCAT early, never letting down, always putting "us" first, for loving the outdoors & athletics (hoops, skiing, baseball, running...), for enduring my talks and just listening, for making me laugh, for being a good dad, for your testimony & faith, for the way you see people...not judgmental, seeing the best and then helping them to see the best.
....So basically what I am trying to say is that I think it is good to admire people and let them know it...let them know you appreciate them, let your friend know you like her new hairstyle or new cute outfit (even though you need to get your roots highlighted or just had a baby and can't fit into any of your cute outfits), tell a stranger thank-you when they help you, don't honk at mom's driving or anyone for that matter, give someone the benefit of the doubt, be the person you admire.
~Em, thanks for letting me go off on the phone on you the other day...and then when I talked to you the next day, you didn't even bring it up. You always understand.
~Erin...I still can't believe you read the whole Old Testament...I didn't think that was possible...I really admire your dedication.
~Cam, I am glad your home (understatement).~Linds I am happy you enjoyed the spa day for your birthday.
Okay just a random thought.


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camille said...

Cami the 4 generation Picture is priceless and you all are so
LaRae is remarkable I look forward to seeing her at the salon and hear what she has in store for the day.
Its so fun to see Red and how he phrases her and tells us how she bets every one at everything.
I love LaRae and want to be more like her.