"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Saturday, October 9, 2010

c'mon, tell me you will read this one...

okay, my peeps...who is ready for fall?
i'm actually really excited about it...
the cool brisk air, the beautiful fall colors.
ALL the "S"'s...Sweaters, Soup, quilting SHOP hop, the Scent, Special holidays, Solitude on rainy / cold days...that at times feels so needed after a busy summer.

want to know what else i'm excited about? c'mon i know you do...
!!!eXcITEd about!!!
~ cameron is finally in utah! i survived, my children survived :) life is good!
~ i finally feel like we are into a good routine here...
school is going great for the girls & savannah is luving her swim team & lucy is a hoot in her gymnastics class.
~ jillian is talking more everyday and her big wet open mouth kisses
are too cute and i'm pretty much in luv with her.
~ hiking to the Y in provo...i don't know why i luv it so much but i do...
and its especially awesome because i hike it with my friend summer,
who is a super great friend.
~ my reward chart for the girls...it's working,
it was easy as pie to "create", and the girls are into it!
~ salsa. i just luv it. and my wonderful neighbors have been giving me fresh tomatoes from thier gardens & it just makes it that much better.
~ my friend JEN is coming down from wyoming to take our family pictures...we haven't had them taken for 3 years...so its time & im excited.
~ after having knee pain since july, i finally got an mri & found the problem...the treatment has helped so much already & i had a couple early morning jogs that were priceless.
~ i've finally committed to relaxing / chilling out / taking it down a notch / don't give yourself a migraine....i won't go into details, but it includes me not being overly obsessed and worried about some of the following: the amount of homework my 1st grader is doing, book covers being torn into pieces, our dog taking off and roaming the neighborhood, snails all over my back porch - don't get me started - remember the commitment, cameron's stinky feet (i just threw this one in there in case he reads this & also to give you guys a good laugh...please tell me someone else has this problem...), lucy begging for snacks 5 minutes after breakfast 5 minutes after lunch & you guessed it...5 minutes after dinner, laundry, desperately wanting to potty train my 17 month old cause the dirty diapers are killing me one at a time, buying things at the store if i really want / need them so as to not cause myself pain by having to return to the store & they are no longer there - just buy it the FIRST time!

and im excited about it.
just to name a few.


oh! and in regards to my post title:
"c'mon tell me you will read this one..."
it had nothing to do with this actual post :)
right HERE or HERE
tell me you luv it, cause i do!
i also luv this
and this
*pics courtesy of my sweet cousin, who my girls luv, miss Kay-Kay!


Ming said...

Sounds like you guys have settled in nicely. We miss you in CO.

TeamWalbruch said...

Guess you're not excited about a new neice...rude!:). Glad you're hear!!

Kristin said...

Cute family lady! Such darling girls. Where are the quilts??? The Michael Miller panel was called Escape - or Escaupee, as Dori on Nemo would say - not to be confused with "Tasty Escape" that they're selling currently. Good luck!

Jaymie said...

I just love your posts!! (yes i read it... loved it too!) now that your in utah, i hope we get to see eachother soon!

Cath said...

Cami - I feel like I've missed a whole season of your life! I just checked my bloglist and you were nowhere to be found! No wonder I've been missing you! How does that happen? Weird. Anyhow - I LOVE these antiqued pictures. Are these the ones your friend took? Or are these yours? Your girls are seriously SO darling. We need to hook up. January for sure. GNO.

And please post some Advent pics. I am laughing so hard that you're as fascinated with it as I am. Sisters at heart my dear. Thanks for all your encouragement and support. I really do love and appreciate you. More than you know! Glad Cam is with you. 'Bout time!!