"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Thursday, September 16, 2010


i have said a few times over the past few weeks, it would have been really easy moving if the place you lived was kinda crummy...but we really have luved so much about colorado. it is, of course, the state that brought cam & i together...where we met over on the western slope in grand junction at mesa state college. colorado has been "colorful"...it has given us opportunities and beautiful memories that we will always hold near and dear.
i will miss my sister, jessica, and my sweet mo-jo and beau-beau man!
cousins...forever friends!
here's to a new chapter..."life elevated!"
my dad said it perfectly when we arrived in utah..."who says you can't come home?!" after 12 years, it's an amazing, peaceful feeling to be back closer to more of my family and closer to cam's family. we are renting a little house in highland...it's on a half acre and the girls & dog are luving it! the house needed a little cleaning, plug-in's :), and personal touch and cam & i were in awe as our family out did themselves...cleaning blinds, hanging pictures, moving boxes, lining cabinets, helping me purchase washer & dryers (since cam had to go back to colorado for the rest of the month), my aunt dani came and whipped me up some beautiful drapes, and my uncle johnny went room to room changing out light fixtures that my dad bought for us to brighten things up! not to mention neighbors that brought me dinner, fresh sour dough bread, zucchini bread, open access to their trampolines & cats to play with, and instant neighbor friends for my girls! im missing cam, but im luving that i can walk 5 blocks to my sister emily's and my sister lindsey & mom are less than 10 minutes away...plus i have my handy dad, my second husbands - lol - my fab brother in laws, matty & chris. i luv you guys. thanks a million!
jilly helping aunt dani :)
somebody thinks she is the bomb.com!
riding the bus, is awesome!!!
vanny walking to the bus with her new friends...
additional highlights...jilly is making the transition from her famous and laughable bear walk...to actually walking on her own!
go jilly! go! she is taking about 10-15 steps and cheering for herself as she goes!
the girls are luving being back into their school routines...we made some fun reward charts..the girls are jazzed about the possibilities of earning quarters, ring pops, and trips to the dollar store!


Janet and Nate said...

Sounds like you guys are doing great! Your girls are...ADORABLE!!! Can't believe how old Savannah is now. My Savannah is 15 and a sophomore...no kidding! :D Keep up the good work. Tell Cam hi!! Hugs all around!

Tracie said...

Seriously, Cam. What a cute family! Coming back home to family is SO awesome!

Spence and Car said...

so excited for you! you have been so patient and have been the best wife putting her husband through how many years of school??!! so glad you're back, and glad things seem to slowly be falling into place! love ya tons and i know you have got to be so happy being back and you desire every minute of fun with your sistas and mama

Ming said...

So glad you are loving the new home, but this post makes me MISS YOU!

Shelli said...

So happy you guys are here! Let's be sure to not be strangers now that we live in the same state!!!! Excited to hang out with you! Love ya, and thanks again for the great room and board for the guys in CO. They always love visiting you and Cam. Congrats on your return! :)

Krista Cook said...

I just sent off an email and then decided to check your blog to see where you are in the world. So glad you made it. Hopefully you'll get your husband home soon. It looks like you found a great place. Love family!! Enjoy yours.

Love ya.

Cath said...

Everyone looks so happy!! And the help from your family? AMAZING!! Let's not wait too long to see each other. Let me know when you come north... Love you guys!

KESLER KREW...Cami said...

janet! savannah 15? no! i luv keeping up with tatum on her blog...her boys are tooooo cute!

tracie...when are we going to have lunch girl!???

car-car...mexico looked amazing! thanks for the shout out! i appreciate it...it has been a long road but an adventure at the same time! before you know it, you will blink your eyes and be back right in the mix of things too! any word on residency yet?

mindy...remember the fist bump? :) jeff told cam we are headed up into the mountains this winter together right...don't try to get rid of me this quickly friend!

shelli & cath...im pushing for a girls wray reunion!!! are we in or are we IN!!!

kris, miss ya friend, always do...any room for a visitor on the east coast??

Jacqui said...

i cried when i saw the leaving colorado sign =( i feel sad...mostly for myself. I miss you!

Deb said...

I'm so glad you got settled! We are close (we're in PG)...we should get together!

Nachelle said...

Awe we miss you! Luv Vanny's pics, adorable and that sign is the best, so nice being close to family!

Rosanne said...

Congrats on the move! Looks like everyone is settling in nicely. Wow - what great help you have/had. Probably just means you're in the right place. ;) I hope Cam can join you soon...it's no fun being without the hubby. Have fun in UT! (p.s. I'm not sure you're girls can get any cuter!)