"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Sunday, May 16, 2010

jilly bean turns ONE!

time flies when you are cute & chubby!

jillian's ONE year birthday bash!

happy day of birth miss jill!

nanny sent her this cute little book with their pictures placed in the cut-outs...hysterical! she also luved her outfits &
swim gear from her aunts!

three sisters "cheese!"
she luves her car daddy put together for her...
so now she can cruise in backyard while the
sisters are playing on the swing set.

"it's my party!"

can i fit my whole hand into my mouth...
oh yes i can!
heading to beddy..."sugar diabetes" (luv you gramps!) sure preps for a good night time sleep.
JILLIAN's Top 12:
1. She now offically has one tooth!
2. A crawling machine.
3. Super sweet snuggle bug.
4. Luvs to wave "hi" to everyone.
5. Easy going & now luvs her big girl car seat!
6. Luvs playing "barbies" with her sisters.
7. Beautiful blue eyes.
8. Strong heart even with a little pulmonic stenosis.
9. Thighs you want to eat like the ones at KFC.
10. Luvs bananas.
11. Giggly & smily!
12. Brings lots & lots of "alofa" to our family.


Cath said...

Oh my gosh. Your girls are SO cute! And I love their names. Didn't realize your Jillian is just a few weeks older than our boys. How fun! Some reunion down the road, we've got to get these kids together!

TeamWalbruch said...

Cute Cam - I am cute and chubby and don't see why time isn't going by "faster"! :) 3 weeks until SA!
Love me some Jilly Beans!

Ming said...

So cute! Love the cake shots. Adorable tutu and 1 shirt. Where did you find that shirt...perfect! Jack is going to LOVE that car when he plays at your house. He's obsessed with those little tike cars. Looks like a fun b-day.

Tracie said...

Too cute for words, Cam. Good work:)

The Brown's said...

so cute! Happy birthay baby!!!!

Jaymie said...

O my.. That hat she is wearing.. SO adorable. You look great too cami!! And the cake picture is classic. Love it! :)

Rosanne said...

No she is not! Holy buckets, where did the time go!? I remember the post of her just being born. What a little ham! Happy Birthday to her! You have beautiful girls!

hEiDi said...

No she cant be one yet, she was just born!!! Un-freakenbelievable!!!! Oh happy birthday little one. I am in still disbelief. She is so so so so darling and those thighs, I mean seriously!! We need to catch up soon girl, I'll be calling ya!

Scott and Katie Ulrich Family said...

Love the pics. Happy 1st birthday Jillian! That is so fun! I can't believe she is one already. She doesn't even know me - that will change QUICK! I will be her favorite - just wait :) Love you guys.

Deb said...

Wow..that seemed to go so fast! What adorable girls. I love to see your family grow. Happy Birthday Jillian!!

Nachelle said...

Yeah for one! Luv the classic cake picture...too cute!