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Friday, August 14, 2009

kindy: "Ken-Dee"

my "baby girl" started kindergarten this week...hard to believe. while it is a little tough to realize how quickly the past 5 1/2 years have gone bye...i couldn't be more excited for this new beginning in her life. starting school is one of life's greatest adventures...learning to read, making friends, how you grow to love your teacher, school spirit wear (go cubs!), gym class, the library & the book fair, the cafeteria, recess, the amazing computers...
the list goes on and on.

lucy lu cried all morning..."mommy i just wanna go to school with vannah okay"...i mean all morning...crying. i didn't even get a chance to cry because lucy did enough for us both!

she was a little gun shy as we walked into her classroom...but they warmed up the kindy's with a story on the rug, one last kiss & hug and we left. day two, we are driving up to the school and she says "you don't need to walk in mommy, just drive the car up there and drop me off outside that door"...needless to say, the shyness didn't last long.

seems like yesterday i was in kindergarten...time sure does fly.
*note to jillian...quit growing so fast sweet baby.


TeamWalbruch said...

You know plaid is coming back in, right?
Vanny looked cute on her first day!

Shelli said...

Awww...that is too sweet! Our official kindergarten adventures start tomorrow with our Little Missy as well! It's hard to believe, isn't it? And that little Lucy---that broke my heart she was so sad about missing her sister. Your family is just too darling. Thanks for your cute comments on my blog! You are the best! Love you guys!!!!

Humphries said...

Vannah looked great on her first day! Love the pic of Jillian, and the chubby cheeks! Too CUTE!!!!

Lindsay Clegg Sundloff said...

So fun- on Colton's first day last year he said my tummy feels funny - like it has butterflies. he too quickly got over it. He starts 1st grade on Mon. I don't know how I'll do with him gone all day!!! It will be tough. they grow way too fast.

Rosanne said...

Oh my goodness...I almost teared up reading this. My oldest starts kindergarten too...this Wed. is the first day of school. I'm afraid my Samantha (3) might cry a little for missing her big sis too. We'll see. She's such a cute girl. And that's pretty funny about the second day of school dropping her off. I have a feeling my Hayley will be that way the FIRST day of school. She's our little Miss Independent! Glad you made it through the first day. ;) Wish me luck...the flood gates are about to open!