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Friday, August 28, 2009

hanging lake

hanging lake, glenwood springs - colorado...i did this hike 11 years ago when i was a freshmen at mesa state college in grand junction, co. it is located about an hour away from gj...we were driving to st. george this weekend and thought it would be fun to stop and do with all the girls! we kinda forgot how hard it was but we didn't realize until about half way up and you know when you are half way up...you just keep going! the girls were major troopers...you hike up on switch back rocks for a mile all the while there is a stream coming down the mountain on your right hand side...the stream comes from the lake at the top...it's pretty amazing.

Favorite quotes while hiking:
Lucy "Everybody look...those boys are naked" (said very loudly, pointing to some guys hiking with their shirts off...)
Savannah...singing..."O-R-A-N-G-E...O-R-A-N-G-E...that's how we spell RED" (kindergarten is obviously doing wonders for her)
Lucy "I can't wait to get back and get into that hot lava" (she heard cam & i talking about getting into the "hot tub" at the hotel)
Lucy...while driving to the hotel...loudly from the back seat "mom did you know my boyfriend is david enchilada?"...she meant archuleta...how she even knows his name i'm not sure.
**Gotta luv the great outdoors**


Ming said...

My favorite quote, "david enchilada!" Hysterical!

hEiDi said...

All those quotes are seriously comical, I am peeing my pants! Love those girls! Beautiful lake by the way and just so you know I am off to go work out to the Firm baby!

I cant believe how much little Jill looks like her daddy!

Rosanne said...

Oh my gosh - the quotes...I was laughing...outloud! in my office. My co-workers now think I'm nuts! (If they didn't already) ;)

Melissa said...

I LOVE hanging lake! But, I don't think I've hiked since we went for a YM/YW activity like 16 years ago! We were going to stop there a couple of weeks ago, but we went to the Glenwood Caverns instead - that was fun too. I also remember when the interstate went right along the river there right in front of the trail (there was no tunnel then) and people just parked right there at the entrance to the trail. I also remember sitting for HOURS there while they did all the construction through Glenwood Canyon - that was really hard as a kid sitting there for what seemed like forever.

BOWDENS said...

Fun trip! I love the quotes. Those are too cute. Those boys are naked...that is great!
I love the pictures of Savannah starting school! Hard to believe they're in Kindergarten.