"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Sunday, June 22, 2008


*who doesn't luv summer...and if you don't please don't tell me because i'm in denial that someone could actually not luv this rockin time of year...

*vannah's first official "dance camp" at heritage high school...go belles! she went for three days with her cousin morgan and gave a legit performance to 'material girl'! cam had to pretty much straight jacket lucy because she wanted to get down on the floor and dance with her sis!

*parks, parks, parks

*lucy-lu saying hi to doggy's on their morning walks and "search, pondering, and praying" with her church books

*denver's SUMMER SOLSTICE RACE to fight melanoma. my sister amy flew into town to be apart of this race (like she has for the past 11 years). the race was founded in 2000 to focus the public's attention to the dangers of exposure to the sun (melanoma is significantly higher in colorado than the rest of the nation). it is in honor of kristin michelle o'connor (foundation) who died at the young age of 31 from skin cancer. founded by bruce fierst, her fiancee at the time of her death...who has become one of my sisters close friends. life is short...seems lately i've been learning that lesson more and more, you never know what path life is going to take you on. live and enjoy it. thanx bruce for letting us be apart of the amazing evening!

*jess, morgan dominated the fun run, marie coming straight from work to join in!

*we luv you daddy...get to playin that new Uke.

*what's the big deal it's JUNE right? WRONG! the count down is on for cam to be done with residency...he had his end of the year spring fling...coming off a 30 hour shift, he played some golf, had a picnic/softball game at the park downtown, and a fun night on the town with his end of the year banquet. we took the light-rail downtown and as we were riding, we realized we hadn't been out on a date since january, for his winter banquet...we are going to start working on that one. it's been quite a journey and i feel like a little kid waiting for christmas...i might actually make one of those paper chains for the year - one for each month!


Humphries said...

What adorable pics. It loks like you guys are having lots of fun. I'm with you I totally love Summer Time!

Scott & Katie Ulrich Family said...

Vanni is a true dancer. :) Looks like a great time. Your house looks super cute and how fun to have a place of your own. Congrats! We love and miss you guys so much. Can't wait to see you guys! Love, KT