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Thursday, June 12, 2008

a little bliss*

*bliss...so it's official and kinda short notice but we bought a house, packed up, unpacked, and MOVED IN! we luv our new house and our favorite part (besides the fact that it is within walking distance of my sister Jess!) the backyard! Vanny had some of her crew over this week for an afternoon of slip-n-slide! check out the video...sorry but i thought it was backyard classic :) *thanx em for taking vanny for the week, mom & dad for coming in for the weekend, sarah & tami for the extra hours you gave me to get things done kidless!

*bliss...cute cousins in matching outfits with chubby legs!
*bliss...falling asleep with Vanny on the couches after a long day of play.

*bliss...a weekend in Provo with bbf's Matt & Emily to participate in the Utah County Amazing Race. We hiked the Y, went down the Free Fall at Seven Peaks, rode tandem bikes around BYU campus at night, walked lamas, caught fish, ate a quart of ice cream in no time at all (pretty much did that one by myself), did some super fast bowling, canoed, rock climbed (wont go there), argued and yelled at each other just like they do on the show, rafted down the Provo River, biked up at Sundance, learned how to play guitars, played pool and wallyball, ate shrimp tacos from Bajios, ate crickets at the historic Lehi museum, visited a Lavender farm in Mona, got only 3 hours of sleep, shopped at a yard sale, paddle boated, ate more ice cream...just to name a few...whoever said that Utah County was boring..I now have a complete new list! We came in 6th out of 30 teams...not bad...it was such a cool event...raceallnight.com

*pre-race planning...yeah im weird.

*that's right im cramping up on my side...give a girl a break,
can you say dehydration?!

*bliss...my girls have been giving me a run for my money (sanity) lately. i took lucy's binki away 3 days ago because it had gotten to a point where #1 it was causing family panic & tension when we would get into stores and didn't have one handy and she would go ballistic / freak-out AND #2 she has been starting to talk to me with it in her mouth, um yeah....so i gave it up...against my will. she only slept for 3 hours the first night yelling "momma, my binki" over and over...i almost cracked at 4am but made it thru. the next day she asked for it constantly and i kept telling her it was broken and finally savannah said, "can't you just get her a new one?"!!! but good news my friends, she didnt even ask for it when i put her to bed tonight. my girls really are my bliss...when life seems too hectic and im all overwhelmed...i see them going down the slip-n-slide over and over and over again...me on the side lines secretly wanting to join in and it always puts things into perspective. this picture was taken down in Grand Junction in front of the church institute building where cam & i met over 9 years ago.
what gives you bliss?


walbruchs said...

Cute Cam. I won't show Ellie the photos of the slip and slide and Vanny's friends...she'll be jealous! We are headed to the beach tomorrow and will be wishing you guys were with us! Love ya.

go mom go said...

What a fun couple you two are! That amazing race thing sounds like so much fun, but Brad and I would probably end up losing because we would be fighting the whole time.

hEiDi & bRaNdOn said...

Yahhhhh you got your own home again! You guys are probably so stoked! We are so happy for you! And seriously where do you get all of your energy????? You guys are loco with all the things you did on your trip to Utah! Did you seriously ever sleep??? How much fun are you guys though? We love ya! Oh and love the slip n' slide girls!

Whitney said...

oh cami i really loved this post!! that's crazy you and cam met 9 years ago! i think i met you two after your first year of marraige and i remember makaila going to your wedding. wow, time flies! your girls are absolutely adorable! i LOVE slip in slide. i would have wanted to join them as well! you look so pretty and really great. i didn't know the UC had an amazing race. it looks like fun! my sis-in-law and i are really gunning to get on the real show! ;)

banks said...

Cami, Congrats on getting a house. It looks so cute. It sounds like your race was so much fun. I would love doing something like that. About the whole binky thing. Hang in there. It will get better, and it is so worth it to not have to stress about it. I love reading your blogs. It is pure entertainment. Love the other Kami

Lindsay said...

I don't know where you find to post such great and in depth posts. You are awesome and I am so glad that you are great at posting. I love to check in on you guys. I love the pic in GJ and the slip and slide footage. Just got back from girls camp and had tons of fun. Summer is going way too fast even though it just begun. Let me know when you are back in town. Would love to hook up. Rion's brother Chad is looking for a house near Alpin/Lehi. Maybe him and Emily will be neighbors. Talk to you later.

The Aspirant said...

You are my hero. I'm totally taking you on in the Amazing Race next year!! Watch out!

P.S. You look way skinny and beautiful.

Scott & Katie Ulrich Family said...

Great job with the Amazing Race - I'm impressed. I love how you guys are so active. Great job!