"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Friday, April 18, 2008

the doorway to heaven

*i luv this woman, i called her grams.
*she named her pony "PET"
*she was raised in Las Animas, CO
*she was an only child so when she married she wanted lots of children (she named them Bill, John, Bob & Julie because "they needed simple first names because Freeze was off the wall"...she dedicated her life to them.
*she luved life, laughing, music, reading, church, friends.
*my grandpa was the love of her life, the man of her dreams.
*my grams luved her grandchildren, all 16 of them. she had the way of making you feel like you were the most important person in her life. she was fun!

*she luved party's and family gatherings...every birthday Angel Food cake and confetti sprinkled over the head of the one celebrating.
*grams was a best friend to me growing up. after granpa died, i spent usually 3 nights a week over at her house to keep her company. she spoiled me...5 course meal breakfast's, night shows of Green Acres/MacGyver/Murder She Wrote., the countless conversations - how did she put up with me, helping me with school projects (Madam Currie), her example: her love and devotion to God, Terrific Tuesday's, her piano, her Honda, her red lipstick, her laughter.
*my grams passed away this past week after a very long 9 year battle with Alzheimer's. i feel so blessed because i was in town visiting my family when she left us. i had the chance to sit by her bedside, hold her hand, and rub her soft arm. i got to say good-bye. i'm so happy for her because i know she was tired and ready to see my grandpa...
she had an amazing life...
i will always miss her.

*i wrote this last year as a tribute to grams for her 80th birthday.
I think of grams a lot...most of the time the memories just pop into my head for some reason and I instantly miss her. Last week Cameron and I were walking home from the San Diego State Basketball game…it was a beautiful day…and as we were walking I noticed all the leaves on the ground. Immediately I was taken back to my “world class” leaf collection that grandma helped me to put together in the 5th grade. When she brought me back a cotton leaf from her trip to Arizona (to see John and family), I knew an A+ was headed my way. That was the thing about grandma…she always made you feel like you were the most important thing in her life. I remember watching grandma get ready for bed…washing her face, the smell of her Oil of Olay face cream, the water pick, etc. I remember one night watching her tidy up her eyebrows by using a shaver. It seems like yesterday, that after she got snuggled into bed, I got up to “use the bathroom” and wanting so much to be like my grams I shaved the first fourth of my left eyebrow right off. I immediately started to cry and grandma comforted me – I bet she was laughing loud inside but she hugged & calmed me (and yes, she even penciled it in a little for school the next day to make me feel better…the life of a sixth grader). I think a lot about the year grandma lived with us in Provo after my freshmen year of college. It wasn’t the easiest time but I remember some of the conversations we had together at nighttime and they are some that I will always hold sacred to me. I hope that I can be like her in so many ways… sweet, patient, loving, funny, beautiful, smart, and humble. I hope that someday when I have grandchildren, they will love me as much as I love her. I think of grandma every night before I go to bed when Cameron is either rubbing my arm or I am rubbing Savannah’s…because it was grandma who would rub my arms for hours before I feel asleep. I miss my grams and I hope that she knows how much I love her. Happy Birthday – “Woman to Woman”.


Sunny Jo said...

What a sweet tribute to your grandma!! I really enjoyed reading it and it made me think of my grams!! I need to go and spend some more time with her, she only lives 15 minutes away from me!!
Your so cute girl!!

Chad said...

Cami- What a beautiful tribute to your grandma. I'm sorry she passed away. Are you doing okay? My grandpa passed away of the same thing. It was so sad to see the disease slowly take his life away. Now your grams is happy and all of the loving memories you share she remembers too. She is back to her old self again! love ya kim

go mom go said...

What a nice post. My Grandpa is currently suffering from Alzheimer's. It's hard. Have you ever read Maria Shriver's book titled "What's Happening to Grandpa"?
My heart goes out to you. I hope you will find comfort in Heavenly father's plan.

The Aspirant said...

Thanks for sharing that beautiful tribute to your grandma - I LOVED the pictures. I'm so glad you were able to be there with your family!

hEiDi & bRaNdOn said...

I am so sorry Cam. I know exactly what you mean about the little things reminding you about your Grandma. I recently lost my Grandma in September and everyday it still crosses my mind that she is gone but yet not really. I feel her around me all the time and I know she is watching over me and my family. I am sure your Grandma is doing the same and I am sure she loves you remembering her in your everyday life. Love you girl. Heid

hEiDi & bRaNdOn said...

ooh I forgot one thing...


The Brown's said...

Cami- That was a great tribute to your Grandma! Josh and I have been thinking about you and your sweet family ever since we heard. Hope your all doing ok!

Jenny Mathews said...

Oh Cami- I'm so sorry you lost your sweet Grams. This post is so special! I loved reading all about your grandma and all the great old photos. I'm glad you have so many great memories and especially that you were able to say goodbye!

c a ! t l ! n said...

Your Grams seems to have been a really remarkable woman, and your relationship with her is inspiring to me. How special it was for her to have a Granddaughter like you! :]
Goodness gracious, I totally miss you, Cameron and the girls being here, but it's great to see that you're doing well and livin it up in Colorado. If you think Vannah would remember me, send her a "hello" from San Diego...with love!
I truely love and miss you guys! Take Care!

email me? britegreeneyes@gmail.com
-could you send me your home address?

Jonathan & Rachel said...

What a powerful post! So glad you got to be there for her passing! I'm sorry to hear of your loss, but it sounds like it will be a sweet reunion for her and your grandpa!

Misty K said...

That was so touching... it made mr cry. You have a way with words... I am sure your grandma loved it. I also know she is having a wounderfull reunion with her husband. Parting is sweet sorrow but, we know some day you will see her agine what a great knowledge... I don't know what we woulddo with out that knowledge... our thoughts and prayers are with you & you family. xoxoxo

Lindsay Sundloff said...

Cam, I am so sorry to hear about your Grandma, I know how much she meant to you and your family. I know she was proud of all of you (16 grandchildren). I love you girl. Talk to you later.

Angie said...

Those are great thoughts and great pictures. What a great woman who made you feel like you were number one. I hope that my grandchildren and great-grandchildren and even nieces and nephews say that about me. The best picture is the one of her on her bike. What a woman! Love you Cam. xox

Steph said...

hello --- did you fall off the planet or something? what happened to you.....been way too long since you blogged my friend....please update! xooxox