"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Thursday, March 27, 2008

mArcH MaDNess

Savannah turned FOUR!!!

Happiest birthday Vanny girl
...we luv you!

Our FOUR FAVORITE things about Savannah:
1. How she luvs to sing & dance
2. She says sweet prayers and always points out that we should use words like "oh dear" instead of darn and gosh
3. She still takes a nap in the afternoon because she plays hard...
and likes giving her mommy a break!
4. She luvs to read, is a super sister, give good kisses & hugs, is a good friend and shares her toys, she is sensitive, she has beautiful eyes and a sweet smile, she likes to listen to music before she goes to bed, she has fun nicknames like Vannah/Vanny/Sissy, she likes to swim (okay that was more than 4!).

"Cousin Ellie was in town for my birthday!"

Cupcakes ~ My nanny Brittany (we LUV you!) ~ the next American Idol

My cousins & friends!

Blowing bubbles ~ Giselle / Enchanted Pinata (felt bad about hitting the Princess with the bat...but you gotta do what you gotta do!)

Cute in PINK!

I luv my new chair...

My birthday breakfast with my cousins, my very best friends! Thanks for the swimming Barbie Nanny! Sack lunches with my friends!

A lady bug charm for my bracelet from my daddy!

And the madness continued with NCAA Hoops! Em, Matt, and Landon came into town to watch the first round of the tourney at the Pepsi Center. We had legit seats and didn't have to pay an arm and a leg thanx to Em & Cam! The games were more boring than an afternoon at the library (JK!) but they were pretty much all blow-outs...we still had a great time though...and got a little press coverage being interviewed by the WBchannel2.

Lucky Notre Dame Leprechaun...who needs luck, right!?!? The Duke Blue Devils could have used some, totally let me down.

Here's to: Silver dollars, "and the guys look cute in their uniforms", lots of $5 Diet Coke cups, the weird WEIRD guy on the train on the way home (that Cam is imitating), "WINtrop" nuff said, ESPN Zone, the guy on the escalator "do I know you?", Em & My cute matching t-shirts, the greasy guys scalping tickets - oh wait that was Cam & Landon, the very sad/odd cheerleaders from Winthrop - seriously that ruined the game for me more than the score did, Pick 'em Right bracket..

Lucy-Lu...18 months and I couldn't luv this stage more. She luvs to play, be tickled, and cry for gummy's. I just luv being with her...she sure keeps us on our toes...sweet & smily, sneaky & silly. I just gave her a little haircut, it was starting to turn into a mullet...so we are working towards a bob for the summer!

swimming, swimming, swimming...luv you Morgy & Beau!
Savannah finally starting her swim lessons that I promised her a year ago (better late than never)...she luvs to swim and is getting better every week!

Young Women's Basketball...I guess that full court press the other ward put on us at the beginning of the season really helped us! We ended up winning the Stake tournament...we won by 2 points at the end of the game and it was legit, seriously the girls were pumped (um, yeah and so was I - booyah!!!). You'd think the domination would end there but we went to our multi-stake tournament two weeks later and WON! All about the teamwork...we had a fun pizza party at my house...I luv these girls...GO BLUE SHOES!


Misty K said...

Wow that was an amazing week you had. Looks like you all had fun at the games... Sorry we werent their:( Savannah is so big and beautiful. How time flies, I look forward to the day where Brett and i have a normal life.... but who is to say what normal is. Love all the pics

go mom go said...

I just loved all of these pictures. It just seems like last year that your were at the cabin with a new baby. Savannah is getting so big. What a doll!
What a fun week. You've been busy.
Angela Nelson

Spencer, Erin and Parker Clegg said...

Cute cute Cami. And I LOVE that your YW basketball coach. I bet you love it and go crazy!

BOWDENS said...

Happy Birthday Savannah!! She is so cute! I can't believe we have 4 year olds! Time has gone by so fast! I loved catching up on your blog tonight!! You guys have a lot going on!! My brother got to Denver on Wednesday! I'm not sure where he is exactly, but I'll find out soon. So, be on the lookout for Elder Blair! Talk to you later!

Megs said...

Can I just tell you that your life always sounds like so much fun. Do you have room for one more? Props to your YW team. That is awesome.

Erin said...

Your little girls are so cute. Happy Birthday Savannah. Looks like lots of fun. Congrats on your YW basketball championship. I would expect nothing less =)

Jonathan & Rachel said...

So fun! Happy Birhtday Vanny! Cute pictures!

Tia J said...

Happy Birthday Savannah!!! What a fun party. Cami I love your blgeverytime I read it it puts a smile on my face. I know that sounds corny but i love you guys!! I wish we lived closer.

Scott & Katie Ulrich Family said...

Sounds like a very busy month. Great to catch up with you guys (even though it is over blogs). Happy Birthday Vannah! We love you guys and miss you a ton.


Anonymous said...

wow lots of madness!!! Vanny sure is growing up fast...what the heck? She is gonna be a Laurel before you know it. I love her... she looks so excited to receive all her fun new toys and to have her friends/cousins there. What a beautiful family you have! Love you guys!

camille said...

Love It
Little Savannah so cute A love her baseball stance She is a athlete
You and Camron so cute.
You are always doing something fun with Emily and Matt.

The Aspirant said...

Whoa - so much to see and comment on!! Savannah is GORGEOUS!! Congrats on having cute kids!!


Sara said...

what cute pics of all of you. it's fun to see what you guys are up to!

we were in utah a few weeks ago and i saw you guys on the news!! what a small world! :) too cool.

Anonymous said...

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Fuller Family said...

You had a crazy month. Happy late birthday to you, by the way. And to your cute little daughter. She is so adorable. You are such a good Mom. Honestly. I was cracking up when I read about the YW'S game. They must be so proud to have you as their coach.
(It is still your fault I ended up doing all of those push-ups that day in practice!)

Humphries said...

I just love all the pics from Savannah's party and the ones of you guys at the game. It looks like you had lots of fun.

banks said...

It looks like Savannah had a great birthday party. Congrats on your girls basketball team. I bet you are the funniest coach. It is always fun reading your blog. Love the other Kami

Tracie said...

Ok, you strike me as the best mom on the planet, Cam. Your girls must feel so happy and complete with you as their mother:)

Jenny Mathews said...

Hi Cami!

Wow - is she ever cute!!?? Sooooo cute. Happy BDay little Savannah!!

Looks like you guys have been biiiizzzzzeeeeeeeeeee!

*J*E*N* said...

Happy Birthday Savannah! We sure miss you! Halle loves your new pink chair!