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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I held Rosie...

The girls and I had a fun outting this week...we went to the Butterly Pavilion (an exhibit that has an amazing tropical conservatory of over 1200 free-flying butterflies). It was pretty sweet...one exhibit that was glass encased actually let you see the butterfly's coming out of their cocoons. Okay but the whole "I held Rosie thing" - I'm pretty proud of myself because I held this kinda fuzzy / creepy tarantula (ROSIE)...it crawled across my hands and Savannah sat on my lap and "pet" it (only because I promised her lip gloss :)!!! I am actually deathly afraid of spiders...so FEAR FACTOR here I come.

Butterflies eating rotten bananas...yummy!

Sweet *ROSIE*

My girl friends from church & the kido gang (yes, that is a baby doll in my right hand, Savannah's baby "Erin").
*On a side nOTe...
~I'm obsessed with the Biggest Loser...I'm sad Kae got booted but she looked so cute on the live end segment of the show...oh and I can't stand either of the girls with blonde hair, I kinda want Neil to win (I can't believe he is only 25).
~I did not watch the Bachelor season (I banned it from my life a few seasons back because it really jacks the female race) but okay I was flipping through the channels last night and saw the guy didn't pick either girl...why didn't either of them kick him where it counts!?!?! That show should seriously be against the law.
~I love DUKE basketball...really, really I really love it.
~Are people voting for Marie Osmond on Dancing with the Stars?
~I'm making two homemade pies for Thanksgiving and it is my first time making homemade pies and it should be interesting...
~Vanny had her Thanksgiving Feast at pre-school today and I signed up to bring mashed otatoes and they sent a note home with me last week that underlined the word: REAL mashed potatoes...okay.
~I haven't worked for 5 days, hence I've been catching up on my shows...back to the grind tomorrow.
~I've almost finished my first quilt for a Christmas gift...one of my favorite reasons for quiliting - watching Law & Order re-runs while the girls take thier afternoon naps and I quilt.
~Cam gets home from his trip (he went to ID for a couple days) tonight and I can't wait to get our Christmas tree up...my friend Jen has the cutest Christmas decorations (she is seriously the young, cute version of Martha Stewart) and inspired me to get some for this year (I bought them last year after Christmas...to get them on sale, man I am thrifty)...so I am excited!
~I also wonder who goes shopping the day after Thanksgiving, every year I think I should go but then I don't...
~As always, I'm keepin it real! Have a great T-DAY!


Janet and Nate said...

Cami--your blog is sooo funny and "real!"
Love catching a glimpse of everyone's little lives.
The girls are adorable!
Hey, I was reading the BYU magazine and "I think" saw a picture of your sister. Won some award for news anchor....they mentioned her last name as FREEZE, I swear it looked just like you except with the wrong hair color.
Happy Turkey Day to you and your adorable family!!
Keep it real!!

*J*E*N* said...

Finally a new post (and a lot of information to respond to)... Ok I can't wait to get my quilt you're almost finished with!:) * I love Marie O to death but I used my cell votes for Helio (he is darling) and my land line votes for Jenni, who was just voted off tonight and I'm devastated (90210 hello!)* I couldn't watch the bachelor either, the guy was sweet but dumb as rocks! * I am also making pies (just pies, thank goodness!)*Who really makes the fake m potatoes besides the school cafeteria?*I went shopping at 4 am 2 X-mas's ago and hit MAJOR sales, you just have to get the paper and plan out your strategy because it is crazy out there!!! Whew!
Oh and Martha I am not but thanks for the compliment!

*J*E*N* said...

Oh sorry I forgot, are you kidding me with that freekin spider!!! I am calling you at 2 in the morning when I have "Rosie" nightmares!

Steph said...

love it, love it --- you are mighty brave to hold a tarantula....i couldn't have. By the way -- i thought the bachelor did nothing wrong.....there are those relationships where you try to convince yourself you should be in love with someone, but you just don't feel it ---- and that is what happened...he tried to convince himself....and i am giving him props for having the balls to actually not propose and realize it wouldn't work. I know a lot of fans were upset, but I think it was good he held his ground....and i liked jenny more anyways, and so last night when deanna tried to get him to commit again to her, i thought it great he said no......if it isn't there - no matter how much that doesn't make sense --- it isn't there...and it won't work. Although it was frustrating for those of us rooting for the girls and wantng it - i could see why he didn't pick...and i thought abc would be mad....but the ratings were the highest they have ever been last night on "after the final rose" so i think thye aren't mad at all....hopefully next season tho someone will get chosen..

banks said...

So fun to hear that you have been to Blast Off. I can't believe you held Rosie. How fun for you and Savanah. I am such a fan of Biggest Loser. I was sad about Kae, but she did look so good. I love hearing from you. Happy Thanksgiving. Love the other Kami

Tia J said...

Cami I love reading your post! It makes me want to see you guys and they always ake me laugh cause I can hear you saying these thing! Way to go with ROSIE!

camille said...

love your post it makes my day.
love ya

Jonathan & Rachel said...

I love the bribe of lipgloss! How cute! I just can't believe you are afraid of spiders-you don't seem the type to be afraid of anything! And NO I am not voting for Marie-the lady drives me bonkers!! I'm afraid Scary Spice is getting my votes-maybe split with Helio. We are also obsessed with Biggest Loser-we cry every week. I was sad that Kae is gone-I wanted her to win. But now either Neil or Bill would be fine-I don't mind Holly and don't think the 2 dumb blondes have a shot!! It will be fun to see!

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

i always wanted to do the butterfly pavillion while we were up there, but never got around to it.

i love the biggest loser as well. i was sad when B got kicked off, but i'm really hoping that holly goes next. she's such a baby! while i hope that neil loses a lot of weight, i'm not sure that's who i want to win. i think bill should win.

and if i did vote for dancing with the stars, it would not be for marie. i should have provo pride, but i just couldn't vote for her!!