"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hey Peeps...

Not really talking about Easter Peeps...but don't you luv them!
Talking about my peeps {you!} and updating a little about what's been going on in our fam...time is slipping away and it's been awhile since I've been on here! 

Well, first things first! 
I finished reading this book back in December which was my goal for 2011! Jesus the Christ by James Edward Talmage I luved every minute of reading it and it felt especially awesome to finish it right around the Christmas season. I learned and gained so much {more} love and respect for my Savior Jesus Christ by reading this book. In a way, Christ became more relatable to me. His teachings, His feelings, His outlook, His sacrifice is and are so real.

Then, since I was about 34 weeks pregnant and it was the beginning of a new year, we thought it would be perfect timing for a move! It was only two streets over, so it wasn't that big of a move! 

{me and my potential garden, i'm excited!}
It's prefect for us. On a cul-de-sac, the views are spectacular of the mountains, and we are in luv with our big backyard & neighborhood! It's a surreal feeling to be "settled" in a way. We have been on the go so much over the past 10 years, always moving, always thinking about our next place. We are thrilled to be a few blocks from my one sister, Emily...a few miles from my sister Lindsey...so close to my mom and dad...a quick drive to Idaho to the Kesler Klan...and near so much extended family! The move went so smoothly because we had so much help...it was amazing to see our family and ward pitch in and really go above and beyond for us. The end of my pregnancy was pretty hard and I was overly thankful for the help...it was really something that I will never forget. It was a great reminder to me that small acts of service and love can have a huge impact on others. What seemed like "no big deal" to others as they came and went (cleaning, meals, lifting, etc) was life changing to me. I cried alot during those last few weeks because I felt so blessed and so luved. thanx you again!
 Last minute touches on the baby room and finishing my baby BOY quilt (it's still weird to say I have a boy!). Putting his quilt together was a bit harder...it's basically everything crazy boyish...everything I hope he will love from trucks to sports to dinosaurs...it turned out cute! 
 And then this little man arrived...and life's even sweeter. 
J. Cameron Kesler, Jr {Jimmy} was born February 28th at 9:12pm. The little man didn't want to wait until February 29th, like we had hoped for, but he is and will always be the greatest birthday gift I ever received. The delivery was super quick and although at the time it didn't seem perfect or ideal...looking back, it was just that. Luckily the hospital was so close to our house and there were no other patients laboring, and my nurses were amazing (Melissa & Kristen). And so special that ALL my sisters could be there (Amy had flown in from New York and Jess from Denver to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday). Which was a great support to Cameron (someday I should write a post about how he was hiding in the corner and, I quote, told me in a quiet voice that I should "probably calm down" when I was "slightly" panicking when they told me I was 8cm when I arrived...yeah. good times. xo cam.) 
 FAMILY of 6!
 His sweet, amazing, SUPER sisters!
My Leap Year Birthday was topped off by coming home from the hospital to this lovely present waiting for me. If my hormones weren't off the chart then, they defiantly were after I saw this! I cried and cried! What a beautiful surprise. It's also a player piano, which is so cool. I'm in love with it.
 Have I mentioned we are obsessed with this little guy...4 moms and a dad! 
Can you imagine!!!
 Jimmy's blessing was extra special...I think he was blessed just to be surrounded by all the amazing men in his life, Priesthood holders, that are all examples for this little boy. I hope he can look back on this picture and know he was loved before his little life even began. That he had a crowd cheering him on, hoping the best for him, and loving him. 
 Then my Savannah Jaell had to grow up so fast and turn 8 on me!
She literally did glow on her baptism day. She luved her beautiful white dress and the white Scriptures her daddy presented to her! She did a great job preparing for her baptism...we had been working hard since about January on her baptism book. She memorized some scriptures, Articles of Faith and did all she could to get ready for her interview with the Bishop. We were really proud of her. 
 "When I came up out of the water, all those butterflies in my stomach disappeared mom!"
 Families are Forever...we love you all!
 "My favorite part was listening to all my cousins sing the song: I Love to See the Temple!"
 There will never be another Vannah...we luv you sis. 
That weekend, we had about 65 people over for the blessing / baptism celebration...this was the only picture I took during the feast...but trust me, it was a feast!!! 

OTHER HAPPENINGS...quick! quick! 
 Savannah got her ears pierced on her 8th birthday! She didn't flinch, she was stone cold! She got her birthstone and has been counting down until she can put her dangly earrings in...
March Madness is over...Duke blew chunks. I wasn't a fan of their entire season...their chemistry on the floor was way off. I was mostly into March Madness this year because of this guy...Craft. I picked Ohio to go all the way, they came close! We luv our hoops!
Vanny's pool party!
Lu loves our new house! "Can we stay her forever!?" She has a super cute friend next door that she adores. She is a great help with the baby brother! She still laughs hysterically when I nurse him..."What's up with that?!" is what she first said when I brought him home from the hospital and didn't give him a bottle. She is a character. She is reading like a champ and doing her best not to boss me around too much. She only calls me boring occasionally and makes a mean peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch somedays. 
It ain't all peaches and cream...I'm still trying to figure 4 out...get sleep when I can and try not to get irritated at all the things I feel like I'm letting "slip through the cracks". It's hard. I finally had my post-baby psychotic breakdown a week or so ago...I cried for two days straight and I don't even remember why. But since then, I'm actually feeling even better!!! I really can't complain, I feel like it's been such a smooth recovery and the baby is so good...but it's just that weird adjustment period. It's strange how your mind races after you have a baby...time races...things just race in general. Who knew it could be such a challenge to "work to slow it down. But I'm trying to do just that. I am better when I can do it. I'm better all the way around...mom, wife, friend, sister...when I can breathe a little and not try to overwhelm myself for the sense of "being able to do it all." It did feel awesome though to be able to come home to my house after having the baby and be able to clean my floors again, cook meals, and do things that I had been pretty much unable to do, or at least do well. The weather has been gorgeous and it feels amazing to be outside in the mountains, breathing fresh air and working out again!
Jilly can totally related to the psychotic breaks! Day 2 when Jim was home, we had some friends over visiting and she came in chewing a mouth full of dog food to get attention. She was also telling everyone that came over, when they walked into the house, "You stink!" She said it to everyone. So embarrassing. She's only pooped her pants once to show how mad she is that she is no longer the baby. She knows all the buttons to push and sometimes says "Mommy" 400 times before 10a.m. She cries alot too. But she luvs to get diapers and wipes to help change diapers. She is the binki nazi...letting us all know the minute the baby is crying! She luvs to watch Rapunzel and is taking a great afternoon nap for me. She gives the best kisses and luvs taking tubs in mommy's tubby! her hair is long enough for pigtails and it makes my heart melt to see her little legs running around so fast, keeping up with her big sisters. I really do luv my Jilly. 
in LOVE!
{Cool story! That is Cameron's HOME RUN baseball that he hit off the Hart Building when he played up at Ricks, back in the day!}


Kelsi Fullmer said...

Love the update! Especially love all the sweet pictures of Jimmy! I just realized I probably won't see you guys till the cabin...sad! Love ya!

Tracie said...

I DREAM of one day reuniting with you Cami. You are the stuff angels are made of. You and Angie are two of the most quality people I have ever known. And plus, if I have a girl, which I won't, but if I do, which I will not, but if I am, which will NEVER happen, we can marry up all our children.

It'll be grand!


Lynsey said...

Oh it is so good to see what you guys have been doing. I can't believe how big the girls are and what a handsome boy Jimmy is. Luv the new house!

Ming said...

Such a fun update post! I can't believe all that you've had going on the past few months. Crazytown for sure. I'm so happy your baby BOY! He's absolutely adorable and you look amazing too! I'm so proud of Vanny for getting baptized...what a major milestone in her and your lives. I just love you and your sweet darling family. I can't wait to visit you in your new beautiful home next time we're in Utah. Love you.

TeamWalbruch said...

Cam - You're amazing!

Chantelle said...

What a beautiful family you have :-) and I am in awe of your house and surroundings - what it must be like to live in a place like that! Amazing!

Congratulations of the birth of your little boy :-) you have really been busy by the looks of things!

Take care,

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