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Thursday, September 29, 2011

make the most of it

"Make the Most of it"

“Tell me right now who tooted in this car!” That wasn’t exactly the response I was looking for as I rolled down my window to absorb the breathtaking view that is La Jolla Shores. It is one of those places that  makes my heart pound with memories of meaning. I especially enjoy going over to the Children’s Pool, which is a natural habit for sea lions. No need for Sea World, when you can actually swim with these animals in the ocean if you desire! So by you now you must have put two and two together: Tooting = smell of Sea Lions. Road trips will do that too you...make you stir crazy with all the driving but roar with laughter with words that come out of the mouth of babes! 
As the girls got out of the car and took off running to stretch their legs, I took in my surroundings. I remembered the sunsets that mesmerized me when I lived here five years ago. I thought of evenings we’d brought over dinner, layed a blanket on the grassy ridge, watched the Savannah run & waves explode. I recalled that stressful first year of residency. I thought of the emptiness that sometimes filled my heart because it was hard being by myself as much as I was with the girls. La Jolla Shores became my Walden Pond of San Diego. I took every visitor that came to see us there. 
So much has transpired over the past five years. I probably couldn’t have imagined it. Stresses change. Life moves ever so quickly before me. I looked ahead the stone walkway and followed slowly behind the girls, barely 18 weeks pregnant and I’m already having a hard time keeping up with them. They ran like kids that had been cooped up in the car for two days, crazy! The waves were overflowing the rock wall as they ran out as far as they could to see the sea lions. The oceans sprinkle made them shout with laughter and they ran faster. An older couple walked towards me. I could tell the woman was going to say something as she approached. I saw it in her eyes. I was expecting the usual, “You’ve got your hands full!” or the ever encouraging, “Enjoy them while they’re YOUNG!” Five steps. Four Steps. Then a wise, sweet English accented voice shared with a smile, “Make the most of it.” From one mother to another, she didn’t need to explain. Her stride never wavered and before I knew it she was two steps behind me. 
“Making the most of it” has been on my mind a great deal over the past two weeks. Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s not, but I don’t find myself always making the most of it. Especially while pregnant. I’m uncomfortable. Slightly irritable. Exhausted (and it’s only 9a.m.). And trying to wrap my mind around my ever growing body. Oh yes! Heavens yes, I’m so excited for a little boy to be apart of our family, but life challenges us. It pushes us in directions that aren’t always easy to “make the most of”. 
I’ve realized that making the most of it doesn’t necessarily mean: MORE...because when I think of MOST, I automatically think of MORE. Faster. Bigger. Better. Yet, I’m trying to do just the opposite. Our trip consisted of most all daylight hours spent on the beach. Early morning walks to collect seashells. Time with a true friend and meaningful conversation. New adventures and new loves (Savannah: boogie boarding. Lucy: swimming in the ocean. Jilly: learning how to climb out of her pack and play). Alot of sandy mess. Even more, time to just be us, a family. 
Make the most of it. It takes work. It requires looking on the bright side of things. Letting go of things. Enjoying things in the moment. It doesn’t mean we have to be perfect. It reminds us to be aware. It calls for us to be in-tune.  

 jilly...always making the most of it :)

How do you make the most of your day? 
How do you make the most of things that are challenging?
For me...
- Sometimes it’s quickly asking forgiveness after my impatience has made herself known.

- Making to-do list on my phone, rather than on paper, so I don’t lose it (and consequently have a break down).
- Feeling no guilt as I read & finish a book (at 10 in the morning, I may or may not still be in my pjs) that I started on my trip...Cutting for Stone, thanks for the recommendation way back Cath, it was a perfect read for me.

- Creating a menu board for my kitchen...no more “What’s for dinner?” or “What I am going to make for dinner?” this may be a no brainer to you guys, but having it up on the wall, written down, has really helped me these past few weeks...especially when I don’t feel like cooking...I can still look up at that board, that plan and somehow I follow through.

- Venting. Sometimes I just let it out. The frustrations. The tears. The rolls forming on my back. Let it go, it feels good.

- Putting my foot down on Savannah’s crying episodes during piano lessons...how is this making the most of it? Because I refuse to give in to her doubting herself...I see her potential and I spend time with her and it ties us together. 

- Challenges...have you seen 17 Miracles? If not, you must. Talk about inspiring. Talk about rising to the challenge. 

- Words with Friends. 

- Extra time with the girls at night...I get into bed so early these days, I luv to have them come in and snuggle with me and just talk with them...listen to them. 

- Quilting with my sisters. Talking with my sisters. Shopping with my sisters and mom. 

- Walks with the girls! Dancing in the kitchen with the girls! Being in the back yard with the girls!

- Striving to treat others the way I would like to be treated. Giving people the benefit of the doubt...sometimes it's not easy, but it makes life so much...better. 

- I pray alot. I think about how my Savior, Jesus Christ, made the most of everyday He had on earth. Through scorn, belittlement, judgement, and ultimately torture...He constantly served, loved, leaned on God, was loyal to people, and fulfilled His promise to me, to all of us. I’m consistently reminded that I am never alone in my challenges, big or small. He reminds me by His perfect example to make the most of it. 


TMoney said...

Hey Kesler, FYI I used to have Lucy's crying episodes when I was her age :) my mom wouldn't let me quit and now I love it :) just thought I would share.

Love you!

KESLER KREW...Cami said...

thanks for the support tami!!!!!

Nachelle said...

Looks like so much fun, love the pics especially the last one of Jilly. Can't wait to see you this week, it seems like it has been forever, we are finally settled mostly, so we are going to have to try to see eachother more often, reading yoru posts always makes me miss hanging out!
See you later!

Jaymie said...

You are such a great writer cami.. I love reading your blog!

Becca said...

Jilly asleep in the sand. That is a fabulous photo! Loved your post. I think you do a great job making the most of it. For me - I have a menu board and love it. I love when my boys climb into my bed in the early morning hours. But, I should try asking for more forgiveness when my patience wains and the tempers flare. Thanks for the suggestion. See you soon.

Cath said...

My girls were LOVING these pictures. And I'm so glad they can actually say they "know" your girls now! Did you really like "cutting for stone"? I've cracked it but haven't gotten very far yet. I'm so glad you read it!

Cath said...

PS - I'm not sure I know anyone else who "makes the most of it" better than you! xo

Angie said...

I loved this Cam. What a fun trip too!!

I am currently trying to make the most of this newborn time. Holding her and looking at her instead of doing the dishes or talking on the phone. Sometimes I need to fight the tendency to multi task and instead be fully engaged in one thing to more fully be in the moment.

I love how your girls all have vivacious personalities. Can just tell by pictures!!

harada57 said...
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