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Friday, January 28, 2011

ways to start out the new year...

ways to start out the new year...
or rather how i have started out my new year.

- by throwing your back-out at a weight lighting class at the gym, while the instructor kept yelling at you (but actually it's me) to "ride the pony" (could hardly sit down for about 10 days)

- have a secret addiction to valentine's candy and hope no one finds out, except obviously your dentist because you know you are gonna get a cativity

- get a job...YES! im so excited to be heading back to st. mark's hopsital, i start in february and although i will only be working 4 days a month, im happy to get back to helping momma's bring their new little babes into the world!

- bite your tongue (not literally)...but this has saved me over the past couple weeks, think before you talk...it actually works sometimes

- hit your hand hard against your door in your basement because you are so ticked that your house is dirty AGAIN! and possibly leave an indention of your fist...which is a great reminder that you need to chill out sometimes

- quit feeling bad about throwing your hair into a pony...but rather be grateful it is long enough to throw into a pony, invest in a few cute headbands and viola - you are ready to go for the day!

- get a new calling at church...i know it might be hard to believe, but you are actually reading the blog of the new young women's president in my church ward (shock & awe, autographs later or sympathy cards welcomed)...but the truth of the matter is after three weeks i feel really lucky and blessed and excited about it...i have 35 beautifully amazing, fun girls that i get to work with throughout the year and it's gonna be great

- pay down a student loan by 80%, that's sure tomake you feel good :)

- run outside between 2-4pm with the sun shining, just warm enough to let your lungs enjoy that nice, brisk january air, and luv every minute of those beautiful utah mountains

- set a goal, like maybe to read the book: JESUS THE CHRIST, we are doing it this year as a Young Women's...join us, it's going to be an amazing journey!

- go to the byu basketball game vs sdsu and get your own kinda "zumba workout" by jumping up and down, shaking what your momma gave you and being jazzed about some seriously fun basketball to watch (yes that is a life size cut out of jimmer that my dad not only took to the game but all around provo on game day...)

- continuously splash at your mommy when you take a bubble bath while laughing and laughing and laughing and also while causing a big mess(but nobody cares cause your laugh is so cute!)

- get a cold but then still smile for the camera because your mommy makes you fruit smoothies, cuddles you up in your blankie and turns on the dvd that you are currently obsessed with (SHE-RA) and lets you watch it ALL - DAY - LONG

- let this same child come in your bed in the weeee hours of the morning to snuggle and then as she pats your face and tells you she luvs you but then adds "momma, why are your teeth yellow?"...do not take it personal.

- get new glasses...because the school nurse actually was right, you needed them (those dang nurses, always right) but be excited about picking out a cute blue pair that match your beautiful eyes and be proud to tell everyone "just so you know, these make me smarter"

how is your new year starting out...i would luv to hear...do you set new year's resolutions, goals, or adjust schedules or get excited about organization...do you read this blog anymore...have i lost my touch...
i miss alot of you friends and think about you often!

PS! Leave a comment & if you are interested I am giving away 2 copies of JESUS THE CHRIST, along with a reading outline for the year! I will draw 2 names on Tuesday night (February 1st)!

PSS...if you have your own copy of Jesus the Christ and want to follow along, this was the first week of our reading and you should be at page 17! This coming week we are reading to page 34! We will finish our reading December 11th!


Jamie said...

Don't you even dare think about stopping your blog!!! If you do, I will arange for a protest and picket outside your front door until you resume blogging again. You have a God given gift for humor and writing that not everyone has... and those of us who do not have it, love to enjoy the fact that you do!!! It was so much fun to see you the other day. I wish we could have talked longer. Love those cute girls of yours.

Angie said...

So, if I start wearing glasses, will I be smarter?

Just how many hours do you have in your day? Mine is only 24!

Brittney said...

I LOVE Vanny in her glasses!! SO FREAKING CUTE!!! and I am totally game driving down to UT everytime you work! (As long as I don't have classes those days...haha) And gosh Jillean has grown sooooo much!!! We definately need to come down and play! And Lucy is sooooo cute! (Funny story, we were babysitting 4 cute little girls and their mom is pregnant. So the 2nd to youngest one was like, "are you pregnant?" I of course say "no! why do you say that?" She says "yes you are! You are because you have a fat belly!" Needless to say, I am hitting the gym hardcore this year!) P.S. Put my name in the drawing for Jesus the Christ! I'll read right along with you guys!

Brittney said...
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Brittney said...

P.S. Just work Saturdays and we'll be there!

Lynsey said...

I enjoy following your life so don't even think about stopping!! The young women of your ward are so lucky to have you for their pres, you will do such an awesome job. Vanny looks great in her new glasses! I am up for the challenge of reading Jesus The Christ so go ahead and put my name in your drawing. :)

Ming said...

I want in! The drawing that is. I'll totally do this with you. I've always wanted to read that book.

Also, you have not lost your touch. Love the blog. Miss you!

SewSara said...

you are perfect for YW prez! that's awesome ... the girls will love you.
savannah looks so cute in her new glasses.

i have never read Jesus the Christ all the way - even on my mission. i need to! i'd love to win a copy ... don't know where mine is! (send a book of mormon while you're at it ;) )

Kim said...


You're family is so cute! Love Love Love reading and catching up on your blog! I have the book, and would love to read it along with you. Send me the schedule!

KESLER KREW...Cami said...

james - i can always count on you for any type of protest...it's just the nurse in us right?!! hope to hangout this summer when you come again!

angie - the smart glasses excuse i think ends after 13 years of age and i think that roadshow has you all frazzled out, you know there are at least 30 hours in everyday. ps...can we both go on vacation together in march?

brittney - im in need of a get-away so i will keep you in mind :) or just come visit, even better!

lynsey - thanks girl! joseph is getting so big, i hope you are doing well!

mindy - miss ya too girly, cam was in denver a couple weeks ago...good times in the ranch.

sara - lol! looks like im gonna have to do a little visiting teaching to joanns...

kim - i will for sure send the reading schedule! then when you come in july, we can have lunch & keep each other motivated and when you come in december we can have lunch to celebrate finishing...do you luv how things always include lunch dates?

ILL PICK THE WINNERS tonight...maybe early evening so i can get the books out today!!!

Nachelle said...

First, love that your dad carried around Jimmer the whole day, awesome! Vanny's glasses are too cute, Shera is awesome Lucy is right on, Jilly looks so big in the tub, love the pic at the top of your blog, had a dream about you last night, so was thinking of you today, wished I was running with you, put me in the drawing if you haven't done it already, I need motivation to read!
Love ya!

Shelli said...

Ok...I am a blog slacker. Sorry that I missed out on the drawing, although we do have a copy. Have never cracked it, so this would be a great incentive to read along with you. What a great idea, and how great to do that with the YW. See? I told you you would be awesome in this calling. Btw, how do you know SewSara? Through Cam and the Blackfoot connection? I ate dinner with her last May at my old neighbor's daughter's grad party. Sara is my old neighbor's neice. Small world, huh? Love ya, Cam!