"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Monday, February 8, 2010

things to consider...

...when your kids tell you they are going outside to play and it's snowing, it's probably important to double check what your kids are wearing.
...bunkbeds always seem like a great idea, but changing those sheets can be a beast.
...when your baby poo-poos in the tubby, it's once less diaper you are changing.
...homemade onion rings are better fried, than baked (thanks mindy & nachelle).
...when your husband says he is going to be home at 4:30 or 5, always plan on 6:30
...if you havent used or worn something in the past 6 months, someone else could probably use it.
...reality sTEvE is usually always right.
...it takes less energy to give someone the benefit of the doubt, than to be critical.
...going to bed at 9pm needs no explanation (you've heard the phrase "early to bed, early to rise...")
...when someone driving behind you in a minivan, follows you frantically into a parking lot and pulls up bedside you (as you both are dropping your girls off for dance class) and runs out of her car and starts frantically telling you to roll down your window, while pointing her finger at you & shouting about how you "cut her off back there on such & such road"...never, EVER roll down your window.
...lighting a candle always makes your home seem cleaner.
...when your husband falls asleep in sacrament meeting, don't get mad at him...because the truth is you wish you could sleep sitting up as well.
..."victoria" does have a really good "secret" (post nursing bra essentials).
...underated: a good work out, breath mints, mascara, binkis, good conversation, being happy for others, fabuloso cleaner, fresh bed sheets out of the dryer.
...keep it real my friends.


Tracie said...

Cami...you have such a way with words...a way with life. Your family is so LUCKY to have you!

Ming said...

I like it. And you know I'm finishing off those onion rings for dinner tonight!

Kelsi Fullmer said...

Your simply hilarious. Love luc's legs. Your thoughts are everyone else's thoughts...but you make them funny!

*J*E*N* said...

HAH.....love the leopard skirt! I just heard about "Reality Steve"..... I agree TOTALLY with clean sheets, mascara, VSecret and being happy for others. And what I wouldn't do for Ashton to take a binky... Im his binky:(

Nachelle said...

I wanna hear the minivan story, too funny...made me smile!

Lynsey said...

I just luv reading your blog! The girls looked soo CUTE in their snow outfits.

Lindsay Clegg Sundloff said...

I miss you :(

Cath said...

Cami - I love this! So true! Stumbled onto your blog through Kelsi's who found Deb's. Anyhow - just checking up on you guys! I can't figure out where you're living right now! Where are you? We're in Salt Lake. Left DC last November. Tell Cameron Hi. This is his cousin, Cath. You're amazing - you have a six month old and you're running races! I'm impressed!

Jaymie said...

cami.. you make me laugh every time i read your blog. love it.