"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Sunday, September 27, 2009

big "happs"

"happs"...our biggest happenings lately

LUCY LU turned 3!
Our little Lu is such a character...most people think she is a bit older than she really is because she has such a BIG personality.
What I luv most about Lucy...
~ how she says "holy mackerel", her sweet smile & laugh, how she runs to me after she brushes her teeth & blows in my face and says "smell it now!", her bluish eyes, how she had to have 4 candles on her birthday cake (even though she is 3!), the way she dances & sings...
~ she is adventurous...she usually does things Vannah won't...like last Sunday in church (we were sitting back in the chairs) and I asked Vanny to run my tithing up to the Bishop quick before the meeting started & she was "too shy"...Lucy pulled the envelope right out of my hand & ran it right up to him...giving the whole Bishopric fives as she walked off the stand!
~ she luvs band-aids...she uses them as stickers but also luvs to put them on anything that hurts!
~ how she pokes my face at 3am in the morning and asks me "momma what you doing?"
~ the way she uses the phrase BFF...we are at the bank and she will say "i need to get a sucker for vanny too, cause she is my BFF" or when she is in time-out, she likes to yell out to me "this is it mommy, you are not my BFF anymore!!!"
~ she luvs dresses & changing her clothes...multiple times a day.
~ her obsession with gum, barbies, babies, tinkerbell, dvd's in the car.
...although lucy does sometime give me a run for my money because she is slightly strong willed, i luv her for her big spirit...she is speicaly to me in many ways.

she had a great birthday breakfast & got to open a couple gifts! she luved the gumball machine from nanny & popie...and her baby alive (whom she quickly named "lola") from her aunt emma!

we had a super fun lunch & afternoon at Chuck-E-Cheese, where Lucy always tells everyone "a kid can be a kid!" she luved every minute of it!

it was so fun to have mom & dad in town to help celebrate!

*the other major happ...

Vannah lost her FIRST tooth! We were sitting out on the deck, eating dinner and she came running over to me and said "mom, i was eating my corn and my tooth felt really weird!" literally less than 10 minutes later that tooth was out! she has is waiting to put it under her pillow til monday, so she can show her teacher at school on monday!



TeamWalbruch said...

Cute CAM....Really, really cute. Jealous we weren't there. (Who's the pregnant man with the crown on?)

Shelli said...

Those girls are just too cute! Wish we were closer to see them grow up in *real-life*! Oh, btw, got tix for Cam and the fellers! They are pumped! We'll call about details!


Whitney said...

i love the story of lucy walking up to the bishop and handing the tithing and then high fiving all of them! she is awesome. she sounds a lot like her mom. ;) i love the bff too. you have such a cute family cami!

Scott and Katie Ulrich Family said...

Happy Birthday today Lucy! I miss you sister! Glad to hear that she had a great celebration. And how cool for Vanny! Awesome! What a brave little girl. YOu guys are awesome. Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you guys. Can we move back in? :)

Kelsi Fullmer said...

Fun post cam! Tell Lucy Uncle Cabe and aunt Kelsi Love her! Looks like she had a fun bday, and it looks like cam had just as much fun.:) Tell vanny hi and congrats on the tooth, she's getting so big!! Love

*J*E*N* said...

NO FREEKIN WAY THAT SHE'S THREE!!!!!! It never occurs to me that others kids grow up to. In my mind she is still that baby at the hospital and Savannah is Taylor's little "buddy".

BOWDENS said...

Happy Birthday to Lucy and congrats to Vanny on losing a tooth! Your girls are so cute.

Jaymie said...

Cami- I just love reading your blog.. you guys are always doing such fun stuff! :) I posted a picture of my jeapordy game at bear lake a couple posts back.. it definetly wasn't as good as yours ;) ha. I hope everything is good with you! :)

hEiDi said...

Ahhh Happy Birthday to little Luc! I sware she was just born the other day and so cool you got the video of Vannie pulling out her tooth! Such great moments girl!

Rosanne said...

Happy Birthday and yeah for the first tooth! You're right - big happenings for you guys. ;) Such cute girls!!