"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Sunday, June 14, 2009

"we can do anything..."

i remember growing up, when i was faced with something challenging (ex. working at fuddruckers...let's not go there or trying to finish a hard class in school or pressed to do something i didn't particularly want to do...) my parents would always say "you can do anything for a few weeks...two months...what doesn't kill you makes you stronger...etc"
SO here we are "we can do anything for TWO WEEKS!" yep, that's right Cam is done with RESIDENCY in two weeks...so quit snoozin babe...even though you just worked 30 hours straight, we can do anything for two weeks!

Cam had his end of the year "Spring Fling" banquet...it started with a fun family bar-b-que downtown at City Park, a little too competitive softball game, and the day ended with an awesome evening at the
Phipps Mansion!

lucy "going on a run like you momma!"

little daddy's girl

savannah is obsessed with writing lately...she wants to know how to spell everything and the other day she was copying down all the writing from one of the covers of cam's medical journal magazines...which made for interesting words (depression, irritable bowl syndrome...you get the picture)

lucy lu is a early bird like her mommy...she usually comes and climbs into bed with me around 5:30 or 6...which gives her extra sister bonding time as well...she luvs her "jill-jill"

ONE month...little Jillian continues to be the highlight of our days...she is quite content, luvs to cuddle, has already gone through a bottle of lavendar lotion (thanks to her sisters), has sweet lips,cute chubby cheeks, and beautiful skin (yep im a little bias...)
ps...it's stuff like this that freaks me out...walking down my stairs and seeing the "baby" in the car seat and at first glance i think it is jillian! vannah & lucy have defiantly stepped up their mommy / baby play...like 24/7...last night lucy told us she was "going to be right back, im going to pump"! help us all.


Tracie said...

Oh just stop! You know you LOVED Fudds!

Naomi said...

Imitation is the best form of flattery! (Just be glad it's not your boy telling you that when he grows up he's going to have a baby in his tummy too. True story.)

Spence and Car said...

how fun! you finally made! oh cami how i admire you for hanging in there!! you are my idol, my role model you name it girl! i can't believe you are almost done with not ever seeing your fun husbands! 2more weeks and you will be free!!

Shelli said...

Oh, my. Those girlies and their mommy-ness are just too cute. Gotta go pump. That's classic. And you don't have to be biased....Jillian is truly beautiful.

Scott & Tami said...


What's with the Cubs hat?


Nachelle said...

Two week, wahoo! And I love the stories about the girlies, too cute, hey and I know you at least you have plenty of lotion to go through! Also love the pic of you and cam...fun to get all dressed up!

Kim said...

Only two more weeks! Yipee! It's always so stressful in the end, but it makes the time go by faster! So fun to read about your cute little family. Jillian growing too fast. I love the first couple of months when they love to cuddle and sleep with you. Lookin good!

love kim