"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Monday, March 30, 2009


Our sweet Vannah girl turned 5!
5 reasons we LUV our Savannah:
~ She luvs to laugh, dance, & sing...she has most of the Camp Rock cd memorized...too funny.
~ She is a great big sister, helps Lucy get out of bed, get dressed, etc...she is always looking out for her or beating her down if necessary.
~ She has a tender personality & is a good friend. She luvs her cousins...and prays for the kids in Africa.
~ She still takes naps! She is getting really good at writing, luvs pictures, reading, & cooking.
~ She has beautiful blue eyes, dark eyebrows like her daddy, a sweet smile, she is understanding, patient, & forgiving.

5 reasons Birthday Breakfasts Rock:
~ Minnie Mouse Pancakes
~ Having Nanny & Ellie fly in from Utah to help celebrate! Shopping with Nanny is the best...a new jean skirt, pretty spring clothes, always has matching jammies on hand for the girls!
~ A sure way to start the day on a sugar high
~ Getting to open gifts first thing in the morning
~ Tradition...I'm so thankful for a mom who made my birthday's such a special day! I luv birthday's because I think it is a perfect day to remember why someone is important in your life and to look back on the year...the things they have accomplished, how they have changed, and why they mean so much to you.

5 reasons this year's Barbie Pool & Pizza Party rocked:
~ The kids luved it! Private Pool Time!
~ No set-up or clean-up for mom!
~ A cool summer party theme, fun birthday present game
~ Splish, Splash...yes, afterwards they went to bed in a flash!
~Barbie presents, Barbie presents!

5 reasons I luved my trip to Utah:
~I didn't have to cook, got a sparkle toe pedicure, & rested!
~ My sister Emily. She is the best friend, a true, loyal friend. She took me our for dessert at Magelby's one night...I didn't even really want to go but I thought "chocolate cake I'm in, right." Low & behold...a group of my really good friends came to surprise me, along with mom & the great LaRae. They surprised me with super cute little baby girl gifts & it really made my whole trip. I haven't been feeling that good and with it being #3, it seems to be more on the down-low...it really lifted my spirits & got me alot more excited for little miss to come in may! Thanks Em, you really are the very best.
~ Shopping at all the little places in Utah County that are unique & fun, spending too much money on hairbows.
~ Being with my family. I love and miss them so much. My favorite night was when we all went to eat at Mi Ranchitos & then came home & watched old movies...it was so classic!
~ A huge snowstorm that hit Denver & postponed my trip by two days!
~ Okay 6, 7, 8, etc...seeing my friend Lindsay & having her take some pictures for me...being a part of Emily's Enrichment Temple night...meeting Misty & the kidos for lunch at the mall & letting the cousins play...hearing all the details about my friend Jamie's upcoming wedding!...comparing bumps with Summer (she is due in April with baby girl #2!)...spending some time with Scotty dog, who I luv...pimping my Uncle Bob when he said I looked "really big" and my responding by saying how really small I feel...my dad giving me a few mementos from my grandma Freeze...seeing Matt & Em's awesome basement (can't wait for the 4th!)...i luved every minute of it!

31 weeks & counting peeps..........


walbruchs said...

Loved the last photo...it was fun. WIshin you were still here :(

Steph said...

great post - i LOVE the st. patty's outfits.........and all I gotta say is........GO UNC!!! Championship baby - i can almost taste it now!!!

Rosanne said...

What a cute 5 year old...my oldest turns 5 this summer. Happy and sad all at the same time, eh? :) You are looking dang cute!

Humphries said...

Love the pics! Glad Vanny had so much fun at her party and that you had a wonderful time in Utah. Can't wait to play barbies in the new house. :)

*LC...Lindsey and Chris said...

Hey Cams! Vanny's pix were classic! Just talk about a mini-you with her poses! You are looking really pretty...I like the one of you with Vanny in front of Mimi's Cafe. You are a great sister...maybe one day I can do a blog as cute as yours....doubtful:-)

Love you TONZ!

BOWDENS said...

I love reading your blog. Happy Birthday to Savannah(Am I the only one who still knows her as that?) Every year these cute kids get older makes me realize how long it's been since we lived in good ole' Glendale!
Love the St. Patty's pictures! You guys are great! I'm doing the pregnancy countdown with ya!! 7 weeks to go...hooray!!

Nachelle Edgington said...

looks like lots of fun, I love trips home and what a fun b-day for Savannah, I love the b-day breakfast idea!

Scott & Katie Ulrich Family said...

Sounds like a bumpin' party. Wish we could have celebrated it with you guys. We sure miss you all. I have to say that I love the St. Patty's outfits. Looks like a good time. Hope to see you guys soon!

Lindsay Clegg Sundloff said...

It was GREAT to see you and the girls and the baby bump. Only 15 days left for me. Did you love my April Fools joke or what? Did you get your sister's? Just wanted to let you know I posted some pics of the girls on my blog. Love ya girl!

Misty Kesler said...

What a fun place to have a birthday party, Thats why Idaho sucks, we dont have any of that. But that is just one of may reasons...HA HA It was really fun seeing you in Ut. And I am glad you had such an amazing trip! By the way the octo mom is just toooo much I am still laughing xo

Shelli said...

Cam, such cutie pics! Wish I would have known you were in UT---we would have loved to come meet up with you! Miss Savannah's pics were darling, and the party looked like just too much fun! Sadie still talks about her "sleep-over" with Savannah, and Alex is still in love, I believe. He can't forget dancing in the parkin lot with you. lol Can't wait to hear about #3!